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  1. Food/grub.eats/feed...

    apparently it doesn't like me...although it's running through my head now...
  2. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    That just sounds all wrong.
  3. Food/grub.eats/feed...

    You probably have to be old enough to remember that.
  4. Little Giant

    Yes, the double edge blades are readily available (on the web - especially on the web if your local stores don't stock them any more). I have my first razor (and only one) which uses those blades and it'll take shavings just like those if you're not careful (but thankfully, a stiptic pencil can fill in the gaps).
  5. Pica Dry Graphite Pen

    Made me think of the old mark-sense leads that were required for certain computer card uses. I still have some of the pencils, leads, and sharpener for the drafting stuff (although i wasn't allowed to take that in HS). Leads used to be in a variety of colors, too.
  6. A Short Trip

    Oh, you'd be stopping there all right. Re-cycling done right.
  7. Work gloves recommendation

    well, you could always check something like http://www.wellslamontindustrial.com/ and see if they have something you can use. hard to tell in most cases without just trying them on.
  8. Work gloves recommendation

    This has been a problem in women's clothing for as long as i can remember (I used to hear my mom and sisters complain about it). when i was a kid i wore a 16 1/2-33 dress shirt and you could really find them. I don't count on that any more from anyone; especially when they size them 33-34 and they really don't fit either; then again, i don't wear dress shirts any more. Have to think about the glove issue a bit as my hands are square shape with shorter fingers and measure somewhere around 10' around the palm. Just to make it confusing, apparently men's hands and women's (like shoes) have different sizes, etc. https://www.leatherglovesonline.com/np/sizing.htm
  9. We All Use Math;

    I didn't make it to the end of the statement. DOH!
  10. New project 25" tall

    What's this remembering stuff? I don't recall any of that.
  11. Finishing for 2017

    Interesting to see the work and that they have some younger people working there.
  12. I think I need some mental health

    Ha ha...i like the part about "[they] feel like they're being treated as self-loading cargo rather than as valued consumers." I guess it's the mooing and the crack of the prod.
  13. If you like squirrels......

    If the squirrels and chipmunks get to be too much of a pest around here i put out some 22 subsonics and they get the message right away.
  14. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    i just looked that up... better you that me sir; better you than me. Doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope you do well and it helps with your "problem".
  15. Traditional or Grid View Forum Structure

    Tried it; changed it back.
  16. My latest effort

    Hold a wire or string tight against the edge where you want the mark and it will "burn" a line into the wood.

    You were close...it is called an adze.
  18. Hello again

    Having done my share of needles, IV, and what-all last week; I feel for you. Hope you are doing better and back to the "old routine" soon.
  19. Tabs on the Weather...

    but it always felt like this...
  20. Old Age

    But, do I turn here? or up there?
  21. From what i've seen, the mechanics tool makers got that wrapped up.
  22. shoot, now i'll have to get the left AND right version.
  23. use you remote

    well, they can do all their nonsense as long as they like. i've not been watching and don't plan on it. It's just like burning the flag. Yes, they have the freedom to do that. No, they don't have the freedom to burn MY flag. If they were to do that i would fling them down on top of it and stomp out the fire.

    you talking something like this adze Buck. They still make them in lots of shapes and sizes.
  25. YES - I need some home improvement

    Glad to hear that nobody was hurt there. Hope you can work with your contractor to make sure you get decent plywood and drywall where needed.

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