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  1. Tabs on the Weather...

    That's why i call them weather prevaricators.
  2. Matag wringer washer

    I remember my grandmother having a mangle on one of her machines and lines outside propped up with bamboo she grew in the back yard. Her stuff was in the basement and emptied into a sump pit and we used to catch heck for playing in the coal bin.
  3. Next Project?

    Curiosity asks: Do the cleats have an advantage over a couple of threaded inserts and KD bolts? (well, i mean, other than possible availability. )
  4. Reminds me a bit of the time when SWMBO and i were on vacation in PA (BC) and were going who knows where and this semi was going up this steep hill and there was a railroad overpass ahead and no good way for him to back down. I got on the CB and told him i would pull ahead up the hill and keep an eye on it and he cleared it with a couple of inches and didn't have to let air out of his tires. Someone had given him the directions to go this way to his destination and make a turn at the top. He was a happy guy since backing and otherwise was not a good choice and it was easy for me to see his clearance as i was much farther up the hill and he pulled through. All before GPS and stuff like that.
  5. Those are like garden gnomes - we call them "targets".
  6. It's Monday?

    Thanks Dave. Still muddling through all this.
  7. I got to talk with a WW II vet who had come into the Restore a couple of weeks back. No details, but he was still pretty sharp. Went about his business after I thanked him.
  8. Some questions for those of you on Medicare

    My past experience with COBRA makes it a no brainer for me - just say NO. When i was dumped by *%#&$) back some years ago i got COBRA for six months and while it was expensive, it did cover stuff ok. The kick in the pants was at the end of the year when i got a lovely tax statement saying the imputed value of that was something like $10k and that got included as income and i was burned on my taxes for that year. Had a bad taste about COBRA ever since. Getting ready to sign up for my medicare part C and D (most likely), but wife is NOT medicare eligible and that's going to present a problem. Not sure yet what may be available through my former employer.
  9. Welcome To The Sunny Antilles

    Shame to waste all that good snow.
  10. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Well, that, or they're spinning by so fast you can't wait for them to stop.
  11. It's Monday?

    It will be soon. Next Monday is my last one at where i've been since 1977. It's easy to see where things are going when they talk about budget reductions and the only thing IN the budget is headcount.
  12. Next Project?

    Wait a minute. You got a greased whip? Why when i was young....
  13. Next Project?

    Somehow reminds me of: Mondays. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing!* * with apologies to Edwin Starr, The Temptations, and Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong (writers).
  14. Birthday Greetings to...

    Many happy returns of your special day!
  15. Our Mr. Kauffman.

    And don't forget, there are actual carriage bolt washers like these. They are available in multiple sizes.
  16. Tabs on the Weather...

    too depressingly warm for snow to stay here.
  17. This Just Pmo...

    I hate to say it, but i still have a skate key tucked away somewhere safe.
  18. This Just Pmo...

    I still just mix the honey into the PB jar and eat without bread.
  19. notifications

    Yeah, be a shame if your nice email didn't work. You may want to try out super-jugundi email and internet plan. It's only a few bitcoin more than the regular plan.
  20. The second cryptex

    I was thinking LSMFT. Those of a certain age will know what that came from.
  21. Spent today at the Restore. Spent most of the rest of the week working on retirement, medicare, pensions, chasing tail (my own).
  22. Many happy sawdusty returns of the day!
  23. This Just Pmo...

    So, does that mean they're gonna call ghostbusters and not 911 next time they need help?
  24. A Big Happy Birthday Too

    Many happy returns (and hopefully you get some of the cake next time).
  25. Drilling it Down

    I love this. Reminds me of my old, original B&D 1/4" drill that i used to drill some holes in pieces of hard rock maple from an old bowling alley. That drill got too hot to hold and the grease all ran out. After it cooled off, i refilled it with some axle grease (all i had back then) and kept on going. It didn't burn up and works to this day.

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