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  1. Our Mr. Kauffman.

    And don't forget, there are actual carriage bolt washers like these. They are available in multiple sizes.
  2. Tabs on the Weather...

    too depressingly warm for snow to stay here.

    I hate to say it, but i still have a skate key tucked away somewhere safe.

    I still just mix the honey into the PB jar and eat without bread.
  5. notifications

    Yeah, be a shame if your nice email didn't work. You may want to try out super-jugundi email and internet plan. It's only a few bitcoin more than the regular plan.
  6. The second cryptex

    I was thinking LSMFT. Those of a certain age will know what that came from.
  7. Spent today at the Restore. Spent most of the rest of the week working on retirement, medicare, pensions, chasing tail (my own).
  8. Many happy sawdusty returns of the day!

    So, does that mean they're gonna call ghostbusters and not 911 next time they need help?

    Many happy returns (and hopefully you get some of the cake next time).
  11. Drilling it Down

    I love this. Reminds me of my old, original B&D 1/4" drill that i used to drill some holes in pieces of hard rock maple from an old bowling alley. That drill got too hot to hold and the grease all ran out. After it cooled off, i refilled it with some axle grease (all i had back then) and kept on going. It didn't burn up and works to this day.
  12. Glue for box making

    I can still remember my dad using hide glue and always having to warm it up before use; and it stunk!. (or, to borrow a phrase from The Critic - IT STINKS!")
  13. Glue for box making

    I suspect Elsie went into the glue vat when she stopped giving milk. Well, that or with a box of hamburger helper.
  14. Still working toward retirement.
  15. Soon to be retired guy

    As others have said, "thank you for your service" You may want to check out the CNC entries (if you haven't already read them all ).

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