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    You got me, you figure it out!
  1. Tabs on the Weather...

    Still cold and snow on the ground. Managed to pick up two new chains today so that log by the driveway will have to go as soon as i gather up some unused ambition.
  2. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    Clock maintenance isn't cheap, but can sometimes save a clock. My grandparents had an Ansonia mantle clock that had stopped working and SWMBO and i were visiting one year and took it to a repair shop. It needed cleaning, timing, new pallets, and bushings on several of the gears. The place did a fabulous job in the short time (we only had four days there) and i was able to get it back on the mantle before we left and give my Grandfather the key and let him wind it and hear it chime before we left. Work - not inexpensive but well done; experience - priceless.
  3. Hi

    Artie, Happy to have you here and hope you come back on a regular basis to post and read and ... keep some time for your projects and your family. Maybe you can wrangle your wife and son into doing projects with you. WWing is a good family project; just play safe.
  4. I hate Wal*mart

    Long ago we had a Makro near us and i liked it better than Sams or BJs. Unfortunately, it was run by Kmart (run into the ground, I think).
  5. Friday's Pick

    Seems that I recall that boxwood was used on sliderules (before they started using bamboo and plastic). I will have mine around here somewhere...
  6. Sorry, my "brain" was off on another channel.
  7. just had to ask: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
  8. Work today. Restore board meeting and pick up a couple of more chainsaw chains tomorrow. Downhill the rest of the week.
  9. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    er, i don't even know under tones.???
  10. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Just make sure it isn't bob wire and make sure you clear it each time.
  11. I hate Wal*mart

    Read today that laid-off Sam's Club workers are applying for jobs at nearby BJ's and being told to fill in applications etc., to be considered. BJ's may pick up some employees and business.
  12. outlets with surge protectors

    That's part of the reason i have a UPS and a surge protector chained to my computer. Had to replace the battery once on the UPS, but it was the best money i ever spent protecting my PC and associated equipment from power blips and outages.
  13. Unfortunately true for my air bags.
  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    Snowing now; looks like a couple of inches of new stuff. Good winds (maybe); sounded like another tree just came crashing down. Should be interesting to see in the morning.
  15. Sloughing off work today. Habitat Restore tomorrow (unless cancelled by the weather). Sunday when it gets here.

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