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  1. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/04/19/facebook_third_party_site_login_security_leak/ what's your take on this (mine: I don't use facebook)...
  2. All A Yall Know Bout This

    i have my surge protector plugged into the UPS; so although some don't recommend that; my computer has been ok so far
  3. Ridgid Cordless Tools Ii

    I would have thought about it, but there was still a small amount of oily residue in them and the saw made it smooth enough for a fire barrel without sparklies.
  4. All A Yall Know Bout This

    I've had an APC on my computer for many years now (saved untold numbers of local power blips which would kill the computer) and when the batteries died some years ago i just ordered new ones online and stuffed them into the unit and recycled the old ones. Not sure what kind of unit you are using.
  5. Ridgid Cordless Tools Ii

    Last time i got a couple of steel barrels and wanted to cut the heads out I used my Ridgid sawzall (used to use my B&D jigsaw) and (believe it or not) a nice new HF metal blade. Zipped those babies right out and when i was done the only change was the paint on the saw blade was worn away from the friction. Blade seemed sharp as new.
  6. If I Could Have Only Found More

    The Restores are all local to their area (usually county) and each Habitat and Restore is independent of all the others. I have (sadly) bought less stuff since i've been volunteering at ours than I used to find and buy before (and yes, i still have a path through the garage; erm, barely ) Some of the stores (like ours) are all volunteer and we're only open to the public on Saturday (8-4) while others in the nearby counties are open multiple days of the week and have some paid personnel. Most of our new stuff is priced around 50% or less of retail and used things are SWAGed out; especially if the person "stocking" doesn't really know what it is or what it's worth. Like every other store, there are things that we take; and things we generally don't take. I'm not in charge of anything: just as SWMBO.
  7. More tax stuff today and then corrections and more tax stuff over the weekend and then send all my remaining money to the government so they can fritter it away (and yes, i was going to use something else for fritter...). Man, oh man, with all those great changes they put in I should be rolling in it next year (kinda like the dog rolls in stuff).
  8. Old Cordless Tools

    Say what? When did that start? Most of the "battery packs" are nothing but a series of small batteries with soldered tabs holding them together and you can buy pre-soldered batteries from lots of places online. In my case, my Ridgids are held together with some nice little security torx screws and I have the bits to remove most sizes of those. Back when my old battery powered devices died it was actually less expensive to simply buy a new drill with two batteries and charger than to buy new battery packs and the pre-tabbed batteries weren't readily available back when. A 9.6, two 12s, and a 14.4 all ended up going bye-bye when the battery packs died (and no, the ijits didn't make the two 12V ones compatible.)
  9. Talk About Bad Weather

    Maybe he would give a discount with them pre-sanded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Scheib
  10. Rigid Cordless Tools

    Looks a bit like the set i bought long ago (minus the 1/4" impact driver) in the 24V set. I have had the batteries replaced several times over the years and have used all the tools. No complaints at all (except for the weight). Drill is very powerful and hammerdrill function allowed me to put fasteners into block wall without a hitch. Drill can put a 1/2: hole right through an 8x8 post (be careful is doesn't rip your hand off). Overall - I love my Ridgid set and wish they had the brushless and lighter batteries back when. I would buy it all over again if this set disappeared (and i couldn't track down where it went. ) The LSA (Lifetime Service Agreement) applies to the batteries and the tools and you have to (1) register them when new and (2) re-register when anything is replaced (batteries in my case). No hassle at all and I don't even have to take them to HD any more...just call the 800 number and let them know. When the new replacements arrive, call the 800 number (or you can go online) to register them. When i asked about the old batteries they said, "just recycle them".
  11. You sure that wasn't "Puny"?
  12. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    Remember "we control the vertical - we control the horizontal" and you actually had to get up and mess with the controls anyway since they lost both of those so easily?
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    cool outside. just started snow sprinkles while i was feeding the critters.
  14. Plywood Drawer Joint

    He might be using something like this:
  15. I have three... so far none have talked about marriage that i know about (or perhaps just haven't listened?) I feel for you.

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