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    You got me, you figure it out!
  1. Yeah, but as the old joke goes: But how does it know?
  2. Another birthday

    Many happy returns and good health to you!
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    lovely snow. now if we can just get more.
  4. Hobbled

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Don't give it to the other half; you'll never hear the end of it.
  5. Stanley #71

    i have some old machinist stones (about 1"x3") which i use on the one I have. You can then home the top and bottom of the cutter. It's a pain to keep the angles; i know of no jigs at this point (haven't looked on the "tube" for any).
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    That's ginger ale or beer; right?

    Only 65? You must be one them whipper-snappers I've been hearing about. Happy Birthday!
  8. new here

    Welcome to the forums. All are welcome to this strange wonderful world of tools and woodworking (and me; i specialize in making messes).
  9. Tom Fidgen's Unplugged Woodshop (two handled rasps)

    Anyway, those tools remind me of certain two-handled draw knives or push knives i've seen; so probably good for control, but not a new idea. Be interesting to hear how well they work when John gets his set.
  10. Tom Fidgen's Unplugged Woodshop (two handled rasps)

    Erm, our personal relationship stays private. What's said in the workshop stays in the workshop.
  11. AED, CPR, and first aid class this morning at the Restore. Supposed to be a vacation day but i consider it well spent.
  12. Tom Fidgen's Unplugged Woodshop (two handled rasps)

    Respectfully disagree. I have many tools which i use often, seldom, or not at all; but they all serve a purpose (even if only to look at and admire as a neat/good tool). SWMBO may think they are a waste of money, but then she's not buying or paying for them. I have a personal relationship with all my tools.
  13. It's that day again.

    Sorry, all that math made me fall asleep. Did i miss anything?
  14. Need Help from Probotix Users

    Sorry to hear about all the grief. I don't have an answer about your unix signon; but the power thing... I've had an APC UPS unit for years now and i can't tell you how many times it's saved my computer from a simple power blip (or worse). I would highly recommend checking into that and getting a cable from the unit to your computer so it can try to force an orderly shutdown in the event you are away.
  15. plumbing question

    Someone i know (thankfully not me) is re-doing a bathroom and is thinking about a waterfall faucet. Any opinions on them - good, bad, ugly (well, lots of them are ugly, but that's not the point).

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