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  1. I worked with two guys over the years who never went to a dentist and their teeth looked like there should have been banjos playing in the background.
  2. It's actually schnoz and you're the reincarnation of Jimmy Durante and I claim my 5$. Welcome to the forums Mike (and Mike, and everyone else I've missed). Pay no attention to the chow hounds. Just give them some sawdust from time to time and they'll be happy.
  3. Thanks. That would be me; if i went into Starbucks, which i don't.
  4. Many happy returns of the day.
  5. I like sticks of, erm, stump remover. Yeah, that's the stuff.
  6. If only it were that easy to get through the unbearable heat.
  7. Reminds me of the time when they were collecting pennies locally to help pay for the local wood jungle gym thing at the playground. we had over 1,000,000 pennies on tarps on the gymnasium floor at the local school. someplace we probably still have pictures. I helped them bag those up and truck them to the local hoosegow overnight until the bank opened in the morning and then we took them to the bank to be counted and rolled. If nothing else; it was heavy. And yes, i pick up any money i see laying around. If it's folding stuff i try to find an owner (or like a wallet, took it into the nearby store since i figured the person had just come out of there).
  8. very much like: A pool is a hole full of water you throw money into.
  9. I've been ready...like since the last snow.
  10. I had a flash the other day and swmbo just laughed and threw a tarp over me.
  11. still way too far over 320
  12. I noticed that Ralph started this topic, but i haven't seen him out here lately. Anyone know if he's doing ok?
  13. Yup. The carbide tips are good for drilling into hard/tough steel if you get them started right.
  14. That's good to start them young. Tell her to unlock those elbows. Bigger calibers will give her problems.
  15. And then it's like, ok, turn out the pockets.

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