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    You got me, you figure it out!

    Ok, i have script blocking running and once i looked there was a thing for h5p and when i allowed that script i could see the berries, etc. with the little + signs. I also see scripts for Facebook, Twitter, google analytics but i left those blocked.
  2. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    Probably his new GF or the kids. In either case, this is appropriate.
  3. So how does the new like choices work?

    For some reason that made "another little click of my heart" (a play on Another little piece of my heart) pop into my otherwise empty head.
  4. The Patriot Woodworker - Light theme

    And i thought it was Mssr. Zig Zag. I must have the wrong forum again.
  5. Yeah, glad to see you could save most of that bowl. Rim doesn't appear quite as thin, but it's still a nice piece and might look good with a lid.
  6. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    Magnetic push button catch under the seat.
  7. Lost an old friend

    Sorry to hear that Al. Know the feeling as quite a number of former "worker bees" have left the hive.
  8. My youngest and i were in a local grocery looking for something in the baked goods section and the sugar smell was so strong i almost went into a coma.
  9. Shaker-ish spice cabinet

    That really is nice. Good thing i never planned one of those for SWMBO. She's got so much sh....spice i wouldn't have space for them all. And no, that's not a reference to Dune.
  10. Bird houses and wasps

    I honestly don't know if this will work in the bird houses or not (might be toxic to birds, they may not like the smell)... I put a sock of moth balls under the steel dome lid on the propane tank to keep the paper wasps out. They apparently don't like it and the other day when the guy was working on my water heater we looked (there's no pressure gage, just the fill gage), but there were two big wolf spiders in there who just seemed to love it.
  11. Yeah, but that's only for furniture. Save the nails for chairs.
  12. Yes, but that whole "you won't stay in one job" was started by the big businesses, NOT by the employees. Now, with outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs you never know if you will have a job tomorrow or not so you best be able to pack up and move cities/states to find new work; therefore who wants to take a chance setting down roots and trying to buy a house (unless you're stupid rich)? For my kids it's keep your skills current and your resume hot off the press updated.
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    That looks so nice...definitely jealous.
  14. 31,419 days today

    somebody just woke me up - happy birthday!

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