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  1. Horror in FL

    "Soft" targets are always going to be the choice. The prime goal is to inflict as many causalities as possible with the least amount of retaliatory danger. All of these shooters have one thing in common...they are cowards and in most/all cases have exhibited ideological, emotional or mental issues. They would NEVER face an opponent on even terms. None have attacked a group that has the potential to fight back.The Parkland shooter lost his nerve, dropped his weapon, blended in, and ran from the shooting scene before he could be cornered. If I were assured of uninterrupted time, my choice would be a 12 ga. shotgun. Rounds loaded with 00/000 buck shot sends 9-12, ~ .30 caliber projectiles, downrange with each pull of the trigger. Much more devastating! The disadvantages are: slower reloading, and shorter effective range. However, the debate is never going to end on "weapons of war", "automatic assault weapons", et. al. They scare some people for for whatever reason. Fear is based on unfamiliarity of the unknown, and none of them really know what they are talking about. If they did, they would not be calling them "assault rifles" or call for the ban on high capacity magazines expecting to hinder a shooters ability (guess what, it has been proven that it doesn't). However, the rhetoric that they have memorized and repeat makes sense to them in their own minds. If it wasn't AR/AK style weapon (or as one news story listed an AR-57) the choice of weapons would be...trucks, knives, suicide vests, car bombs, clubs...all recently used in Europe. A continent known for its highly restrictive gun laws. What is the answer, who knows! I don't think that there is any ONE solution. My opinion, "an armed society is a polite society", or a better way to put it, if the fear of deadly resistance is present, then, as a coward I would think twice about going up against the unknown. A "soft" target, then, is no longer is one. In Parkland, the coward police officer, that was the deputy assigned to the school as the resource officer, refused to enter the building and go after the shooter. The exact job he was assigned to do and expected to perform in this exact scenario. He refused to perform that job. His boss, the county sheriff, immediately fired him from the Sheriff's office. Too little, too late. Had he done his job, who knows how much less the damage would have been. In his defense, he was only one person for a large, sprawling campus and 3200+ vulnerable targets. 1:3200 ratio...not good odds. I saw an article in a local paper which analyzed this. The data suggested an effective staff of seven NOT one! The cost? Approximately $233 per student per year... Your call, cheap insurance or not? I would pay that out of my own pocket if it were my child potentially in harms way. What about you? Just my 2¢. Hopefully, it put some food for thought and polite discussing on the table.
  2. Done well, my friend. I sure am glad Stick didn't notice the can of WD-40 sitting on the window sill. Whew, dodged that bullet!
  3. For anyone who may be interested, here is a link to a Woodcraft* one day sale. The Bosch router includes a guide set. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/bosch-2-25-hp-electronic-variable-speed-fixed-base-router?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+MEGA+DEAL&utm_content=Bosch+MEGA+2-21&utm_campaign=02/21/2018&_bta_tid=41125270835476418981254995244397996435765608831347284254702223034581614217442332804846364249046940638727&_bta_c=7pwyv3je7zo0usxw4yxp386zztnjz
  4. The store in Maitland FL. always has carried Bosch, PC, and Festool. Agree! Poser! Catch up, will ya! Didn't say, that, it was a good deal only that it was on sale. Stick is right, the bushing set is worth another $30. Good package deal for someone who doesn't have a router and is starting off, or wanting something a little more powerful then a trim router. Too bad it doesn't include a plunge base, though! If it did I may have considered buying one and making it an even dozen!
  5. PIP River Table

    My hero! Wow! Can't wait to see it with the finish.
  6. It's All About ME.

    I totally, agree! I didn't see the "act", but I will say this; I suspect that he was caught up in the moment and the disrespect was not intentional, and as a kid I was well aware of "proper" flag etiquette and would do my best not to let what he did happen. However, the things being taught (or in most cases not taught) to the newer generations highlights how the national pride of the ME GENERATION has eroded. So, IF and when he is out in the cold cruel world he can code himself a meal, so he won't starve to death! RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pocket holes on the cheap

    ...now ya'll are catchin' on...
  8. Photos from The Doins in the Desert

    Gene, thanks for making my day...those are some nice pictures that tell quite a story.
  9. Hello, again.

    Just a temporary set-back, I'm sure. Rest up, get well and then get your butt back out into the shop.
  10. Birthday Greetings to...

    Are they gonna be able to see the candles from the Space Station? Happy B-Day, Jim, and many more...
  11. Horror in FL

    Realistically, you'll never stop it 100%. However, the organizations that ARE responsible for "weeding" out the crackpots need to do their jobs. Too many times these crazies slip through the cracks. In the case of the Las Vegas shooter, the Air Force failed to enter data into the national data base that would have stopped Paddock. In addition, he was on the FBI's radar and they dropped the ball. Now the military is all of a sudden submitting over 4000 names into the NICS system...more to come. In the case of the Parkland shooting, again, the FBI dropped the ball. He was handed to them on a plate weeks before the shooting and they never did anything to investigate. Nobody reports mental health issues to NICS because it violates the patients HIPPAA rights...Bullshirt! Crazy is crazy. However, the 4473 form specifically asks if you have any mental health problems. You can lie on the questionnaire but if it were in the data base...no firearm. I think you hit the nail on the head...it's not the 99.99% who are the problem it's the 0.1%. Of all of these people how do you know that somewhere down the line one of them might not snap...you don't. If the thought police could read your mind they could stop you before you used a firearm to commit a crime. Hmmm, but doesn't that infringe on your 1st Amendment Rights? God forbid we would ever do that!
  12. Horror in FL

    Although it has been several years since I last researched this, the last I knew there have been only three instances, since 1934 (inception of the National Firearms Act) where a legally registered FULLY automatic weapon has been used in the commission of a crime. Surprise, two of them were LEO's who used their issued weapons to perform a criminal act. Fully automatic weapons have ALWAYS been legal to own. I have known and shot with dozens of Fully Automatic Weapons owners. They ALL were very serious and conscientious owners who took that privilege seriously.
  13. Horror in FL

    The news media has demonized the AR style of rifle through their own ignorance and fear. I absolutely cringe when I hear the term "Assault Rifle". Just once I would love for the MSM to learn, understand and definitively state the true definition. For those of you who are not sure what that is, please educate yourselves: Assault Rifle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault_rifle Intermediate Cartridge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermediate_cartridge The AR style rifles are NOT assault rifles! No matter what the media, ignorant politicians, and anti's say, they are not select fire and they are not an intermediate power cartridge rifles. Although, with some of the newer calibers they can fire a intermediate powered round. Sorry, but I own several AR style rifles. My favorite, a Spikes Tactical .22RF upper. My 1970's vintage Colt Sporter put many a round down range in Government sponsored shooting matches, as well as a long gone 20" Heavy barrel. Surprise, with some of the newer cartridges and a hunting legal magazine they make great hunting rifles. Yes, they can be used for that purpose, although, not according to some politicians and anti's! Again, the problem is not the rifle it is the person behind it. Ignorance is rampant. The newer generations were not exposed, trained, or educated when it comes to firearms. Again, "Call of Duty" is not a training simulator and you still can't fix stupid. I distinctly remember a Millennial being interviewed by a reporter immediately after the Washington DC softball practice shooting. He definitively ID ed the weapon as an AK-47, how, he recognized it? He just knew it was an AK from one of his shoot em up games. Turned out to be an AR and not an AK or more accurately a MAK 90. AK-47 are select fire weapons MAK 90 and other variants are semi-automatic. Bottom line: you don't blame the car when a drunk hits and kills an entire family in a head on crash! Or do you?
  14. Horror in FL

    As Kelly pointed out, don't trust that figure. Actual school shooting are far less, although one is way too many. The 18 count figure includes incidents such as; a teachers pistol, secured in a car glove box discharged, another was a suicide in a school parking lot...the school had been closed and abandoned. Here is a link to the specific incidents: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/no-there-have-not-been-18-school-shootings-so-far-in-2018/article/2649183 It just gets old when the first knee jerk reaction is Gun Control. The media never addresses the lack of security that allows children to access un-secured guns (the owners are never held accountable), proper background check databases ( as a result of the Las Vegas shooting there are approximately 4000 initial names being provided from the military databases), little or no mental health information concerns due to HIPA, AND in this case and the LV shooting a complete fail of the FBI to do their jobs, even when they are handed the information in a bow wrapped box. The list goes on... The schools are just a much to blame. Where is their security? Why don't they squash the bullying when they see it...don't tell me they don't see it going on! How many of these kids have just snapped because of being isolated a school? Again, nobody ever addresses or attacks the social issues, it is far easier to attack the instruments of the horror. Bottom line WE have to do better. I'm not sure what the solution is but it is not more gun control.
  15. Windows Vista

    Isn't that akin to "Dwarf Tossing"? It may be fun, but is it morally irresponsible and a little insensitive?
  16. With a little research I think you will find, that, the Swiss have a mandatory two year military service. The last I knew (understood) was that the Swiss upon leaving active service retained their service rifles (usually fully automatic). However, no ammunition is issued. NCO's and above retain their rifles and sidearms and a prescribed amount of ammunition. The intent is that all trained Swiss can be immediately called back up in defense of their country. This may have changed over the years, however. As a CCW holder, I would never draw my weapon and run towards a gunman looking for a fight. However, I would be prepared to: protect my own health, the health of those around me, or to stop a perpetrator should the opportunity present itself to definitively put an end to the activity. As much respect as I have for LEO's, I feel that there are a small percentage, that are just not reliable enough to carry a gun and maintain rational thinking. It is way too easy to put yourself in harms way and risk yourself from a LEO with "tunnel vision" by running around with a drawn weapon. The real shame is that the gun issue is polarized. Every time a child is caught in school with a handgun the media never asks where did he/she get it? Every state already has a law that prohibits a gun owner from allowing anyone under the age of 18 years from gaining access. Yet the adult "owners" are never punished for BREAKING THE LAW! You have to enforce the existing laws. Fear is a wonderful motivator! Make the person responsible and accountable, the punishment extremely painful, and you may see less people willing to be lax about an item capable of wrecking devastation. I grew up around and was taught to respect firearms, too many people today just don't have a clue, or that exposure and training. The basics were never taught to them. Sorry, but "Call of Duty" is not training or the "real" world. None of my firearms ever loaded themselves, opened a door, and shot at a car driving down the street. It takes a person to do that. In the case of the Strickland shooter. It was another epic fail of the FBI. They knew about this kid for weeks prior to the shooting and chose not to follow up on the "see something, say something" that certain people/groups love to preach. Not the first time this has happened.
  17. I just now noticed Rockler

    I guess that it is a matter of perception...you perceived a friendly "heads-up" of a tool, on sale, that someone might be interested in, as adding up to, a voice in your head telling you what to do. The majority of us (I'll surmise) saw it for what it was, a FRIENDLY "HEADS-UP". There was NO need to attack Jess for posting the information. I see similar posts by the members in other forums, and on many occasions have been grateful for the information. If I were that uncomfortable with entering "a room full of strangers" then I just might pass up the doorway...
  18. New Member here Saying Hello

    I was on a diet for the Christmas holidays, but I'm done with that...Deep Dish Apple and French Vanilla, please. Welcome to the fun fest... Bill (aka: Schnooge)
  19. tool totes, a survey of

    You may have answered your own question, sort of... "A place for everything and everything in its place" Multiple tool boxes for "classes/groups" of tools. You can't take the whole shop, Keith...just too many tools to lug around AND too many tool boxes. Decide what you will need and pick the (existing) tool box that fits that need. I feel your angst, believe me...now where did I store my plumbing tool box, and my tool box with all of my plastic pipe fittings and tools, and my alarm system tool box, or my data communications tool box? Hmmmm...
  20. Pressure Wahsers

    I have a 20 year old Troy Bilt, w/a 5 hp B&S and a CAT pump. Purrs like a kitten and has never given me a hint of trouble. The pump has been replaced once, and I kept the old one to rebuild. I can't complain about it. However, it is 20 years old and the new ones don't come close in quality. I have to agree...spend the money and get one with a Honda engine and a CAT w/un-loader valve.
  21. So, at John's urging I reached out to several business that do caning, upholstery, weaving type work. I sent them the photo with a request for their opinion on the tools. Here is what I have, so far. I am still waiting on a couple of more replies and I had one request for better photographs of the tips from one of the professionals. John is attempting to obtain them for me/us. Although not super compelling, I got, what I feel are positive replies as to the tools. Here is what I have gathered so far... Dear Bill, It is possible, I would need to see a picture of each turned 1/4 turn to no more. The tips of the tools are all I need to see. All Best, Jeremy The Caning Shoppe 99 Albion St. Studio 2 Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 776-0100 www.caningshoppe.com ------------ Hi Bill, I don't recognize them,and can't really imagine how they would be used based on how I work, but it's possible. Seat weaving is something that everyone who does it, does a little differently than the others...so it may be that these tools were hand-made by someone for a specific task, such as seat weaving. Karen Karen Curcio <nh.chaircaner@gmail.com> --------------- Hi William, These do look to be canning tools. Thank You, Adam Thomson Classic Furniture 508-528-6747 adam@classic-furniture.com ----------- I the interest of FULL disclosure. This professional doesn't think that they are caning tools, but may have been used for another type of seat weaving operation(s). Bill, After looking at your attachment photo of tools, I do not know exactly what they are!!?! I feel certain they are not tools used in hand caning....the only tool besides a small tapered awl; a side cutter; and wooden pegs could be a caning needle. A caning needle has a long fine shaft (similar to a "0" knitting needle) but with a slotted flat head so cane can be pulled, after the needle is inserted between other strands, to weave in steps 4, 5, and 6. In weaving a porch rocker, these tools might?? have been used to align the ash splints; flat reeds; or half round reeds instead of using one's fingers... Sorry I was not able to identify your tools....let me know if you find verification of what they are... Dennis mainecaning.com
  22. Birthday Wishes to Ron Altier

    Have one, very, happy, B-day, Ron
  23. Happy birthday Fred Hargis

    Ooops! Sorry, I missed your B-day, Fred. Hope you had a great day. Bill
  24. Birthday Salute to...

    Happy B-day, Dave. Since you already have (a slightly decimated) cake I didn't bring one. Have a great day. Bill

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