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  1. While we are concerned with the terrible news

    Being their friends, instead of being their "parents"??????????
  2. While we are concerned with the terrible news

    Having a 12 year Catholic school education, I personally saw the religious hypocrisy on a daily basis. I have no use for organized religion, however, I have always maintained a more subdued spiritual belief. I DO believe that a spiritual component does have a affect on what a person does, says, and practices. However, I also have to agree that a persons moral compass starts at home. It has been proven, that, by the time a child is 3-4 years old their personalities have been set for the rest of their lives. I believe everyone knows the difference between right and wrong by the time they are 7-8 years old unless there is some mental or psychological deficiencies. I don't think parents take on the oversight of this development in today's culture. Schools, TV, video games, cell phones...have become baby-sitters. After the mid 60's a great percentage of parents ignored those responsibilities. Now their children's, children have no pathway to guide their own off-spring and the cycle of deterioration continues to spiral downwards. I blame the modern PC thinking processes for the rise in these monsters. Failure to hold juveniles responsible for their anti-social behaviors and their lame, canned, excuses that: they had a hard life, were beaten, abused, bullied, whatever, is the reasons for their acts. Sorry, I don't buy that thinking! You know the difference between right and wrong. No matter what, YOU make the decision for the anti-social/moral deviance's. Decisions have consequences. You should be willing to accept whatever consequences result from the decisions you make. WE as a society have removed those sanctions. No fear of censure, no remorse for the behavior. Unfortunately, society today holds people to a very diminished standard of responsibility. Today, it is always; "not my job", always "someone else's fault", and "well, I told so and so about it". Behavioral deviance should have no place in our society. Individualism is absolutely necessary, but within that, it has to include acceptable social behavior. Too often I see the tail wagging the dogs when a small cross-section of society tries to dictate their thought, actions, and beliefs on everyone else.
  3. While we are concerned with the terrible news

    I do miss that having been raised in a similar environment. I couldn't go anywhere without people looking at me and telling me who my parents were. Need new shoes, "go to Brown's and put it on the account", on and on. A man's word is still he bond with me, I'm just a little bit more picky about who's word I take. If it's not right on my side, I'll go out of my way to make it right.
  4. Good Fences Build Something or Another??

    Don't listen to Jess, Dave. WE know that these guides/fences a notoriously inaccurate. However, for the people who couldn't cut a half-straight line if the tool's plate was sandwiched between two guides, it at least keeps them from wandering inches to either side of the line. All these tools want to be is loved. Again, I applaud you for rescuing these poor orphans.
  5. Horror in FL

    Well said, John. The key here is that it is a hobby/sport/interest, whatever you choose to call it. The fact is, you, like I and millions of others were properly taught to respect firearms and use them for enjoyment. I totally agree, that, some people just aren't equipped to own firearms. I still remember what my father told me, when he was teaching me to drive; "...remember, Bill, you're not driving a car, you're driving a weapon". Bottom line it is a individual responsibility to treat any dangerous object with proper respect. Not everyone does it, but because drunks kill people while driving cars, and people speed, doesn't mean that we should ban cars. A high percentage of the drivers ARE responsible, and NO you will never be able to tell which driver will violate that responsibility or when.We have all broken traffic laws at one time or another. Reporting such abuse is the best way to combat the offenders and possibly preempt a disaster in the making.
  6. left handed table saw

    Let me guess! Glue joints and finish defects?
  7. Latest Project

    Excellent, for a "beginner". Really nice work, my friend.
  8. Good Fences Build Something or Another??

    Unlike the rest, I applaud you, Dave. I think that it is great that you have rescued these orphaned tools and have taken great pride in matching them up to a compatible partner. They did not choose to be tossed aside and thrown into a box, all they ever wanted to do is what they were made to do! You have given them a new and, hopefully, a more appreciated life. Oh, by the way, the voices in my head, say, that the voices in yours are not crazy! They asked that me to get a phone number from you so they can call and chat with each other from time to time...
  9. Greetings :)

    Sorry I missed your introduction, Dennis. However, welcome to the fun. I reinforce what has been said, already. There are no "stupid" questions, tap the experience, and have a great time. Bill
  10. Horror in FL

    "Soft" targets are always going to be the choice. The prime goal is to inflict as many causalities as possible with the least amount of retaliatory danger. All of these shooters have one thing in common...they are cowards and in most/all cases have exhibited ideological, emotional or mental issues. They would NEVER face an opponent on even terms. None have attacked a group that has the potential to fight back.The Parkland shooter lost his nerve, dropped his weapon, blended in, and ran from the shooting scene before he could be cornered. If I were assured of uninterrupted time, my choice would be a 12 ga. shotgun. Rounds loaded with 00/000 buck shot sends 9-12, ~ .30 caliber projectiles, downrange with each pull of the trigger. Much more devastating! The disadvantages are: slower reloading, and shorter effective range. However, the debate is never going to end on "weapons of war", "automatic assault weapons", et. al. They scare some people for for whatever reason. Fear is based on unfamiliarity of the unknown, and none of them really know what they are talking about. If they did, they would not be calling them "assault rifles" or call for the ban on high capacity magazines expecting to hinder a shooters ability (guess what, it has been proven that it doesn't). However, the rhetoric that they have memorized and repeat makes sense to them in their own minds. If it wasn't AR/AK style weapon (or as one news story listed an AR-57) the choice of weapons would be...trucks, knives, suicide vests, car bombs, clubs...all recently used in Europe. A continent known for its highly restrictive gun laws. What is the answer, who knows! I don't think that there is any ONE solution. My opinion, "an armed society is a polite society", or a better way to put it, if the fear of deadly resistance is present, then, as a coward I would think twice about going up against the unknown. A "soft" target, then, is no longer is one. In Parkland, the coward police officer, that was the deputy assigned to the school as the resource officer, refused to enter the building and go after the shooter. The exact job he was assigned to do and expected to perform in this exact scenario. He refused to perform that job. His boss, the county sheriff, immediately fired him from the Sheriff's office. Too little, too late. Had he done his job, who knows how much less the damage would have been. In his defense, he was only one person for a large, sprawling campus and 3200+ vulnerable targets. 1:3200 ratio...not good odds. I saw an article in a local paper which analyzed this. The data suggested an effective staff of seven NOT one! The cost? Approximately $233 per student per year... Your call, cheap insurance or not? I would pay that out of my own pocket if it were my child potentially in harms way. What about you? Just my 2¢. Hopefully, it put some food for thought and polite discussing on the table.
  11. Done well, my friend. I sure am glad Stick didn't notice the can of WD-40 sitting on the window sill. Whew, dodged that bullet!
  12. The store in Maitland FL. always has carried Bosch, PC, and Festool. Agree! Poser! Catch up, will ya! Didn't say, that, it was a good deal only that it was on sale. Stick is right, the bushing set is worth another $30. Good package deal for someone who doesn't have a router and is starting off, or wanting something a little more powerful then a trim router. Too bad it doesn't include a plunge base, though! If it did I may have considered buying one and making it an even dozen!
  13. PIP River Table

    My hero! Wow! Can't wait to see it with the finish.
  14. For anyone who may be interested, here is a link to a Woodcraft* one day sale. The Bosch router includes a guide set. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/bosch-2-25-hp-electronic-variable-speed-fixed-base-router?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+MEGA+DEAL&utm_content=Bosch+MEGA+2-21&utm_campaign=02/21/2018&_bta_tid=41125270835476418981254995244397996435765608831347284254702223034581614217442332804846364249046940638727&_bta_c=7pwyv3je7zo0usxw4yxp386zztnjz

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