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  1. I understand the point, Wichita. It was a failed strategy, just like GM's Saturn car line pricing. People like to feel like they are in control. Pat pricing doesn't allow for being able to "snag a deal" on an item at some point. Bottom line is, that, the sale, coupon, low price hunt is always going to be with us. Stores can't help but do this on occasion, for various reasons; end of the year inventory reductions, new models coming out, poor item turnover, etc., or in the case of Harbor Freight EVERYTHING is perpetually "on-sale". Psychologically, it ropes people in if they think that they are getting a deal. I some cases they are. In most cases they are not. It depends on what you are willing to accept for a lower one time sale price. In my opinion, along with what you are conveying, is, that, stores like JCP, Sears, Montgomery-Ward, all kill themselves off back in the 70's and early 80's. When they stopped becoming the go-to general merchandise stores they allowed for the rise of stores like Walmart as alternative product suppliers. We all know what has happened with that business model. It killed of the Mom and Pop stores, gave rise to low priced crappy merchandise and it has eventually killed the stores that fostered the downward spiral. M-W is no more, people won't do business with Sears anymore, JCP is teetering on the edge and probably won't last much longer. Amazon is now maneuvering to become the go-to supplier of everything from soup to nuts. Walmart is struggling to emulate and keep up. I personally, hate to shop for personal items on-line. Items like clothing need to be felt, examined and tried on before you buy. On-line it is just a pig-in-a-poke. You order and hope it works. The name of the game is bottom line...giant warehouses, bulk purchase pricing are all cheaper then individual storefront overhead. How many malls do you see empty? When all of the storefronts are no more and Amazon has taken over the world, you will still see; sales, coupons and hunts for lower priced deals still going on within Amazon.
  2. I can appreciate this. Again, I can remember when my sister used to be able to go to JCP in the 70's, and mix and match her bikini swim suit pieces. She was able to buy a next size larger top to fit her well endowed upper body. They were the only place that would do that. An aunt who owned two women's clothing stores went to work managing the JCP women's clothing section after she sold her stores. She finally left as the quality and the "styles" were starting to deteriorate and it was no longer about anything but profit margin. All I can say, is, that, she needs to buy it while she can, Keith. The latest financials for JCP are not good. Several articles I have read recently predict JCP will not be around much longer.
  3. I agree and disagree with the article. J C Penny killed itself four decades ago. I remember when JCP sold good quality clothes at reasonable prices, not boutique clothes. In additions, you could buy appliances, automotive, furniture, electronics, sporting goods and yes guns and hunting equipment. When they decided to consolidate their retail line, then EVERYTHING went except for the clothing, appliances and home furnishings. Then the appliances disappeared and they became the go-to place for all things shoddy and garish. The last time I bought dress shirts there (in this case Van Heusen) my 18/34 shirt sleeves fell anywhere from two inches above my wrist to halfway up my forearm. None of them fit at all. It is no wonder that they have gone down the tubes, just like Sears.
  4. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    So, if you don't like it, customize it, change it back, rearrange, whatever! Click on the "three bars" on the right of the toolbar and follow the drop down menu. You can choose your own header themes, rearrange icons, add or delete icons from the toolbar, etc. Refer to Stick's post above.
  5. Isn't it amazing how deceitful retailers are to the unsuspecting, uninformed and, yes, lazy buying public. I laugh every time I see a HF add. The item is always on-sale. They list the "normal" price and the sale price. The problem is, that, the sale price is what they sell it for normally. I notice that they raise the price on an item say to $79 a few weeks before a sale and then lower it back down to the "sale price" ($59), which is what they had been selling it for earlier. HF just lost a lawsuit for listing normal prices that they never sold the items for in "sale" adds. Even after losing the suit they are still doing it. A lot of retailers do this. Think your getting a deal when a jewelry store has a 50% off sale on Gold? I really doubt it! Time and time again they have proved that most deals on Black Friday are not deals at all. They offer a few "lost leaders" that draw the shoppers in are gone withing the first few minutes of opening the doors. So, your wife's observation that it "isn't worth it" is spot on.
  6. lathe tools

  7. lathe tools

    Still reading and re-reading the books you recommended. Good material is very hard to find in my area. Um, and wouldn't a lathe come in handy?
  8. lathe tools

    I'm hoping that some more of the "turners" will join in. The more information the better it is. I have a personal reason...I'd like to take up turning one day. However, before I do I want as much information as possible to make the best choices. Those choices include, lathe choices, tools, equipment, etc. This is a great place to foster the discussions. There are a lot of folks with a lot of collective knowledge here, and I wouldn't think of going anyplace else for advice. So, speak up guys!
  9. lathe tools

    Not true, John. I think that most of us know you well enough that you would not give a biased opinion based upon sponsorship. I would value your opinion, especially, since I know that you are a turner and probably have practical experience with these tools. If you didn't you probably would pass on saying anything.
  10. lathe tools

    It doesn't matter if everyone agrees or not. That is what makes a horse race. It is the personal experience that matters, and what worked (works) for you is based on your experience. Others may go a different route and have different results...doesn't mean one is better then the other. The point is, if some others would chime in we can help Lissa, as a group, decide the best route to go based on a collective experience. @Lissa Hall Lissa, perhaps if you tell us what your skill level is and what equipment you have access to it would help the guys narrow it down for you. Also, what types of projects are you interested in doing?
  11. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla asked for some Beta testers for Quantum. Those that got the early releases may have be participants or signed up to be beta testers. Just a guess!
  12. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    I can appreciate this, Fred.
  13. lathe tools

    I can appreciate your thoughts here. I'll stand corrected. I hadn't considered a "learning curve" in my initial response. What type of sharpening method do you use, Steve? Perhaps that should be part of the discussion here, also. If Lissa is going for information on what tools to buy, the discussion should include the whole package. Sharpening methods should be part of that. You mention different types of tools steels and perhaps it would help to elaborate on that, also, without getting too technical. Pros and cons should help with her decision making.
  14. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    So, between Ghostery and FF they keep the nasties away. Did you see any improvement with the last update to FF? It shouldn't have come as a surprise. FF did announce that Quantum (57.0) was coming in November and that it would be a vast improvement over the then current version. Apparently, you have your options set to automatically update. If that is the case, I suggest that you change it to notify you of the available update. As a matter of fact, everything should be prevented from auto update. Unlike MS, which ignores your preferences and downloads certain software/updates anyway. I don't use Ghostery. I try to limit the number of add-ons that load, as it just slows things down. FF seems to be excellent at controlling pop-ups, but I can't speak for the tracking. I have selected my settings not to accept certain cookies and/or track me. I don't know how successful it is, but it hasn't been a noticeable problem.
  15. lathe tools

    Thanks for jumping Lew. Although the choice of what are the best turning tools is "out of my wheelhouse", I still have a strong opinion on buying the best tool you can afford. Hopefully, it will be one of the last ones that you have to buy. With that, said, and not being a turner, I am also interested in what are the best tools for the beginner without blowing a sometimes limited budget, that will continue to do the job as your skills progress. So, yes, this should turn into an informative thread.

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