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  1. The Patriot Woodworker "Main" Website Page

    @John Morris Any further updates? Are you considering adding a "Register" link to the log-in/sign-in drop down? If this is the first page a search will take you to, then a registration means should be included. I, also, have noticed that several of the forums are missing from the "Wood Forum" drop down list. Is your intent to access the other forums via the "Forums Home" link in the drop down menu? Are you considering eliminating any of the individual forums or adding any additional ones? Just curiosity on my part. Other than a couple of questions (above) I see a well thought out and planned page. The lack of a great amount of criticism and/or constructive criticisms is a good indicator, that, YA DONE GOOD! Bill
  2. Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    ...I feel your pain...I don't leave the house except to take my "ward" to fulfill her Rx social calendar.
  3. Senior Texting Codes

    Darn, I haven't finished figuring out all of the traditional ones, and now I have to learn a whole bunch of new ones, thanks, Dan!

    ...of course they are, very cute and cuddly. In FL. they have spilled over out of the wildlife management area into the nearby sub-divisions. There have only been three mauling/attacks and, um, several attacked or missing pooches in just the past year. However, they are soooo, cute and cuddly some lobbied and won, to shut down the hunting season for them. PA did that back in the 80's after the typical three day season yielded a 500+ count. They thought that they had over-hunted them and shut down the following season or two. The population exploded and, they ended up extending the traditional three day to an extra day or two. If I recall correctly, the 2017 season yielded 2000+ and produced a LOT of 500-600 pounders. Anybody who grew up around them knows, that, they are anything but cure and cuddly...
  5. Definition of an EXPERT; X is an unknown quantity and a spurt is a drip under pressure. ...another; an EXPERT is someone with a briefcase, that flew in from a 1000 miles away, that knows even less about the problem than you do. Generally, that just guess at the solution, fly back home and send someone else when the fix doesn't work. I, like I'm sure many other here, have dealt with both types.
  6. notifications

    How about a TPW domain for the members! Maintenance/cost donations to maintain the domain, etc. It would be an easy way to add to the membership perks. Addresses would be easy. Login name@TPW.com (schnewj@tpw.com, Johnmorris@tpw.com, etc.) Not to place any more work on you, just a suggestion. Having our own domain precludes unwanted censorship or content blocking as long as we keep it "family friendly" like the forum. One way to get around dealing with sites like Google that censor people by listing them as spammers and blocking them out of using the domain.

    No need to apologize...I think we have all had the same experiences...and, speaking for myself I wish and hope, that I will eventually be able to find it again, somewhere.
  8. Naw! I'll wait for the 25% off coupon and catch them before they raise the normal price by 10%. Thanks, anyway.
  9. ...and now back to our regularly scheduled hijack.
  10. Yours too????!!!!! I knew I should have gotten the extended warranty.
  11. Router Bit Storage Cabinet

    Well thought out and nicely executed. Great job!
  12. I was about to fuss at you John. Asking us to recommend a table saw without any parameters. Then I saw it was just a test. Awesome, that you took the time to do this. I think it could be a useful tool for a lot of people.
  13. notifications

    As much as a HATE Micro$hid, you might try Outlook.com. It is free and it has been reliable for me for years. I get very little if any spam through them. I use it for things like public information; tool vendors, general correspondence, etc. I can access it from any computer with little or no fuss, and unlike Google, is not super invasive. I have not used my Gmail, Yahoo or any other email account provider for a LONG time. If you use a email client, like Thunderbird, MS Outlook, etc. you can easily forward the Outlook.com emails to the client.
  14. The Patriot Woodworker "Main" Website Page

    Thanks, John. Everybody should be able to see that.

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