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  1. Harder then you think QUIZ for "older" folks

    I got em all, too! #16 gave me a brain fart, but after I thought about it I got it. #10 was a toss up between Clem Kadiddlehopper and Freddy, I settled on Freddy. (Red Skelton was always one of my favorites).
  2. I have to agree that it is a swage of some sort. However, I don't agree that it is for rivets. If it was for rivets, based on the size of the bell the hammer would be much more robust. Looking at the shape of the swage itself, it has an indent in the middle. This is not something you would see on a rivet head. I suspect that this is only half of the tool. I think there may have been an anvil that goes with the tool. Possible to form something out of light sheet metal. I have look and looked but I can find nothing that resembles, or comes close to it. Still looking though.
  3. Wow, you've got one of the newer ones with the handle on it...
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    I might have to mow the lawn one more time between now and April (just to mulch up the dead leaves). Service all of the lawn equipment for next summer. The Hibiscus, Mexican Petunia, and a few others need trimmed back for the "winter", um, I might pressure wash the house and the driveway...just a few things. Just no more shoveling, plowing, or driving in slush.
  5. My personal thanks for everyone who participated. Hopefully, the Merlo's will have a very nice Christmas, thanks to everyone here.
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    ...you mean like YOU share your cold weather...
  7. Tabs on the Weather...

    It's nice to have friends willing to share! Thanks, guys.
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    You better hurry, it's starting to warm up! Headed for the high 70's, low 80's by Monday. Good, ole Schnooge will take all of the cold air you want to send from the Great White North!
  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    "...ya, but isn't it beautiful"?
  10. Really, either Case is getting better steel or it is one of the older ones! Case started going to Chinese steel in the late 70's. I couldn't get any of mine '78+ vintage knives to hold a decent edge for any length of time. Luckily, I never worried about it, I just handed them to one of the women running the hones and I had a factory edge again. When I would have new replacement scales, spring backs, or pins replaced on my '40-'60's vintage knives they were always wanting to replace the blade(s)...that was a hard NO with me. I look at some of the junk being sold today and shake my head...they never would have made it out of final inspection.
  11. Tabs on the Weather...

    Hey, great! I'm all for cool/cold I just don't like the snow. ..."but isn't it beautiful? ...ah, NO! You get out there and shovel, avoid the idiots that don't, know to lay off of the brakes, plow, water and feed the horses, it's only -20°F...but, but, but...that's your job! Ya, I know, but isn't it beautiful?"
  12. Tabs on the Weather...

    Not so fast, Bucko! I'm with John, that evens it up. I could care if I ever see another snowflake, but I do miss the cooler weather. It got down to a balmy 44° last night. If that keeps up I may have to unpack some long pants. By the way, thanks for the cooooool weather, Stick. I know it came at a price 50° in the "Springs" today? Awe, I'm sorry!
  13. Another birthday

    Many more, Tom
  14. VFW sends free dollar

    The March of Dimes does the same type of solicitation. They include a dime in the solicitations. This must work for them as they keep doing it. I can only assume, that, they get people to donate more than they send out during the overall campaign. However, a $1 bill seems a little extravagant!

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