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  1. No, John, your time is what is really appreciated. You have always been open, responsive and accommodating to all of us. I know that it has taken awhile for you to work all of this out. In the end, hopefully, the visual clarity problems experienced by Stick, Herb and I'm sure a few others have been addressed. I think that you have done a fantastic job of providing a great website with plenty of choices and options. The theme initiative is just one of many improvements that you have initiated, based on member feedback. I'm sure that there will be other tweaks and improvements to the theme(s), but for now everyone seems to be happy with what is there. If that isn't the case, then I hope that the members speak up so it can be fixed. Again, many thanks for being there for us.
  2. @John Morris Just an update. I have not had any problems with the custom theme the last couple of days. The slow refresh, lags, and non-responsiveness appears to have disappeared. Both themes appear to be responding equally well. The only issues I have found was, when I posted the thread on the Lion Miter Trimmer (using the Light/default theme) it would not allow me to edit the post. I end up with three photos at the bottom of the post that I could not delete. I could edit and delete them, but it would not let me (give me the option) to save the changes. So, essentially, the photos remained embedded.
  3. Spinning the Vinyl

    I still have my direct drive turntable. Most of my records are pristine. My method in the day was to copy them to cassette and when the tape went bad to redo another. So, most of the records never were played much. I started to digitize them to the computer, but the software was tedious and quirky, so I gave up. I'm sure that there are better conversion programs today. They now sell turntables with USB interfaces so you can plug them directly into a computer.The records will wait until I eventually unpack and set-up my audio system. The only thing that I will have to replace are the speakers. I sold my Cerwin-Vega D-9's when I moved to Florida. There are better, smaller ones now for home use. Nothing sounds better then the vinyl. I, agree, with you, John, much richer sound then the "electronic" media.
  4. DC wireless remote

    ...guess you should've keep the doughnut holes...
  5. Polling for the Themes

    I like either one. However, I do like to change things up occasionally just for a change of scenery.
  6. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    Nope, apparently they gave up the ghost a couple of decades ago.
  7. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    I gave up on Craig's list...you just never see them. I have come across them in my area, but as you observed they think they are gold bearing. They want as much for an original as they do for some of the modern ones. I can't attest to the quality or lack thereof for the newer ones, but people buy and use them and seem to be happy. I got lucky on this one. It didn't see much use and/or was well cared for. I suspect, that, the blades could do with a good sharpening. I'll have to play with it and see.
  8. John, I went to the light theme and posted a thread with heavy graphics. Not one issue. No lag in typing, scrolling, etc. The only issue that I encountered was that I could not edit the post. There are three "orphan"/duplicate photos at the end of the post and it would not let me delete them. I am now in the custom theme, as I type this, and I am not experiencing any of the issues that were present previously. I haven't attempted to toggle between the different forums/threads, so if the loading issues is still there I will get back to you.
  9. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    Well, some people can fall into a cesspool and come out smelling like a rose! A few days ago I acquired a Pootatuck brand Lion Miter Knife. The price was reasonable and the conditions was Very Good +. According to the seller, he found it in the back of a workbench cabinet belonging to a friends grandfather. The grandfather was a woodworker and has passed away almost 30 years ago. So, the trimmer has not seen the light of day for the past tree decades. Who knows how long before that since it was last used. Anyway, I thought that I would share some photos for your enjoyment: The original paint was, conservatively, at 85-90%. The bed and the right and left "wings", the channels, etc all had a little surface rust and staining. The first order of business was to completely disassemble the tool, cleaning the components as I went. Boeshield RUST FREE (Phosphoric Acid) was sprayed onto the tool one section at a time and gently scrubbed with brass brush and a maroon 3M Scotchbrite pad. The screw heads and threads, nuts, and machined bearing surfaces were appropriately cleaned and oiled as needed. Here is the first pass with the Rust Free on the bed. The intent is not to polish and make pretty. This tool has earned its patina and I didn't want to destroy it or the original paint if at all possible. There was no pitting anywhere. The bed and wings only had surface rust and staining. Once the Rust Free did its job, the components were cleaned again with Mineral Spirits and a maroon pad. The entire tools was then waxed and the applicable areas had light machine oil applied. The tools was reassembled and the needed adjustments were performed: The wings were trued up and the stops adjusted on both sides at the 90° and 45° marks. For those who don't know. The stops, which are spring loaded plungers are contained in a round plate. When the wing is where it should be, you butt the plunger up to the wing and lock it in place with the plate screw. This assures a locked in wing at the two primary angles. Here is the completed, cleaned-up and ready to use Lion Miter Trimmer. Fences at the 45° angle. The back side all cleaned up. You can even see a little debris in the channel from a quick test-out. Hope you guys enjoyed this. If you have any questions or I didn't cover something ask away.
  10. John, I'm using the custom theme...I'm seeing a real lag in everything...loading, typing, scrolling, etc. So, as of this post 9:56 am the problem is still prevalent.
  11. Just catching up with this thread...I thought it was just my computer...I'm seeing the same issues.
  12. Random orbit sander

    You're right, Allen. It all boils down to YOUR checklist. The ergonomics are important. If something doesn't fit your hand then... Once you find out what fits then the other criteria kicks in, no matter what the priority of your hierarchy list. Personally, for me it boiled down to the Bosch. It fit my hand like a glove compared to the Rigid, DeWalt, et. al. ROS's. Finally, the quality, CS, availability, etc., ticked off the checklist. I think, that, we all seem to forget everyone has their own needs, wants, and other criteria. What is good for one may not be good for someone else. Unless you are constantly using the tools on a daily basis the tools will probably last you for years. When it finally winds down, it may be a decade (or two or three) before it needs replaced. We all know that a lot can change in that time span. Nothing says, that, you can't have two or three of something. Sometimes you have to match the tools to the job/operations. Want more aggressive cutting action...Rigid(?)...less aggressive...maybe different one. I have around ten or so routers. Some do better then others at different operations. That is why I have that many. Trim, plunge, "D" handled, fixed base, high HP... No one brand, size, or price is a fit-all for everybody.
  13. Random orbit sander

    By the time it craps out and you get a status update I don't think it will matter.
  14. Missing "Status" Icon (RESOLVED)

    ...or...Subject Matter Expert... we seem to have one or two of those here. Seriously, I personally, don't miss the Avatar. it looks a lot cleaner and probably frees up some otherwise useful space.
  15. Oh, how I could tell you some stories... Don't show up for work, on-time, because they were tired and couldn't get out of bed. Couldn't be bothered with staff meetings because they had other "things to do", instead. "I don't work for you", ah, no, but YOUR boss does... On and on... No concept of saving money...everything was immediate gratification. No contributions to a 401k where the company LITERALLY match the first 7% of whatever percentage was contributed. Contribute 10% of your salary a year and they would match 70% of that amount. It was FREE money and they had no interest! I have a very impressive 6 figure fund of company match money sitting in my 401K. All because I gave up a little money up front.

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