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  1. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    News like those results is always great to hear.
  2. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    Fred, it looks like you have four power companies available in your area. A couple are Energy Star participants and offer some rebates. However, it was mostly for HVAC, and hot water. I didn't see anything about insulation, windows, or any other improvements. It doesn't mean that they don't offer them...give your provider a call and discuss it with them. At the very least, they may have some suggestions and/or recommended contractors to do the work.
  3. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    I had to use a power company pre-vetted and approved contractor for the insulation. They showed up, when scheduled, in the morning, and were cleaned up and gone within three hours. They even added a R-45 batt to the drop down stair. My conversation with the rep was interesting...he, said, my power company (Duke Energy) didn't fool around. He was held to high standards, and in return got jobs he didn't have to go hustle to get. It was a win/win situation for him for just being there on-time, when scheduled, and doing the job correctly.
  4. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    The baffles are around 3' long. Blowing in fiberglass to an R-42+ came up somewhere around 15-18" deep (give or take). My baffles were existing but the insulation didn't come anywhere near the top of them. There wasn't much of a cost difference between the cellulose and the fiberglass. The fiberglass packs (compresses) MUCH less than the cellulose. If you have to re-blow due to compression it just adds to the end cost. Cold in Florida is a joke...I haven't seen a decent "hard frost" for several years. So, -20°F just "ain't gonna happen" When I priced DYI vs. contractor installation it was less trouble to go contractor for the price difference... I would check with your local power company. Many offer incentives to upgrade. I have retroed single to double pane windows, the insulation, and just replaced the almost dead heat pump. It made a noticeable difference in the power bill and the credit from the power company was really a surprise. It doesn't hurt to check.
  5. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    I just had fiberglass blown in above the garage. After 35 years the original cellulose in the attic space had packed down to +/- 4". The local power company subsidizes improvements if you bring it up to a minimum standard. Using one of the power companies recommended contractors, the attic was brought up to R-42. While they were at it, I had them insulate above the garage (a normally uninsulated space), which, on the average, has lowered the heat load in the garage 10-15°. This makes a HUGE difference when you go from 95° to around 80°. As for the cost...it was only about $250 to add R-42+ to about 500 sq/ft. No matter what the payback period is, the reduction in heat inside of the garage was well worth it. We'll see how much warmer is stays this winter when it cools down.
  6. reproduction badges/tags

    Rut, roh..................
  7. Got the snot shocked outta me today

    I had a Georgia Tech Grad, with an EE degree working for me, and he couldn't even troubleshoot a simple circuit for me on an accident investigation. I had to take him by the hand and teach him simple electrical principles. I guess it's the same old story...what do you call the guy who graduated last in his class at medical school...DOCTOR!
  8. Fishing Fun

    No bucket...over the side...it attracts the bait fish... "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
  9. Fishing Fun

    I want a suite on the top deck. The view is gorgeous!
  10. I was really proud of this

    Oooopsy! "I was the best speller in my school...S-K-O-O-L
  11. Walnut stand for DeWalt 735 planer

    I think it was Herb (Dadio) that suggested just running a hose into a garbage can. No more overwhelming my little portable dust collector and saves the mess in the driveway. I AM NOT sorry that I listened to a couple of peoples suggestions and sprung for mine...
  12. reproduction badges/tags

    Aw, come on, Stick. That picture is seven years old. You don't have to pretend that you weren't late to the party today!
  13. Walnut stand for DeWalt 735 planer

    Nice solution for the space constraints. So, David, how you liking the new 735? That chip/dust blower is a surprise, isn't it?
  14. reproduction badges/tags

    @Stick486 Since you missed the doughnuts, here one that is fitting for you...
  15. reproduction badges/tags

    Well, excuuuuuse me!

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