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  1. I have often used a cold chisel and "sneak up" on flattening the two faces together...makes a sharp bend right where it starts to bend around the pin... I like the vise idea...much better control...
  2. ...gee...AT&T used to have a monopoly...and's just a matter of time... "If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by." (Sun Tzu)
  3. I agree with flat cutting...lots of charts and math available to quick-reference or compute. But I really like Lew's jig...
  4. Thank you, Kevin...great tip...especially for putting up trim that may get pickled or stained before installation.
  5. KK's seem to build new, crowded for a month, hear crickets then'd they last 80 years...!!!???
  6. Congratulations...
  7. I wonder what his last words were...
  8. ...and I thought I knew all the tricks...
  9. Clevis em all over the boat...DO NOT go to a marine supply...
  10. Freakin' Murphy Bay-shtid... Hang in there...not the toughest you've run into...
  11. WOW...that's a lot of dovetails...beautiful...
  12. David...outstanding run...and equally so the video. Your taking the time to document it is much appreciated...Equally appreciated was your explantion of the need for squared botfoms in the holes. Thanks for sharing...learned a lot in your techniques and use of jigs...
  13. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to create or buy a track for each of my saws...I have two 52 inch edge guides that can go together to make 104. Package they came in is only 1 1/2" deep, 4" wide... Using these I can use any circular saw, jig saw, router, etc...and yes, clamps are required...the clamps store in the same package... While I'm unloading the pickup the sheet goods get cut right off the back of the tailgate... I just wish they made the 4x8's so that you can actually get a 3ft piece and a 1ft piece...
  14. You have so much going on, when do you sleep...? Stay cool...drink plenty of liquid...oh, I see you're ice cubes, the bubbles in 'em will give you a headache tomorrow...DAMHIK...
  15. Great tip...thanks...

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