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  1. Help!! Facia Board Angles

    In my "Book of Things I'd Rather Not" these are up there with jack and hip rafters... Not the only things in the Book, but they're in there...
  2. Help!! Facia Board Angles

    Miter angle tables are handy for this stuff...but if anybody wants the math behind it see here... http://www.woodcentral.com/bparticles/miter_formula.shtml
  3. Wife Died

    Deepest condolences...prayers for you and your family for strength and courage. Deeply sorry for your loss.
  4. victory from the jaws of defeat

    Lew's word..."oscillating multitool", i believe...
  5. victory from the jaws of defeat

    Can't beat an OMT...Fein is head of the class... Used mine to cut molding and door stops to install hardwood flooring just recently... Used it also to take out individual pieces of flooring for replacement. I use the metal/wood blades just in case there's any critters hanging around... I don't mind saying it..."How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) ... don't leave home without it...
  6. Momentary synapse failure... I claim no resemblance to the person who stole my identity and posted such heresy...
  7. ...nope...not me...ur on ur own...
  8. Awesome Saw Blade

    ...dem dag burn eye-talians... ...they got this blade stuff down pretty pat... Good luck with it...
  9. Bandsaw

    I have the 10-325 Rikon, same specs, and it is a pleasure to use. I aligned it using Alex Snodgrass video on Youtube and It's right where it belongs every time I turn it on. With the right tension and blade resawing is excellent... Customer service and technical support is also very good... Heavy sucker...you will not be disappointed...
  10. WAKE UP!

    Aahhh...the good ole days...
  11. Some reward...

    Sorry to hear...now down to business... Let's take 'm out back...I'll hold 'im, you beat the cr@p out of him...then we'll switch...first one to knock him unconcious loses...
  12. Hexagon End Table

    SUUUUUPERB...outstanding attention to detail !
  13. weld tab nut

    Excellent choice...WOW...can a light fixture get any more massive...?

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