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  1. Transfer Switch

    My bad...interlock will prevent tying gen to street...thanks for "grounding" that error...
  2. Transfer Switch

    A manual transfer switch will always have the potential of backfeeding into the street. Any number of things can happen...street wires could be on the ground...melted together making a short, etc...or as has already been stated, frying one of the workers. This would happen if you inadvertently left the main breaker on. And then there's the issue of having the breaker on when power comes back (if you forgot to turn it off)...opposing out of phase AC is not aesthetically pleasing... A separate sub-panel, as has been mentioned, for those items you want backed up would be helpful as you could then turn off its breaker... (I've already done this part) Strict discipline will be required...and you can't always count on that in an emergency...especially if somebody else is doing it for you. I'm going through the same thinking and have decided I can't trust others...Murphy will dictate that I'll be somewhere else when the juice goes off... Having said that I haven't found the right automatic switch either although there are many out there and recommendations abound for which one to get. I have decided though to have a real electrician install it for me... I'm comfortable enough doing my own stuff usually but I stop when I can't bend the wires...
  3. Kitchen Project

    WOW...beautiful and great ideas (wall storage, half legs on island and everything)...I really like the doors design...may have to show it to my daughter (kitchen re-do). And nothing's classier than dovetails for the garbage bin...
  4. Enzo Mari - Meh

    "I can't describe it but I know it when I see it"
  5. My First Incra

    @Grandpadave52 Replace that knob with a cam locking lever and you'll like it a whole lot better...it'll speed up the operation...wear your seat belt though...
  6. Do you need a real man's toolbox?

    Now I'm feeling inadequate...would that be "tool" envy...?
  7. Nice Surprise in the mail today

    Nice going...congratulations...
  8. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    WOW...you were right...I am impressed... Good luck with it...
  9. Random orbit sander

    One of the magazines did a ROS test...wish I could find it again... It ranked 10 ROS's top to bottom...worth finding...good test and article... I've been using a couple of Dewalt 5" variable speed and a couple of Dewalt fixed speed before that...I find having to replace the brake disk frequently. Tried the Bosch 10 and 20 and loved the feel but it didn't "penetrate" much...seemed like it worked harder to make the same dust. I've since added the Ridgid 6", primarily for it's dust collection...heavy mama though...not a one-hander for sure...like one-handing a Mag77... but then again I need to use both hands anymore anyway...
  10. ...let's not forget "if it ain't broke, don't fix it till it is"...
  11. Nice...bout 4,200'ish sq ft...? Hope you get to move in quickly...best of luck
  12. Fred...have a "drywall party"...call a bunch of friends over, start the grill, you cook, they hang...have plenty of food and drinks available and sit back n get outta the way...set aside a corner of the yard for a "she-shed event"... I estimate a 3 pounds of food per sheet should do it...food after completion or they'll want to nap... Done in no time...spend the rest of the day watching the spackle dry...
  13. Non-hardening caulk?

    I'm a fan of 3M 5200 for holding fast and flex.,,use it on my boat. Depends on how much flex you have. 5200 bonds exceptionally well and a bear to remove. Be neat...
  14. Happy Birthday Schnewj!

    Happy Birthday...I found a picture of you...from your early school days...CUTE...
  15. Glue clamp question

    Glue stains look cool...very "woodshop'ish"...

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