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  1. My wife and I just returned from a 3 day, 2 night Rest & Relaxation excursion to Hannibal MO. I have been through that small town over 300 times and have only stopped to take in the historical views, stories and folklore 2 times. This week we stayed at a 158 yr. old Italianate Mansion Bed and Breakfast home called the Belvedere Inn owned by Pat and Bob Yapp. Bob is a renowned authoritarian about historical home preservation. He had a show on PBS, “About your home”, has written books, and now conducts classes. While sitting on his front porch and chewing the fat he notice that I had back issues of “WOOD” and “Woodsmith”. He told me that he has written articles and tool reviews for “WOOD” magazine. My wife and I had a great time. Danl
  2. Got up this AM, took a shower, retrieved the morning paper, pour a cup of coffee, sat on the patio, and enjoyed watching the dear and many birds. Danl pic is from last evening. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Images Uploaded Images
  3. Did you hear it! The shout of joy! Tomorrow is the 1st day of retirement (not officially because I will be on 3 weeks vacation, but I have no plans to go back into the office). YEA!
  4. Most appliance manufactures have their installations manuals on-line. The manual will give you an idea of what is needed. Danl
  5. Went into the office this AM and spent 2+ hrs sorting and pitching. I know this may sound stupid, but it is the way I am. Now, next week I will be asking myself, were did I put that paper or file? Danl
  6. Four more weeks and I am counting. Actually, it is only one more week of work and 3 weeks of vacation. I wish I started to clean out my desk a year ago. I did not realize I had so much stuff. It does not help that I am looking through all of it and reflecting back on the good and difficult times. Today, I was able to collect $3.23 from two different brief cases. Next week Friday all of you will probably hear a big scream of joy! Danl
  7. Smallpatch, Keep trudging forward and keep those pics coming. I have no doubt that it will look GREAT! Danl
  8. from my back yard. We saw both of them twice this week. NEAT! Danl
  9. The kitchen will be gutted, so no problem with working around the cabinets. The info on the internet from Armstrong is pretty much worthless. Electrician comes 7/17/17. I plan to start demolition on 7/10/17. Thanks everyone for the advise. Danl
  10. It is time to start planning to install a new kitchen floor. I will be removing the old ¾” ply underlayment and two layers of vinyl sheet flooring. I will still have the original ¾” ply subfloor which will not be removed. I believe I want to install a new ½” ply subfloor over the existing subfloor and a new ¼” lauan underlayment. The customer (my wife) has already purchased Armstrong Luxury Vinyl. Questions: What is needed to install the ½” ply subfloor to the existing subfloor? I know it is best to install it perpendicular to the existing subfloor. What is needed to install the ¼” lauan underlayment to the ½”subfloor? I assume I will install it perpendicular to the ½” subfloor? Danl
  11. Dave, your math is correct. Tomorrow is a holiday and starting June 17, I am on vacation for three weeks. All of this will take me to 07/07/17, self termination day, via retirement. I may have another business trip in there somewhere and I may have to come into the office a few times while I'm taking vacation. It is getting closer. Thanks for the count down. Danl
  12. I have a Weber Spirit (probably model #210) which is approx 8 yrs old. I does a great job. We probably use it 3 days a week, all yr. Danl
  13. Olbuck & Stick, Respectfully, I'm listening. Thanks Danl
  14. Thanks again for the kind replies. Perhaps some day I will no longer be a gopher and join the ranks of some of you. I'll keep you posted of the excitement. I received my pension packet on Thursday. Yes, I know it is a blessing to have a pension. I have 56 pages to read through and make the big decision. Danl
  15. Yes, I all ready have folks telling me what I can do or how I can help them. But, I'm retired! What will I do? Have my morning coffee on the front porch and at 4:00 pm get a cold one and move to the other side of the house. So much for big plans. Danl

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