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  1. New Kitchen Project...Maybe

    Mike, Did you or the daughter consider a cabinet pantry instead of having one built from dimensional lumber and sheet rock. I believe a cabinet pantry will hold more items and be more attractive. Danl
  2. sheet rocking tool

    A few years back, my family room had paneling. I removed the paneling and replaced it with 1/2" dry wall and used the dimpler. I was glad I removed the paneling and went with the 1/2" dry wall. I did have to trim out the doors ways and baseboards due to the thickness differences. Removing the paneling is very easy and I think working with 1/2" drywall would be easier than 1/4". I used 8', 10', and 12. The longer lengths help reduce the number of butt joints. Danl
  3. Gotta move this one to the wall

    Clock looks great! Did you recently get a new scroll saw? Danl
  4. Rockler has the Bessy K body Revo Jr's on sale this month. $179.99 for two each of the 18", 24", and 36" clamps. Are these clamps good clamps to purchase or are they to small and flexible? Is this a great price? Danl
  5. Kitchen Project

    Thanks everyone for looking and your kind words of encouragement. Danl
  6. I have a fire extinguisher which needs disposed. Will most local fire houses take them for disposal? Danl
  7. Electrical box extensions

    I'm no electrician but look at how the lights attach to the box. Are the supplied bolts long enough? If not, just purchase longer bolts. Danl
  8. Anybody got any thoughts

    Another home run by Jess! Looks great. Danl
  9. Kitchen Project

    My kitchen is now operational. 7 weeks. My wife and I did all of the work except for electrical routing/installation, flooring installation, and granite counter top installation. If you are an immigrant from the WOOD forum you know this kitchen project has had a few birthdays. Cabinet construction is cherry wood with birch pre-finished ply. 3/4" matl for the sides, top, and bottom. 1/2" matl for the backs. Finish schedule is one coat BLO, one coat garnet shellac 1-1/2 lb cut, and three coats Sherwin-Williams Sher-wood Kem Aqua clear finish medium rubbed. Full extension soft close drawer slides. Punch list: Complete base board installation Install crown molding Danl
  10. Need some advice

    Perhaps, some ideas. Built these steps for a carport slab. Danl
  11. Nice Surprise in the mail today

    Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading the next issue. Danl
  12. Hot water heater

    A friend of mine is planning to go to a warmer climate state for 6 weeks this coming winter. During that time, he plans to shut off the house supplied water at the shut-off valve. Should he also shut-off his hot water heater? Danl
  13. Garbage Disposal

    A new Insinkerator arrives on Wednesday. Thanks for the advice. Danl
  14. Garbage Disposal

    Thanks for all of the good advise. We are on a public system. Our disposal is not used much. The current one is a Kenmore 3/4 hp unit installed 20 yr ago, is working fine, but is very noisy. We are replacing the sink, so I though we might replace the disposal also. Thanks again. Danl
  15. Garbage Disposal

    I’m thinking of purchasing a new garbage disposal. Any suggestions of which one(s) I should consider? Danl

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