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  1. Three crosses trivet

    You have a GREAT trivet. I like it. Danl
  2. Christmas Shopping....Done

    Absolutely gorgeous! Great workmanship. Danl
  3. Finally broke down and ordered

    Sounds like your Christmas list has been made. Danl
  4. Finally broke down and ordered

    just add more water to the soup. Sorry to hear of all of your troubles. Danl
  5. Shadow Box Humidor

    Very nicely designed and fabricated. I enjoy seeing your woodworking. Danl
  6. Shop workbench for my son

    Smallpatch, tightening the nut took a little shade tree ingenuity. I could only turn the bolt, not the nut. I held the nut in a box end wrench with painter's tape. Then turned the bolt until the bolt fully engaged the nut. Then I had to pull the bolt so that I could remove the wrench from the hole. I then inserted a #4 flat blade screw driver into the hole and wedged it against the inner hole and one of the flats on the nut. This took a little time but was doable. A better approach would be to have drilled the counter bore hole a little deeper and then use a bolt which would be 1/2" shorter. This would of allowed me to use the box end wrench until the nut was tight and still remove it from the hole. Next summer drive your RV North and we can load one up to haul back South. This will give you a chance to get out of the heat. Danl
  7. Shop workbench for my son

    Thanks for all of the comments. Grandpadave52 – The bench currently does not have a finish. I thought I would wait and let my son see it and be a part of selecting the finish. I was thinking of applying a home-brew wipe-on of BLO/MS/Poly. My son may want to leave it raw. Gerald- thanks for the advice on using different materials for the slides. Danl
  8. I made this shop workbench for my oldest son. The structure is southern yellow pine (SYP) ripper from 2” x 8” dimensional lumber and is fabricated so that it can be disassembled. The horizontal members are attached to the side frames with 3/8” dia. bolts. The drawers sides are made from ½” birch plywood. The drawer bottoms are 1/8” hardboard. The right drawer is a double drawer. All three drawers have dovetails joints. The drawer slides are made from SYP. The bottom shelf is ½” birch plywood. The top is made from 2 pieces of ¾” MDF and 1 piece of 1/8” hardboard banded with ¾” pine. The Craftsman vise (made in USA) attachment will be such that it can be located on any corner of the top. The plans for the workbench is inspired from Shopsmith magazine issue 66, December 1989.
  9. I have the Ridgid. It has a soft case Only paid $32.00, including 3 new bits, at an auction. It does not have a fine depth adjust,but it is a good router. Danl
  10. Cherry Finish

    Skiler, I to used BLO, 1-1/2 # cut of garnet shellac, and 3 coats of varnish for my kitchen cabinetry. Danl
  11. Tithe Box and Shelf

    Very nice. I like the hand cut dove tail joinery. Danl
  12. New Kitchen Project...Maybe

    Mike, Did you or the daughter consider a cabinet pantry instead of having one built from dimensional lumber and sheet rock. I believe a cabinet pantry will hold more items and be more attractive. Danl
  13. sheet rocking tool

    A few years back, my family room had paneling. I removed the paneling and replaced it with 1/2" dry wall and used the dimpler. I was glad I removed the paneling and went with the 1/2" dry wall. I did have to trim out the doors ways and baseboards due to the thickness differences. Removing the paneling is very easy and I think working with 1/2" drywall would be easier than 1/4". I used 8', 10', and 12. The longer lengths help reduce the number of butt joints. Danl
  14. Gotta move this one to the wall

    Clock looks great! Did you recently get a new scroll saw? Danl

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