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  1. Those are some bold colors Patch, great looking project.
  2. After looking at some pictures of this I noticed that some have "Stanley" stamped on the back & some on the front. Mine is not stamped Stanley & my patent date is centered while others are stamped to the left side of the handle. I'm guessing it has something to do with the time of manufacturing.
  3. Well after some looking around I was able to track down the original tool patent at "Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents", link provided by MWTCA. Patent #344,937. The tool is a "Clapboard Marker" and was a Stanley tool works product. Mine has 3 screws holding the blade and the original has 2. Also the one I have has a newer patent date so more research is needed. US344937.pdf Update-This is a Stanley #88 Clapboard Marker.
  4. That was the same reason I had to save mine, but had no room for it. I remember the ones in school always had a piece of sand paper stapled to the leg for sharping the lead pencil.
  5. I think you have me going in the right direction. No manufactures name on it. Blade is cut too flat to be used for wood. The handle indicates a lighter touch.
  6. Wow, that's a lot of crashing down that mountain.
  7. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. I saved one from the dumpster a few years back, too big for the computer room. Repurposed the wood and now it fits in the foyer
  9. Great looking piece Patch.
  10. I was out hunting fleas this morning and came across this," how much", " $4.00 its a wheat thatcher". I don't have one and I know its not a wheat thatcher. Just from looking at the blade and its sharpness my guess is it is used for making flutes in wood. The tool has two holes that possibly has additional handles or attachments that don't appear to ever been used.. The tool measures 8 5/8" wide & 7" in between the tongs. The blade is 6 3/4" with the teeth measuring 1/4" long and 11/16" on center. The blade does adjust up & down as well as the frame it is attached to. Removed the blade and it is stamped New Britain Conn uSa, patent 3-7-15. No other markings found and the patina doesn't appear to be 2 years old. Time to research.
  11. I would have to say Dan has this one locked up.
  12. I have the same problem when working on ceiling fixtures. Last time I bought glasses they had BOGO so I had them made the second pair with the lenses cut with the bifocal on top. Solved the sore neck issue.
  13. The amazing part is at some time this man with his confidence & talent was looking at the painting and thought I can carve that.
  14. Very nice. Are the figures painted wood or plex?
  15. I'm thinking Herb already has this figured out & just needs to rewind his camera.

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