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  1. Birdhouse ornaments

    Great looking pieces.
  2. Cabinet Making!

    If they can build what appears to be a quality cabinet why can't they build some work tables and equipment stands & get up off the floor?
  3. A Buckeye Birthday Salute to...

    Thank you all very much. Sorry I haven't been around much. My 40th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Been working at the new gas fired electric plant in Lordstown. Six tens makes for a boring or non existent social life. Boy the season went right pass me this year with just 3 visits to the track. I use to do that in a week.
  4. Potholing!

    We have used a local company that does " hydro trenching" when installing underground pipes & some of the underground utilities are in question. They use high pressure water to cut the trench and vacuum the dirt from it. They bring back dirt that they have screened. We have crossed over some pipes that 811 failed to mark & went under them with no damage. Best part is a clean square ditch with no dirt piled up on the sides.
  5. Kitchen Project

    Beautiful job and well thought out. I also like the pantry, great idea.
  6. Electrical box extensions

    Fred, in the end if you still need spacers just wrap a piece of scrap wire around a small phillips screwdriver and form a spring. You can cut off a ring & save the washers.
  7. MWTCA August 2017 "What's It" Project

    Congrats Dan & welcome to the club.
  8. 31,419 days today

    Cheers, to the next 31k
  9. If we are voting, put me down for the tan. Good contrast for the small print.
  10. What's in your wallet, or apron, or bag?

    Started out using an apron w/ pockets in the shop, a sliver of wood found its way under my finger nail and that pretty much ended the apron. I do wear a nail apron at work for small screws & such. Don't wear a tool belt, too hard on the hips, I just carry the powerhouse five in my pockets. adjustable pliers linesman pliers flat & philips screwdriver 6' stick rule
  11. Wayne's What?!?

    Would it still be called "wainscoting" if it covers 2/3 of the wall? (random picture, not mine)
  12. Interesting Use of a Smart Phone

    If you can't fix it with a hammer its an electrical problem.
  13. Moaners, Groaners and other dribble... V.2

    Yep, the good old days. For me it looks like this now . #ThrowbackThursday
  14. Front details

    Great looking desk Steve, your a true hand craftsman.
  15. Well, that ain't good..

    Hope you feel better soon. A Murphy warning, every obstruction you pass you'll smack with your thumb.

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