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  1. Garage Doors

    I agree, we have highjacked the question. So: will prairie dog hide make a good door?
  2. Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    A commercial set-up would require XP motor, OTOH commercial wouldn't use a prop fan.
  3. What is it about April 20 and agenda? Isn't this green leaf day for kids under 60? Best not work with tools. Or drive. Or think
  4. Garage Doors

    YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING YOU WANT AT ALICE'S RESTAURANT. The rest is on the Internet. One item on the IOT: Ingredients 5 Fresh prairie dog (caught in the early spring) [So this is really timely Gene!!] Onions Pepper Salt Garlic Directions Clean and quarter prairie dog, pat dry add onions, pepper, salt and garlic as you would any other seasoning. Place on grill and cook slowly for about 1/2 hour. Be careful not to over cook. Note: If you like, you can add smoke chips to add that wonderful out door flavor
  5. Garage Doors

    If you are being paid good money to make the wooden doors, go for it. Stop reading. I just replaced my old wood gar door with a new sandwich style 2" (25 ga clads, foam insulation between). Weighs about 1/2 of the wood, and the wood had no insulation value. You can get factory doors in 2" width increments, and it is possible to further tailor them (according to my door guy) to narrower widths. Also, metal cladding takes much less maintenance, rides out weather conditions and sun light much better. Doesn't rot. Just sayin'.
  6. DAB, my fav' version is George Washington, who was a surveyor. Plus other things. A friend (see, it's always a friend!*) wanted him to survey a property. George worked for a couple hours, drove some stakes, set some pins, ran some string, gave the guy a bill for $100. "Friend" demanded an itemized invoice. George: "For stakes, pins, strings, $2. For knowing where to put them, $98". *and this was before Zuckerman. Whatever.
  7. John, particularly when I compare 3 years Army with 30 years in Scouting, I know which service meant more to my country, but you got the right of it on ceremony. The French had a saying that I re-purpose: Pour encourager les autres* (to encourage the others). When we consider the "long line" of those who serve, bringing more people to the point of that service continues the line. *The French, being French, screwed it up, using the saying in a terrible way. I like my use much better.
  8. Clausewitz claimed War is a continuation of politics by other means. I think that goes back to about 1820, but after all he was writing about history, so I suspect Ogg the caveman operated on the same principle. The problem is that with time we forget the horrors and true expense, and most especially if it's not us/ours that will do the fighting. The advocates for adventurism usually turn out to be too old to serve on the front line, never served, and their kids won't serve either. No skin in the game. It's a lot easier to send someone else's kid out to die, then shed fake tears, etc. Heinlein was right: only veterans should get to vote.
  9. If I Could Have Only Found More

    Fred thanks for opening this topic! I donate all the time to Goodwill (they are part of the charity network that includes Habitat, altho when we redid the interior of the house, we called out H4H direct), but had no idea there was such a thing as ReStore. Got one just a few miles from here. And thanks to the gang that maintains this site! Gems like this are terrific finds (the ideas, but also the Stuff!).
  10. Don't tell my wife. She wouldn't understand. I troll the images, looking for the cute models. I don't really consider this cheating. I'm just looking. Used my pneumo pinner (23 ga) the other day, and realized that it's really the only remaining pneu tool I still use. Went to a lot of time and trouble with that air compressor, hoses, regulators. [Yeah, the fun is in the doing] But the only thing I really use it for is the pinner. Once I found the 23 ga, I just never used the 18 ga. Ryobi came out with a battery stapler, so the pneu stapler is sidelined. And today I was looking for new models, and there she, er, it was: Ryobi 23 ga Airstrike, part of the 18v family. Drooling. Gotta wait a couple months for prices to stabilize. Discipline. Looking for the string to tuck the dollar bill under...oops, wrong track.
  11. Wood Stash

    He ain't confessin', he braggin'.
  12. Some Amazing Pieces

    I had an uncle who made replica Navy ships (WW2 era, roughly 24" long) out of toothpicks. Fascinating. Wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole as a hobby tho. Interesting what individuals do.
  13. Matag wringer washer

    We raised our kids with solar drying, on the line. UV here is intense, and sterilizes the diapers; no rashes. I still put stained napkins out on a line to bleach.
  14. Not Exactly Woodworking...

    Many CS Packs have TWO Derbys: one for the youth and the other for the adults. In the end, the ugliest Scout car seems to have about the same chance of "winning" as the sleekest adult creation. Of course, the point is to have the Scout feel the involvement. My favorite story of competition is one BP wrote: a Scout Troop competing in whatever, with a prize being a cabbage. (Translation: in rural England, a cabbage was worth a piece of used sandpaper) The merit is in doing one's best; the prize is incidental. In woodworking, we all know every flaw in every piece we do. The important thing is we cheerfully start the next project, trying to improve, not discouraged. Hence, I always respected the Cub Scout motto: Do Your Best. 64 years later, it still inspires me.
  15. Just got the Festool cat in the mail. Mymymymymy what a work of art! Seems a shame to toss it. But I did. Recycle barrel is right on the path from mailbox to house.

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