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  1. Being a day late is also part of the "thing"!
  2. LED Light Fixtures

    It's going to get better. Just read an article that what they thought were "flaws" in LED mfr turned out to add efficiency, so LED-II is in the labs. Amazing how quickly the lighting biz is changing. At the price of $15, conversion of existing gets very attractive. "Fixture of the month" conversion. But the price Lew found looks like a new low.
  3. Sliding Miter Saw Dust removal

    In practical, DIY, terms, I agree that 100% is not worth the doing. However, I have done 100%* systems, and if I could be paid now what I charged then, I'd be happy to help!!! *HIV lab for example, but also radiological and chemical. Lots of nasty things out there that make wood dust (and asbestos!!) look pretty benign.
  4. Sliding Miter Saw Dust removal

    Made a shroud. The scoop in the back of the tool platform is served by a 4" DC hose. MS is one of the most difficult dust capture challenges because of the particulate velocities, but this is about 85% effective. Works.
  5. Finish on frosted glass

    "contact paper": that was the name of the "shelf" liner. If you cut it carefully (and don't tug it out of normal shape), you won't see the edge against the frame unless you get really close. I was applying the frosting to an existing door, so I didn't want to pull out the individual glass pieces.
  6. Finish on frosted glass

    Poly will come off with the orange "citrus" stripper (water based) from Home Stores. I had a French door that was clear glass. Got frosted adhesive shelf liner, carefully cut to size, applied, glass looked frosted. Had another benefit: you couldn't break that glass because plastic coating held it like safety glass.
  7. Mystery Wood

    Sure looks like ponderosa pine, from the bark pattern. Other test/confirmation of ponderosa: get your nose right into the cracks in the bark, and you should smell vanilla; but I assume that's for fresh sections?
  8. DOH! Excel

    I use MS Excel a lot for drafting: sketching layouts, capturing pictures of projects, etc. It allows cropping of an imported picture, changing aspects, etc. I just figured out a trick with printing to a desired size. You use the Preview window, then use a partial sized screen. Have an 8/11 sheet of paper (or whatever printout size you'll use), and then grip/resize the image until it matches the 8/11 sheet. The image is now "real sized", and you just lay a ruler onto the screen to see the size it prints. You can either then change row/column sizes, or use the Preview settings for % print size, recheck dimensions, print when you got it right. Woulda saved me a lot of test prints if I'd realized it b-4.
  9. Patriot site slow down

    Here's something that might help: first, always install updates as soon as they're available. A lot of them are security related. Secondly, use the Task Manager to see what's up with the various programs running. Use Ctrl+Alt+Del (aka "CAD") to invoke the Task Manager, and then look to see what's running and how much it "eats". Yesterday, I found one program running in 10 separate entries, each using from 1 MB to 478 MB of memory. Slowed everything down until I stopped each one, then started one iteration of that software alone (it's an app that allows text msg from computer to phone). I don't understand about 85% of what Task Manager offers, but some things are obvious. I leave my computer on 24/7 so updates usually install when I'm sleeping, no problem.
  10. Patriot site slow down

    Kill Bill, part 3
  11. Patriot site slow down

    Kill Bill, part 3
  12. Patriot site slow down

    Windows just did a big update, which included some new functions on the screen*. Depending on other settings on your computer, this might give different delays on different sites. *some kind of people connection. I hate people. I hate connections. Turned them off. Both 'em.
  13. Bandsaw

    I've had a smaller Craftsman/Rikon for about 3 years, and I like it.
  14. Dyes: follow up

    I agree. Part of the reason may be that the stain (right) one has been in use continuously for 18 months, with a rather sloppy bar of facial soap/goop on it. Maybe the soap penetrated some depth? Or, it's maple and the tighter grain reduces penetration? The mk3 will be all maple with dye, and we'll see.

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