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  1. Spill in aisle 20

    Probably latex. Let it dry and just peel it off? This brings to mind something I didn't know before: Lowes offers 10% discount for vets. The military ones, not the doggie ones.
  2. Festool Recon / Refurb

    I may have gotten this link on TPW, but here it is again; has very interesting points about the werks inside:
  3. Oddball things at Home Depot

    I ordered something from HD. Once. It was painful to see it overnighted to West Phoenix (they allow you to see the journey), then sit in WPhx for 8 days before making it the 20 miles to "my" store. If I need to order, I try very hard to make it Amazon. Usually, they have better selection at lower cost, blindingly fast delivery. BUT NOT ALWAYS. There are predators on Amazon that charge multiples of other prices, looking for the unwary.
  4. Another hardware search

    also: search Amazon & others with "caster"; it gets close; google "cap socket", look at images. Sometimes looking at pictures will find it faster if a product has numerous names.
  5. DOH....

    Have you noticed how the Wood website is strangely formatted? No borders, text to the edge, strange pagination. I was just looking at another zine site...and they do the same. So I'm slow, but it finally occurred to me: they're formatting the sites for phone viewing. I would 'splain this insight to my kids, but they'd just roll their eyes as they whisper to each other "jeez, he just now gets it?!" Ah well.
  6. Before we get too paranoid, VA hospital problems aren't really "news" much anymore, or at least not on the national level. You may recall the VA Phoenix being the first domino on this story, but National outlets didn't pick it up until a week or so after local news (print and broadcast). The VA Manchester was reported in the Boston Globe, but national news directors (correctly, from my viewpoint!) didn't find it worthy of note. They all know we can't sustain outrage, so they just wait us out. I laugh (only on the inside!) when I see a "remember 9/11" sign. I'm old enough to remember Pearl Harbor (only 'cause dad chose not to be on the Arizona that day), but I bet a tiny portion of the population would remember that now. 9/11 will be the same. Biologically, we're not designed to think about (or learn from?) the past.
  7. New product

    It works out to about 10 psi.
  8. New product

    I note that there are several versions of this available, all with the same descriptions, dimensions, loads. Amazon sells one for $9 or two for $14. HD was about $14 for one; Lowes much higher. Couldn't resist. Help me help me hel...
  9. Not that hard, except for the "keep the shellac" part. There are now water-based odorless* strippers that will remove the finish, but not sure why it's important to keep the shellac when you can simply recoat after stripping. From your description, the overcoats were attempts to fix breaks in the old shellac? *So I hear. My smellum stopped working a couple years back, so the entire world is odorless.
  10. Enzo Mari - Meh

    As I recall Ponzi was Italian, too.
  11. Painting Rough Sawn Lumber (Rollers)

    Have you tried either a scrub brush or wire brush on the rough sawn? If you get splinters coming off, that means less splinters in the roller later. Stiff brush to abrade small fibers won't change appearance (still rough). Then soft brush to rid the debris. I imagine it's only a problem on the first coat?
  12. Mortising?

    What I tried, and what I like: --Loose tenon design: I like it. Simpler in planning piece lengths. Rounded-end tenon and mortise are structurally good. Tenon narrower than mortise also good structure strength. --Router: Problematic. Set up is a pain, and I never liked the occasional need to use router in the horizontal. Depth limited. --Drill press and DP mortiser: A pain. Could be that it was just the Delta design, but conversion took time, obviated the use of the DP, and was limited on the length of pieces that could be end-mortised. --Jessem mortis mill: what I have and really like. The bit is a milling edge (can cut sideways), and the jig sets up for lever-action movement side to side as you plunge in. Jessem at the time was $100.
  13. Slick but not icy!!

    Envy! When I was building my gazebo, I dug into timber frame construction (found a buncha books for free in google archives, dated in the 1800's), and was fascinated by the slick action, immediately wanted one. However, it turns out that 2-by and 4-by wood doesn't have the same properties as 12x24, and thus much of the steps and birdmouths, etc, weren't applicable. But I'd definitely buy a relic if ever one comes by. Nice restoration Mr. B!
  14. Cheerleaders not teachers

    Well Dan, since you insisted: the word is "critique", not "critic". I don't know wood from beans, but English is like a second language to me.
  15. Lumber Inventory

    I see a trash can in your future? I just went through that. My criteria: if it's been there 6 months (i'm slow), toss. Sometimes, 2 months. Of course, my source is Lowes/HD, so i'm not talking much investment.

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