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  1. How would you cut this arc?

    You can buy rod at 1.5" dia, then screw/glue it onto a 1/4" flat board, maybe 2" wide (maybe flat one side of the rod first, 1/2" wide flat). You end up with a sharper curve top (the sample looks maybe 2" diameter?), but it will expose the seam when the quilt is laid over it.
  2. Wiping on water based poly

    I do it all the time. It is pretty thin to start with, so actually a little thinner than ideal. Old cotton sock works great, and you learn to "dope" it just right to avoid drips. Works really well on vertical surfaces (eg, my front door, in place). In dry climate, and indoors, dries for recoat within an hour, so multiple light coats are convenient.
  3. A different whatzit

    Whew! Glad y'all cleared that up. I was afraid it was some new married guy ceremony thing.
  4. Perhaps this has been noted by others, but the brand "Greenworks" sure looks like they're made by Ryobi. It allows Lowes to sell them (10% off for vets)(but only if they served in military) in addition to the Kobalt line.
  5. What to do with sawdust

    Izzat a "circle of life" thing?!
  6. What to do with sawdust

    I've composted true "dust" (shavings like off a planer are harder to use since they don't digest as well) when I was using a shop vac for control. Now that I have a DC, the larger volume of material is harder to compost at a gulp. If I took a bit out at a time and mixed it in, it would work. If I had that kind of patience, .... I'd be somebody else.
  7. Okay, this was not an inspiration

    Anything that starts out "Dear Daddy...." is suspect. But we know this, and enjoy it anyway!
  8. Finally feel like woodworking

    The shots change from year to year. I've never had a reaction; wife has occasionally. We both got mild flu symptoms this year.
  9. Not a chain saw, but I'd almost married my Ryobi recip (battry) with a 12" arbor blade. King of the forest.
  10. I'm "DIY" fer shur. I have all the Ryobi yard tools, plus trim router, jigsaw, drills, circular. If I have a lot of repetitive steps (pocket holes) I'll use the corded drill, but for the rest the occasional short term use makes cordless much more convenient. I note that Festool now has a cord converter for their cordless. I'm sure others will follow. me want
  11. vise leather

    I'd be tempted to attach the smooth/finish side of the leather to the jaw; probably better adhesion. The "heavy duty" (carpet) double sided tape is pretty robust (it's the stuff with the fine-thread webbing). Tears wood fibers out.
  12. Chinese plywood - ugh

    You might check out Timber WW in Mesa. They appear to have some good stuff. Their BB is much better than ... others nearby. www.timberww.com/
  13. Cabinet Making!

    That's the part I focused on: 3 or 4 pins through the tenons. I betcha it holds as well as glue. I may have fallen in love again.
  14. Spill in aisle 20

    Probably latex. Let it dry and just peel it off? This brings to mind something I didn't know before: Lowes offers 10% discount for vets. The military ones, not the doggie ones.
  15. Festool Recon / Refurb

    I may have gotten this link on TPW, but here it is again; has very interesting points about the werks inside:

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