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  1. YEAH!!! who said the dog is better at fishing than I am and routinely out fishes me... well... TAKE IT BACK BUDDY... I mean like hours and hours and hours of trying and she so busted out... like as in ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP - NADA!!!
  2. Food/grub.eats/feed...

    Author: Sherron Watson Recipe Type: Dessert Serves: 10 (correction... one - once) Ingredients: 1 cube (stick, ½ cup) of butter, soft 1 cup (182 g) of chocolate chips 1 can (396g)(14 oz)of Sweetened Condensed Milk Instructions In a medium sauce pan on medium heat, melt the butter. Stir in the chocolate chips. (Amedei brand - 80% chocolate liquor min)... Add the Sweetened Condensed Milk. Stir well to combine. The butter will take a minute to incorporate into the sauce. It will be smooth and silky. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator. (like there will be any) after you had the Amedei, you'll never go near a big name brand again... this should get your day jump started.... Hot Fudge Sauce Ice Cream Recipes | Yummly
  3. Some individual cleaned out the V.1... shall we commence w/ another free for all open to all...
  4. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    not enough adjectives for your work....
  5. weekend project

    use playing jacks instead of painters triangles... they have ball ended points instead of sharp points...
  6. The Coffee Pot v2

    V.1 left us... or was run off...
  7. Tabs on the Weather...

    W/ all the different simultaneous weather systems in progress around the country.. I thought I'd try getting away w/ putting up a continuous running thread about what's going on around the country/continent weather wise... Here... High Mountains of central Colorado... a two front snow storm broke loose... (you should be here for a three front)... this isn't unusual and easy to deal w/... further out... add severe hail, T storms and high winds... out further, add severe rain and higher winds...... reaching into the low lands... all the above and tornado warnings... severe flash flood warnings are up for everybody... (severity just upgraded/extended through reverse 911)... now this could be worrisome... I'm 10,560'... I flood and a lot of you guys are gonna need the plans for arks... or... got boat???
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    dark and delightful..
  9. How to Start a Fight

    Invisible Fence.wmv
  10. For the Dog Lovers

  11. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    Yale 5 ton come along in case the bit or the doc gets stuck...
  12. he's going in for the rotor rooter treatment and is going to be off line a day or two.... amazing what he does entertainment..
  13. Food/grub.eats/feed...

  14. that is already an heirloom ... beautiful..
  15. Hacked

    but which one of the 28 differently tailored OS's is just right for you...
  16. Club demo

  17. Old Age

  18. Tabs on the Weather...

    storm still building..
  19. For the Dog Lovers

  20. How to Start a Fight

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