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  1. Tabs on the Weather...

    finally .. single digit temps and snow...
  2. Diamond plates

    I don't believe you said that... oh the shame...
  3. Diamond plates

    good range of grit... a 24~3000 grit is a good move too...
  4. Vagaries of age

    ain't being retired some great stuff...
  5. Tabs on the Weather...

    called Shrinks R Us for ya... mass hysteria broke out... they said they would call ya back...
  6. Non-Global Warming

    that short hop must have been an adrenaline rush...
  7. Vagaries of age

    or just do what ever...
  8. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    wired for 110 and running on 440 kinda funny???
  9. Non-Global Warming

    why was it so far off of the tarmac...
  10. Diamond plates

    I use DMT diamond... no complaints.. what coarseness are you considering..
  11. I hate Wal*mart

    and the quality/level of their CS and help makes you not want to bother w/ them...
  12. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    I know you meant barb wire... unless there's under tones... BTW... Bob Wire is the name of one of the dogs... he looks like a wad of old rusty barb wire when he curls up..
  13. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    that'd just enhance the disposition...
  14. Cleaning the Shop

    I can relate...

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