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  1. or ate it... any excuse to skip Mondays works for me...
  2. Fence chargers and coons...

    that's the idea...
  3. can't do Monday 'cause...
  4. Fishing Fun

  5. For the Donut Lovers

  6. How to Start a Fight

  7. The Coffee Pot

    took care of that itch the last few days...
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    Good stuff at the moment,,,
  9. Track Saw Options

    Bosch and Milwaukee CS's have very good DC attachments....
  10. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    yeah... that place...
  11. Fence chargers and coons...

    electric fences are rated by length... make two runs about 6'' apart.. three is better.. buss them together... add up the total length of wire and see how much of charger you need... double that figure... then rain or a small critter laying on the fence won't bother anything... the critters can sense the electric field and stay back... more grid = more field... more power will trim the weeds... dries them out... you can units that will cook the critter for you if you want... they come in hard wired and solar... http://www.zarebasystems.com/store/electric-fence-chargers
  12. Balcony and Shade Structure

    ahhhhh.. retirement practice... way to go John...
  13. Track Saw Options

    save a ton of money and go w/ your favorite CS, one piece wide body clamp on straight edge and guide plate for the saw/router... cheaper by hundreds and more versatile... gotta scroll down the page... https://www.ptreeusa.com/clamp_progrip.htm https://www.ptreeusa.com/clamp_progrip_accessory.htm
  14. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    I'm just my usual gruff give Ralph a bad time sort w/ him... there seems to be no GFs (plural) issues... some are new... some are old.. some are young... how about 39 cabinet deadline.. he broke the internet... and needing to be in Frisco by Friday... he did rant and rave about how good he feels... @John Morris, Ralph wants to hook w/ ya while he's there... look for a PM...

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