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  1. madonna and child

    CAn see heads only
  2. The idea of the M&T joint is that it is rigid and the glue then holds it in place . Driving it together could well lead t early failure by crushing the wood or splitting the mortise.
  3. Some interesting ideas. Seems I have seen the steady somewhere. I just do not like the idea of the steady and I guess you could say this method would not work on all bowls or turnings.
  4. First Christmas ornament this season

    I do not make a special effort to use the golden mean. Personally I think some people develop a eye for that effect and therefore do not need to measure. Sometime I hit it and sometime it is trash. Even then my personal thought is that balance and beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. I have made some things and posted to FB and some like it even tho my personal thought was that it was not that great.
  5. A little saying I read by I do not remember who " fit so that your hat will force it together" , that is a tap from your hat.
  6. Dap Rapid wood fuse

    Like Lew if I use glue block I like the paper joint. Then you would use a chisel in the joint and when forcing it apart the paper will split. This does leave a cleanup on the bottom. Method 2 is CA . The glue block should be slightly concave _( )_ . When you remove the turning a sharp rap on the joint will rupture the CA since it has no lateral strength. A very good video on this method by Lyle Jameson on You Tube. VIDEO A third method is to use hot melt glue. Use the sane prep method Lyle shows. An easy to remove is with a heat gun. Hope some of this helps. I rarely use a glue block since I prefer scroll chucks.
  7. Started the second phase of the reuse of church pews. Cut the back to rough shape and then pattern routed to shape from pattern.finished 20 of these Monday and began to fit sides. Went to the range this morning so relaxing a while before starting again
  8. Seems I always wind up off line or have a slant to the cut
  9. Have not tried it but have not been satisfied with using a blade. If you cut full depth you can then carve that and reinsert.
  10. I use Kaisan in my tool drawers and I saw this cutter on a overseas website.Electric Foam Cutter
  11. Nice case. What do you use to cut the foam? Been looking at some foam cutters on Banggod.com.
  12. Was CC Cleaner mentioned the other day

    I used to use CC Cleaner and several other utilities. When my hard drive died my IT guy said that most of those programs just cause more problems. He Recommended Super Anti Spyware and Malwarebytes. If you are running windows it can be set up to automatically clean and defrag so those programs are not needed. No Problems since except when I forget to runs those two programs and things slow down.
  13. What do you see?

    I see rocks with the front 3 in the second picture looking best. I do not care for the Xs on the bottom rings. Interesting concept.
  14. this is the joint on the top trim, which is the hardest one to get a fit on as the outward slope of the sides make trial and error the norm. Bottom trim is more of an easy fit because the angle is not compound. This jig makes the cross easy to place. Frame for 8 x 10 needs rabbit for photo. Will be attached with pin nails since it is going on a finished area. Then the glue up with plenty clamps. This is what they will look like with white acrylic in cross and some lacquer.
  15. The stuck drill bit hollow form

    Great job. Love the form.
  16. Little pine bowl

    Nice grain patterns. Pine is something I just will not turn again.
  17. New product

    I don't know if that speaks to the age of your truck or the gun in your boot.
  18. Lew I think they are called Magtight . They are made in plastic now. Bought a pair at a WW show in KC over 30 years ago. I love them. The guy who demoed them would have one on fence and one on the saw and in mid cut leave the saw running and walk around to the back and pull the piece thru the cut.
  19. @Ron Dudelston My FIL built something with that pivot for our second child, but he enlarged the plan and it was almost impossible to use. Finally my wife let me repurpose it and there are parts in several things in the house including the spindle sides are a dog fence. The pivot is fairly simple. It must be centered on each side for balance. He made ours with a dowel maybe 1.5 inch diameter which was placed in from the outside thru the upright and into a collar on the end of the crib.
  20. this is to cut the dado in armrests which were ripped. The sides have to be sanded in some areas to get a better glue joint. A full tight joint maynot be possible with this curve This is what the joint looks like. A dado is cut in what was the top rail on the pew to fit it onto the top and bottom of the plaque.
  21. Went to the range yesterday and my 10", 6" and 4" steel did not look like yours ,but we were shooting at 25 yards. Continuing to work on plaques. Now with the process down I may be able to get 2 or 3 fitted per day.
  22. Coffee grinder looks interesting but I do not drink and the wife is down to bout half cup a day
  23. New product

    I think Fire Dept uses these for rescue but I thought they would be expensive

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