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  1. Fantasy project

    This does not seem to be my week to get done with anything so here are some pics of the current pop . this is what it is supposed to be. I had figured on one large blade and my son says there are two soooo ok. this is the progress so far. The blades will be mounted at about a 30 degree angle to each other so added some heft for that. The wood is mahogany.
  2. Fantasy project

    Gene he is in his fortys and no he has asthma and I think is afraid something will set it off
  3. I don't think it is for metal spinning as those tools arte usually larger and at least one end will have a point. Maybe for copper crafting tho
  4. Rough turned

    Pretty nice rough turn. Like Lew it looks like maple from the blank pics. Don't have much of that around here, but I got some beech this week may be able to turn some tomorrow.
  5. Greetings :)

    Welcome to the crew. Always glad to have a fresh perspective come on
  6. Bora Circular Saw Guide

    You could do 2 saws with one jig by cutting one side for one and then other side for the second or one side saw and other side router (the more traditional method). As for the clamps they sip easily and you must be careful when using them to keep the contact positive.
  7. Came up as 149 plus 5 shipping > Where is the deal? Only 20 less than Lowes or 135 to 159 on ebay.
  8. PIP River Table

    Ok now you have built the river> When do you stock the fish? Most excellent job on that
  9. That was a short day in the shop

    Sorry to hear of the slip. I agree with others maybe have your MD take a look and check the shots as Dave said.
  10. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    Patch the batteries are not regular batteries. They look the same but are rechargeable. I have rebuild 2 battery packs and it is not that hard you just need the tabs or you can order a pack with all the tabs soldered on . Then there is a sensor which helps to keep the pack from overheating. I may be wrong but I think not that all Nicad and NiMH batteris are made of several 1.5 volt batteries.
  11. I hate to post from phone so posted pics and back here to type. Finally got the shop partly straightened out after installing the shelf unit in wife's closet. I reground a used Henry Taylor scraper to a neg rake and tried it out on this B Pear Beads of Courage bowl. Worked well on the bottom half but not as well on the top half but was easily sanded. Sanded this to 4K with abralon and thus the shine. This stuff is great . Then I made drawer space for Hunter and Thompson tools I bought this weekend also. Got a 3/8 blank from Thompson and made a Batty Style Vortex tool of it., can't wait to try it.
  12. Shellac Flakes old?

    update : still waiting but I did strain off what shellac had dissolved, then placed the flakes left in fresh alcohol and today looks like doing better. Also started some blonde shellac on Saturday and doing very well. Conclusion must have been the alcohol.
  13. I like to do shellac from flakes and have a couple bags (blonde and garnet) since 2014 or thereabout. Needed some garnet so set to make a 3# cut for about 3 oz. After 1 day the mix instead of having a clot of shellac in the bottom was like a suspension , not foamy but looking like that. The alcohol was from an old can or bottom of old can. Had this happen once before with the blonde but the next time it worked fine. Anyone know what is going on?
  14. Bowl blanks

    Cutting the pith out is a standard for blank (or log) prep and there is a good possibility as Doug said that it will still crack if left for a year. Also if you continue to prep the blank by cutting it round (ready to mount) and then sealing ,might reduce the chance for cracks
  15. Plastic Threads for Box Lids

    Dan You just da man. That is a great idea and I had been thinking of getting some threading tools after seeing Mike Mahoney at TAW. This may save me lots. I like the peanut jar box and the bank is neat also.
  16. I missed your question. The stain (dye) on these pieces is Chestnut Stains: yellow, royal blue, red. I got some Chromacraft dyes branded Nick Agar at TAW last month in Magenta, Teal and Violet so I would not have to mix colors to get something else. Thde Chestnut stains colors cover the basic colors so I can mix for most colors. Have been using a color wheel I printed of he internet but just ordered one on Amazon and it is pretty cool. All of these are alcohol base as it is easier to use and only causes a problem if finish is shellac. Oh by the way the Chestnut stains actually have shellac in them.
  17. Charity Dog banks

    Nice work and I am thinking 45
  18. ask HLM gone?

    Just goes to show if it is something of value: print it or copy and paste into wordprocessor program. I have seen several of my book marks disappear lately or least when I checked a few days ago.
  19. Well it does depend on the size of the bowl . But yes most of my bowls I would price from 35 to 65 with hollow forms even higher or bowls over 9 inch higher. And if I add embellishment well the sky is the limit.
  20. The hardest wood in North America

    I would go with Stick Lignum Vitae. It is actually used as bearings on ship props or should I say used to be , not sure of now.
  21. Getting ready for Magnolia Woodturners meeting tomorrow. In last finish phase on 4 BOC bowls. Ain't life fun ? finish one project and start another and then spring gets in the way with all that growing stuff.
  22. New Member here Saying Hello

    Welcome to both of you. I am guessing that Scotty is talking about bed length of 36 inch. We usually think of lathes first by swing or the max size (diameter) of a blank.
  23. slate sharpening/polishing stones, any Good?

    You can use the flat granite to mount sandpaper for "scary sharp" and then avoid all those problems of flatening and oiling stone.Just one of many videos on the subject.
  24. Sign by roadside

    My wife saw this on FB: Say what you want about the South, but you won"t see anyone retiring and heading up North.

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