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  1. Oldest son due in this evening so today is last shop day till Saturday. Hope to sight in new scope tomorrow.
  2. Christmas Presents

    What ? No clamps!!!
  3. Cube within a cube and maple score.

    Guess we are all going to have to visit you. I tried the cube once and it is still in the shop
  4. What i have been up to.

    Glad you are healing properly
  5. How would you cut this arc?

    Bandsaw is the alternative
  6. Have a woodturners meeting tomorrow.Working on Christmas and throw in a top every now and then. Grandpadave you got to get a heater . You may have sawdust withdrawal thru the winter. Ron my 70 hits next month and I feel more like it every day that passes.
  7. Interesting. I do not think I would like the rest for the same reason he gave I start handle down on the flattening.
  8. Hey John buck up , better times around the corner. Ron sound like that was a bang up sale. I sold 40 spin tops in 3 days plus a few other items and the club got 7 new contacts. We had a great weekend making contacts and making kids happy. But the room we were in had poor ventilation so lots of dust (from sanding on lathe) and Saturday evening I was coughing . Better now but in the future will take the dust mask.
  9. Shop workbench for my son

    Great job . Really like the half drawer like Dan said. One suggestion when you do your own drawer slides they should be made of 2 different woods as this reduces the wear cause by use.
  10. Pen and Pencils Sets Complete

    Great job. Thinking how repetitive that would be.
  11. Crotch finish

    Thanks for the comments . Been so busy with the 3 days of demo Just have not had a chance to comment
  12. A couple more boxes

    Great job on the boxes. I do not do many boxes but I do love them.
  13. JOHN looks the work begins now leveling that monster
  14. Worked the second day of Harvest Fest at the Ms Ag museum today and for me 2 good days in a row as I do not usually sell my work. I think I sold about 15 tops yesterday along with 2 flowers and maybe the same today with some other stuff . So I turned tops all day (9-2) to replenish sales. This is a new experience for me totally. This was done thru our club, Magnolia Woodturners. We also promote the club and get contact info to add to the email list.
  15. Gene Sears did sell homes. They came as a kit I think and there are still some in use today.

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