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  1. Hey that is one heck of a way to get a rest. Hope the healing goes well
  2. Found the "what is it" to be very interesting.
  3. When did you get "free time " and where did you order it from?
  4. I am in Asheville , NC and my son wants shelves to match what looks like tigerwood. We know it is stained . Looking at maybe alder or red oak. I am familiar with oak but how dark of a stain will alder take (this looks like mahogany, maybe little lighter). And how easy will it be to get that dark color on it. Have not worked with alder before. Or is it better to just use the oak?
  5. As an additional info bit to the already great info. When buffing lacquer it will burn thru easily and I have discovered that a compound and polish like Maguires will work very well as a substitute to mechanical buffing.
  6. Great post. I like the colored inserts to designate salt & pepper. I showed the bowl gouge video at the turning club Saturday and I think everyone enjoyed.
  7. That is a brilliant idea. Will positively have to make one.
  8. You could put leveling legs or all thread on one side to adjust to flat and level. Using all thread , drill hole in 2x2 and put tee nut in hole to allow adjustment.
  9. Looks good . I do not remember what size your boring bar is but do recall being larger than my 3/4 which will only go about 12-13. My biggesdt thing with deep hollowing is taking top large of a bite and getting in trouble with that. Then there is that shelf as you hollow I tend to get too deep on side cuts before getting center of shelf out.
  10. And don't forget 5 new (old) planes.
  11. I think Gene has hit on the difference. Not sure if either has a patient on them but have never looked that close. Sometime the difference in a good brand and a mediocre is the quality or type materiel used to manufacture it, such as a proprietary steel no one else has. As far as the quality of the Carter product that remains to be seen.
  12. Looks like you need a couple extra sump pumps.
  13. Might want to use shellac on inside to seal and then no smell. Looking better every day
  14. Ok now I gotta try. But this is why I wear an apron in the shop.......messed up too many pair jeans.
  15. Great looking grain. You will now have to get more of this when Mom sees it. Who will use this project?

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