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  1. Experimenting With Epoxy

    A little gold guilt or acrylic to paint horizontal lines would be nice.Just keep adding I want to see where this goes.
  2. Give me a W!

    Would never have guessed box. Looks like a solid piece of wood. Great Idea for a gift.
  3. Good save on the piece, wonder if you maybe should get into stabilizing wood . Might be easier than blank repair and yes I have done my share of blank repair. Where did you get the idea to use modeling clay? That one alone is the tip of the week
  4. Dye over lacquer

    Thanks . Had no idea it would burn into the existing. No Curling so I guess I am ok.
  5. Drawer Cabinet Under Sander

    Herb that is one nice bit of work. Now since the stand sides are sloped , how did you slope the drawer fronts?
  6. I had an ornament with a plain look and decided to try dye. The piece had been finished with lacquer . I applied Chestnut stains dye over the lacquer. This dye has shellac about 5% in it. After the dye was dried with heat gun I applied lacquer. Now for the question will this treatment lead to finish failure?
  7. vacuum sysstem in up and running

    Dryer is not usually used on a vaccum setup for lathe because the air is exhausted and not used to spray anything
  8. Tübatulabal Cooking Basket

    That is a great one Bill. Love the way you do the bottom. Are you back to turning yet?
  9. Had a woodturners meeting Saturday and was just worn out when I got home. We use cameras and project on screen and I am the AV guy. Had some problems which I hope I fixed when I got home with some updates and cleanup on the laptop. Wife has been wanting "us" to clean the garage and then she comes up with the idea for spices i a drawer. So I do both today. Still had time to add dye to a ornament and do the second turn on a bowl. Pics on the ornament later.
  10. Might want to look at the Firefox series of books . Coopering is in one and you can get most of the books for 5 to 10 each at used online bookstores like Thrift books.
  11. Drilling it Down Part Deux

    WE did not have a color TV till I got out of college. For a wedding gift my dad gave us a b&w tv.
  12. The second cryptex

    Steve you continue to amaze. I was thinking like Artie but if you cannot remove rings must be mote point.
  13. Unbelievable

    I think it is an animation but still a lot of work to get digital production that far.
  14. Thinking of you on the MS. My mother had it . Was diagnosed when I was 5. She died at 54. You probably know this but the doctor said there could be a room full of patients with MS and all would have different symptoms. As a Pharmacist I can tell you that treatment is light years ahead of what it was then , even in the last 20 years many advances made in all the disease you mention.
  15. Drilling it Down

    Yep it was the pistol grip. I remember there was a lever in the back centered and when you pull it back it locked the shaft. Think I got rid of it because I got a little shock.

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