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  1. When I see this kind of stuff I think junk. I just do not have the eye for that. A plane I can figure the cost vs value and work it out.
  2. The heck with how it is done. How do you put it together? Everything is angled and back is wider than the front.
  3. Wife would not take kindly to extra trip. Wish I could
  4. Will be in Gadsden tomorrow night
  5. I have used a couple brands of epoxy. Right now it is RC Model epoxy and I have colored it with no problem . Have used liquid shoe polish and some transtint colors. Will have to try the Chestnut stains I use now for that.
  6. Welcome to the crew. You will fit right in from what I saw on your pics. Just ignore the donut guys , before that it was sticky buns. Hey I never got my share of those either.
  7. Watch Mary May on the Woodwrights shop at about 10:00 . There is also another video of her doing this on a flat.
  8. No woodworking as I am in NC. Yesterday my son and I were shopping for wood . Went by Ginnett in Asheville and saw some great pieces but he was looking for mahogany and me curly maple. Went to Bee Tree Hardwoods in Swananoa and boy was I in heaven. Found the mahogany 14 foot x 18 inches x 6/4 and sine he has no tools guess who gets to take it home to make shelves, For me curly maple 13.5 inches x 8 feet x 8/4 and yes there will be more platters. So when we get home along with the boxes from church pews , drawers for kitchen island , shelves , and the other little projects started in the shop will have plenty to do.
  9. Great idea
  10. Look at some of the longboats or ancient Greek war boats. Gonna have to try a paddle as my grandson is getting into water stuff now
  11. Bet removing those "wines" was really difficult. Love the key box.When you began I thought it was going to be a lockbox for outside. Maybe you could do that with a combo lock.
  12. Why do I want to measure what I cannot see?
  13. Look at the advantages you do not have to turn the saw back on when finished with the planing. My DIL has some chairs that look like that guy made them.
  14. Well there is a right and a wrong
  15. Hey that is one heck of a way to get a rest. Hope the healing goes well

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