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  1. More ornaments

    Here are two videos ,one by Steve and one by Carl.
  2. Back to working on lathe stuff. getting ready for a show in November and thinking of Christmas.
  3. Dove Tailing

    I learned hand cut dovetails about 16 years ago from a old magazine called Woodcuts by the owner of Lee Valley. Ok so then I could say I had done it. Well a few years ago I bought a Omnijig from a widow. Well i found a Youtube for it and wrote on the jig the instructions which were not in the book. Now is not too hard to setup. That jig is built like a tank.
  4. Club demo

    Yes that is all mine. I just brought the stuff we did not want to keep.Except for the flowers I did not build inventory for this event. We will be back there Nov 7-11 and that is a better selling time. I may build inventory for that.
  5. Great job on that. I guess you rubbed it out? That will be quite a heirloom .
  6. Club demo

    Have been turning at the MS Agriculture Museum with club members for two days and one more left. Hey I think I made 1970 min wage 2.33 /hr for three hr today. But it has been fun.
  7. More ornaments

    Steve what price are you getting in your area?
  8. The cutting room floor, raw, uncut behind the scenes.......

    Usually I blow it out when I push too hard. Not enough patience I guess. Blew one out yesterday and one today.
  9. Gene that is the way all tree farms work. They cull and allow to grow to pulp wood and cull again , then allow to grow to logging size for the last cut. Outside tree farms they use selective cut so it is no longer clear cut. This allows repeated harvests every 10-15 years and continued income.
  10. Carbide turning tools

    I have 3 Hunter tools and love them. Mostly I use my gouges, can't beat Thompson tools. I tried a EWT detail tool at a friends shop. Pretty neat piece for beading just not as smooth as I like.
  11. More ornaments

    Some great work
  12. Tithe Box and Shelf

    Great job Lew. That is some nice figure in the walnut.
  13. They cut off the good part and leave the center for landscape. Been tree farms all round my home since I was in elementary ,and that was a loong time ago
  14. Good post and great work on the burl. I actually have turned a yarn bowl. Had a friend ask me to do one so I turned 2 and one went to my sister. The hard part is not only the design of the slot but cutting it. On the first I carved it . On the second I use a Rotozip bit.
  15. My latest project

    Must have been 3 84 hour days.

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