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  1. DC wireless remote

    I have the same one maybe 15 years. I did have a problem with the remote and they replaced it. Good product.
  2. Gerald

  3. miter saw dust collection design

    Yes. Here is pic no where as nice As his
  4. miter saw dust collection design

    I modeled mine after a guy on Wood Saws nDust. Connect DC from below saw with a hollow box collector. Made a hood above the saw which I have enlarged twice. The new configuration gets about 85% of what comes off the saw. Will try to remember to make a pic this afternoon
  5. Still working on church pew boxes and started getting materials ready to do plaques. Had hoped to go to the range this week but just got a email that they have started on reworking 3 of the ranges so not sure If I will make it there. Got to go to the dentist for checkup this morning.
  6. I like the background choices. Colors look good . I notice that the balloon to the front of each topic in topic listing is confusing. Before there was a dark dot for unread posts and now a balloon which may or may not be dark for unread. Please clarify or simplify. By the way I like the top or bottom arrow in the right lower corner, may have already been there just noticed it. @John Morris Also just notice in the new trial the topic that was once listed at the bottom is no longer there.
  7. Today's tool buy

    You have done some things with this I would have thought impossible. Great job and thanks for the pics.
  8. Some Days You Should Just Stay In Bed

    Mine usually blow up when it gets that bad. I was really liking the shape you had going to. At least part of it will be salvagable.
  9. Be frugal, not cheap

    The doors look pickled or is that a strip still in progress.
  10. @John Morris Still experiencing when go to next unread topic which is several pages long , the screen stops several posts above the unread content. Usually if this happens it will happen again on the same topic. This is one topic that did it: This is another:
  11. Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pens

    Great job on the pens . Must have kept you busy for a day or two.
  12. Isn't there some kind of extension on the 17 year patents now? I checked and a patent after June 8,1995 filling is for 20 years.
  13. The de-bending or de-bowing project

    Love that secret solution. Will be interesting to follow
  14. Usually spend most of my time turning and for that use a smock with nothing in the pockets except chips. Now for flatwork I have a LV apron my DIL gave me and it has: 4 inch Starret square pencil sharpie 6 inch rule 25 foot tape 6 inch Starret combo Buck knife DC remote
  15. Top 10 Unavoidable Truths of Woodworking

    Plans are made to be changed. After plans are only and idea and sometime we see the light (opps) and there is a better way to get there. One more rule #13 if it don't feel right stop and look it may be wrong

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