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  1. New guy

    Welcome to the crew. Thanks for your service. You ask the questions and if we do not know the answer we will point you in the right direction.
  2. vintage tools!

    An d you will need a good plough plane such as a Stanley #45. Good start
  3. Dust collection issues

    DC cannot grab because small parts are between centers or in chuck. However cut the DC off when parting off and don't ask me how I know that.
  4. Spin Top with Launcher

    Dan you da man. Next time on the tops try very slow (under 60) and do a pull of the marker from center to to top outside. It makes a nice swirl pattern. Love what you do with metal pieces
  5. Hexagon End Table

    That is a very nice piece of work and sounds like was a lot of labor too.
  6. yarn bowl

    I have a Burnmaster Hawk. I have used it for some embellishment on turnings and for signing my work.
  7. Cabot Australian Timber Oil

    Thanks for the info despite all the chemistry I took just not too good with the SDS . I did some more research and apparently they have changed the formula to a water base. Based on users recommendations I ordered the old formula. Noticed the label says outdoor use only, kind of curious. As if they did that as a CYOA so no tests needed. Will update when I get it in and try it.
  8. Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Nice bowl. Maybe I will finish those 2 walnut bowls that have been on my shelf for several years.
  9. Cabot Australian Timber Oil

    Thanks just not familiar with this product
  10. Cabot Australian Timber Oil

    Oh I left out that I am making shelves to match for either side of the fireplace and will have wooden shelf brackets I will make.
  11. Chisel?

    I was thing it may be a prying tool or a seperator for springs.
  12. Collectable users

    That brace looks like it could be over 200 years old. Love the case for the saw. Did you make the case or is it original?
  13. Dust collection issues

    I do not turn plastics but have heard it is best to just clean up after turning. My dc gets some chips but most go on the floor for a sweep after the day ends and floor gets vacumed once a week. You might want to look at Reed Grays Youtube on DC (aka Robo Hippy) . He used a barrel cut in half but if I remember right only for sanding.
  14. Planes...just,....planes

    Don't need a bigger shop just send a few over to me i still have some room available.
  15. yarn bowl

    That is one fantastic burn. Wish I could do half that good

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