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  1. The Coffee Pot

    Nice haul.
  2. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Like I told my sister-in-law at lunch today, you can look at it like you may look at the sun everyday. Their precautions are for someone watching it in its entirety. If you can weld a complete stick with a #10 lens surely you can take a look at the eclipse for a bit. Sorry, I didn't mean to call you surely.
  3. Word of the Week

    Aren't we supposed to use the new word in a sentence so we remember it better? He was so old his face had a Sastrugi look to it.
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    Mid 70s today. Should get some rain this morning and clear out this afternoon.
  5. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    A well built machine. Thanks for sharing the restore.
  6. Thought Provoking

    Free Shipping?
  7. Fishing Fun

    Never had a mishap but dad wasn't the best to be in a 14 foot aluminum boat with. What I wouldn't give for one more fishing day with him.
  8. Polling for the Themes

  9. Polling for the Themes

    I'm doing the light theme. The custom is just as good but I don't like the green color.
  10. DC wireless remote

    You can buy just the remote. At Pennstate Ind or(see below) https://www.amazon.com/PSI-Woodworking-Long-Ranger-Remote/dp/B00004S9AL/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503075904&sr=8-2&keywords=long+ranger+dust+collector+switch
  11. Tabs on the Weather...

    Yesterday evening there was a tornado warning to the north and severe thunder storms to the south. There was a small clear spot in between which passed over us. Got a small amount of rain. Mid 80s today with high humidity.
  12. How to Start a Fight

  13. We All Use Math;

  14. Old Age

    Did I hear you say ENCORE?
  15. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    I'm going to get the old welding helmet out. Who knows whether he is watching the eclipse or sleeping?
  16. Old Age

    Get back JO-Jo
  17. I enjoyed Ernie's video on turning pens. I drill on the lathe as he does since I believe accuracy is enhanced that way. For the stick pens I make I start the hole for the ink tube and finish it on the lathe but hold the drill chuck and run the bit in and out. Makes it quicker and easier to clear the flutes. When the flutes are clogged and the bit is forced the bit will usually drift off center.
  18. Tabs on the Weather...

    Supposed to have 100% chance of rain today with a upper 70s high. Radar shows rain could be hit or miss.
  19. Thanks for the nod on my pen project. I'm glad to see you were able to salvage that nice looking bowl from your conundrum. Can't wait to find some time to view all the videos you posted for us. Thank you for your time.
  20. Why they call it a learning curve

    Nice piece of wood and a nice shape coming together. Man! I have tears in my eyes. Every once in a while it would be nice if we got a do over from right before things went south. All we get is a do over from the beginning.
  21. DC wireless remote

    it has always been said that the Long Ranger is the best. I have one that I got in an auction and use it on the vacuum. I had the cheaper box store type for a long time and only ever lost one and that was to lightening.
  22. Old Age

    How about that? He found his way back here.

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