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  1. I'm thinking the subject pictured didn't hold up well and that's why we can't find much on it. The ones @Dadio showed are a better design.
  2. Some insane level of precision

    And they say woodworkers are picky.
  3. Found another picture of a similar rubber mallet at a flooring site. Fourth from the left. https://www.woodfloorbusiness.com/installation/are-mallets-ok-for-engineered-wood-flooring.html Here's a similar scenario for mounting a soft face in a hammer.
  4. New guy

    Thank you for your service. Glad you decided to join us. Look forward to your participation.
  5. How to Start a Fight

  6. Food/grub.eats/feed...

  7. Old Age

  8. Dust collection issues

    I seem to loose a lot of sand paper to mine.
  9. Spin Top with Launcher

    Yep. Great choice of colors out there too.
  10. Spin Top with Launcher

    Slowed the lathe down and and touched colored markers to them while they were spinning.
  11. Spin Top with Launcher

    No I didn't. I flattened one end and then just registered the flat end on the fence and that worked surprisingly well. I did use push sticks.
  12. Spin Top with Launcher

    Family Christmas Dinner is coming up soon. Every year I like to make a handmade toy for everyone to amuse themselves with. This year it is string top with launchers. Should be about 40 of them there. Used some spindles from a crib I picked up at the curb on a trash day. Ran three sides through the jointer for a flat to register on for drilling the holes. Got four launchers from each spindle. Had a bunch of 3/8 X 4 inch metal shafts and was able to turn them to a point on each end and cut them in half for the spindles. I cut the shafts to .260 inches 5/8" down on the point ends which made a press fit into the hard maple blanks that I drilled .250 inch holes into. Tight enough fit that I didn't have to glue them. Mounted them in a collet chuck and turned them to shape.
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    39° and the snow is melting. Suppose to rain later in the day which should melt most if not all of it.

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