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  1. Seasons Greetings or not

    I'm sticking with..............
  2. Harder then you think QUIZ for "older" folks

    I got them all but had seen this recently somewhere.
  3. Never saw anything like the earrings like shown by David Reed Smith. Quite interesting.
  4. Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Beautiful Steve, the shape is very nice. Is the finish brushed or sprayed? It is quite smooth and glossy.
  5. Old Age

    choose files... Click to choose files
  6. How to Start a Fight

  7. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    We have DQ Braziers with dining areas that serve burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc that stay open all year. The others close.
  8. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    I used to get enchiritos from Taco Bell years ago and then the did away with them. I didn't eat there for a long time until I found out the had smothered burritos which was similar just bigger. Went for one tonight since the subject was brought up and I hadn't had one in a few weeks. Well they did away with the smothered buritos but would I like and enchirito? Really?
  9. Chisel?

    Is the handle missing or was it used in some kind of hammer drill.
  10. Collectable users

    I think that is the oldest brace I have laid eyes on. Nice.
  11. Dust collection issues

    I feel the same as @Steve Krumanaker. I have turned PVC and other plastics. The ribbons cause dust collection problems but are a problem in general also. What a mess they make.

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