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  1. Wood Bargains?

    Try Woodpeckers and or Peachtree-----many opportunities at those sites---works for me.
  2. I have been working in this arena for 60 years plus. Always as woodshoper, DIYer, wood and metal fabricater. In my opinion,cautiously offered, the current battery powered tools are the greatest advance to occur in all those years. With the advent of lithium batteries any of the disadvantages of said tools have all but evaporated. It is just a lot of fun working with them and not being tied to a cord. With me one of the great satisfactions of this avocation is working with a fine performing tools. Works for me.
  3. To Handy Dan---re CA----I keep mine in a small refrigerator ----some has stayed good for 5 years plus---also use aerosol accelerator ---works for me.
  4. Cradle Progress Report

    Ron-----Use Zinsser sealcoat prior to finishing with waterbased finish. Very to no touch sanding required. The best kept finishing secret that I know of is that that sealcoat will seal over any previous material and any finish can be applied over it . Also I find that sealcoat will pop the grain---especially on walnut.
  5. Chinese plywood - ugh

    I have found that the ultimate quality plywood available is high density overlay. Has a plastic applied to both sides. No voids---moisture resistant. I have used this product in places out in the elements. It has survived many years with no damage-- at least for now. Absolutely flat and stays that way. Not readily available, My source is Youngblood Lumber in Minneapolis, MN. By the way 3/4" is 3/4".
  6. Marv Rall

  7. Festool Recon / Refurb

    As in all things, not all locked in hard positions necessarily are to ones advantage. I too view Festool pricing as quite severe. However I find that the pleasure of using a tool that performs better than any I have previously used is very satisfying, despite the higher cost. I only own two----------sabre saw and new low profile orbital sander. Absolutely no regrets. Also many years ago I acquired a Fein Multi-tool. This as been absolutely indispensable for use in the home remodeling and shop work. Interestingly there were tons of commentary about why would anyone need such an expensive tool-----until Feins patent run out and many new and cheaper models became available ---- now there is wide acclaim about how great this tool works. As always one does those things that are personally satisfying.
  8. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    After many years of woodshop experience I have come to be an avid champion of Bessy style clamps------yes very expensive but if interested in easy and satisfying clamping experience, these clamps are it. It all depends on what is important to one---I found that holding back on some recreational experiences quickly frees up the extra cash required.----- also after many glueup problems that most applications require only modest pressure
  9. Random orbit sander

    Well, here goes------this may be contrarian in nature. I have been doing woodworking and construction for fifty years. Been using various ROS brands over those years. After trying out the new low profile Festool ROS I was hooked----bought one. I have never been more impressed with any tool I have purchased. Price aside it is a true pleasure to use----stops immediately when switched off-----When coupled with auto start vacuum this unit is completely dust free---nearly vibration free. Depends on ones reasons for being in the shop but for me I get great satisfaction out of great functioning tools, sharp blades, Willy Nelson on the sirrius radio and 4:00 Red Solo Cup events with good friends.
  10. DC wireless remote

    Long Ranger for me---same one now for 12 years +. Use for my dust collector, have two remotes so as to engage collector from various locations---Works for me.
  11. No profit margin

    I have made most of my living selling----don't want to do it any more so I have vowed that I do will be for family and charity. Recently I constructed 24 adjustable bible----cookbook-----Ipad table top stands. These are made available for silent auctions----or other such charity events. Turned out that there was significant interest by many who saw them-----so I made this offer-----show me proof that you contributed 100$ to a charity of "your" choice and you can own one---------well, looks like I have modify that offer as I wont have any left for family, friends etc.
  12. I realize this may not fit into woodworking but here goes---- I just finished a metal fabrication job in which I converted a Vicon grass seed seeder from pto 3 point hitch setup to the unit being powered by a 5 hp Honda motor with a 2 to I gear reduction which uses a clutch to engage the seeder at a given rpm. Quite complicated actually. Ended up using #40 roller chain--metal sprockets---pillow block plus 1/4" by 1 1/2 x1 1/2 angle for main frame--- lots of time spent in 3d design think tank. Worked out very well----feels really good when a plan comes together. We use this seeder to develop conservation acres for ourselves and other interested like minded parties.
  13. (NOS) Kreg Jig

    It is alarming to hear all you "young guys" speak of such "vintage" tools. I first saw this jig at a tool show at the fairgrounds in ST Paul, MN. I saw and knew immediately I had to have one. This and improved versions have been a staple in my shop ever since. All this really reminds of being an old guy, For those of you who frequent woodworking shows-----did you notice which vender usually had the biggest audience? Kreg.
  14. Glue up clamping method

    One additional thought---- I place masking tape on the bar of the clamp at any of the glue joints. No glue to clean off the clamp bars. Works for me.
  15. Mis-Hap

    One of my best push sticks is a 2x6----12" long with a cutout for my hand----I than glue a short 3x8th stop block to the rear bottom---this is replaced as needed. The beauty 0f this is that for small cuts the push stick covers the wood and""" the blade. I have safely used this same assist for many years and has served me well. Works for me.

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