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  1. Well, I am in the process of making a silk purse out of a sows ear. Actually am in the process of building 10 wood duck houses out of junk recycled cedar. Much clamping and gluing. In fact it turns out that about 80% of my time is taken up by this exercise. Doing this as a favor my son and friend. Using Titebond 3. This will be a true test of that glue as these nest boxes are out year round. I really, really value my warm dry shop--- just finished with 12" of snow and a two day significant blizzard here in southwest MN. Works for me.
  2. Old Cordless Tools

    My experience is with Makita lithium-----all good---- started with this brand after sad experience with other brand. I have a full stable of cordless Makita and the batteries purchased in 2008 are still going strong. I find the circular saw and impact driver are my favorites---- these units have been used hard. Works for me.
  3. Plywood Drawer Joint

    I have long since avoided fancy drawer joints for utility drawers---such as for shop benches etc. I cut a deep rabit in the drawer front, leaving 1/8th or little less lip. I find that attaching the side member to this rabit with glue and pin nails creates a fail safe joint. In addition by using a 45 degree bit the joint tends to disappear. Has worked without a failure over many years. This also works well when making boxes with 3/8 material. Works for me---for more than 50 years.
  4. Delta has taken a big hit in recent times------but they still market their high end table saw. I am familiar with machine and would opt for it-- if I was in the buying mode-----it is really a sweet tool---many fine features----works for me.
  5. PIP River Table

    Try "Best bartop epoxy.com" Used theirs--Works as advertised.
  6. Woodworker II saw blade

    If you are interested in what I consider the best of the best sharpener craftsman try Warrens Sharpening ----- Sioux Falls, SD--- my go to guy for many years.
  7. Glue for smooth side of hardboard?

    One additional comment------ specify only hardened, dark brown Masonite---- the light brown stuff is of little use in my experience.
  8. Glue for smooth side of hardboard?

    Over the years I have used contact cement to attach Masonite to other substrates. All of my workbenches have 1/4" Masonite surfaces which have survived much abuse and are still okay---- My first of these was built in 1965---probably before many on this forum were born. Works for me.
  9. Wood Bargains?

    Try Woodpeckers and or Peachtree-----many opportunities at those sites---works for me.
  10. I have been working in this arena for 60 years plus. Always as woodshoper, DIYer, wood and metal fabricater. In my opinion,cautiously offered, the current battery powered tools are the greatest advance to occur in all those years. With the advent of lithium batteries any of the disadvantages of said tools have all but evaporated. It is just a lot of fun working with them and not being tied to a cord. With me one of the great satisfactions of this avocation is working with a fine performing tools. Works for me.
  11. To Handy Dan---re CA----I keep mine in a small refrigerator ----some has stayed good for 5 years plus---also use aerosol accelerator ---works for me.
  12. Cradle Progress Report

    Ron-----Use Zinsser sealcoat prior to finishing with waterbased finish. Very to no touch sanding required. The best kept finishing secret that I know of is that that sealcoat will seal over any previous material and any finish can be applied over it . Also I find that sealcoat will pop the grain---especially on walnut.
  13. Chinese plywood - ugh

    I have found that the ultimate quality plywood available is high density overlay. Has a plastic applied to both sides. No voids---moisture resistant. I have used this product in places out in the elements. It has survived many years with no damage-- at least for now. Absolutely flat and stays that way. Not readily available, My source is Youngblood Lumber in Minneapolis, MN. By the way 3/4" is 3/4".
  14. Marv Rall

  15. Festool Recon / Refurb

    As in all things, not all locked in hard positions necessarily are to ones advantage. I too view Festool pricing as quite severe. However I find that the pleasure of using a tool that performs better than any I have previously used is very satisfying, despite the higher cost. I only own two----------sabre saw and new low profile orbital sander. Absolutely no regrets. Also many years ago I acquired a Fein Multi-tool. This as been absolutely indispensable for use in the home remodeling and shop work. Interestingly there were tons of commentary about why would anyone need such an expensive tool-----until Feins patent run out and many new and cheaper models became available ---- now there is wide acclaim about how great this tool works. As always one does those things that are personally satisfying.

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