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  1. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    Just wondering, if it's possible to use it, have you considered foam insulation? More costly, but it leaves no voids to eventually create problems.
  2. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    Definitely the work of an artist. Absolutely beautiful
  3. Flu shot anyone?

    Get the flu shot every year. Never had any problems with it.
  4. OK, it's painted....

    Looking like a dream come true.
  5. Kerf Spacing Calculator for Bending Wood

    MAN !!! That's amazing. Maybe these guys can figure out how to make the worlds biggest donut using your kerf spacing calculator. Welcome to the PW
  6. lighthouse

    In real life Jessy, they are used for navigational purposes to help ships stear a safe course along the coastal waters. The miniatures are generally used as decorative lawn ornaments, or on smaller scales, for home decorations possibly in a den or patio. Lighthouse designs are generally very pleasing to the eye.
  7. Believe it or not, discrimination has come a long way in the last 75 years. Yes, it still exists and it is ugly. Growing up in a small town in New England, what I observed was mostly the confrontations of the local french and Irish. It was such that the Irish Catholic church members didn't want the french locals to attend their church, so in the early 30's the French locals built their own parish. Recently the church decided to close one of the parishes and the parishioners from both parishes jointly decided to keep the older Irish parish. When I went into the service in "52 my first experience with discrimination because of color was after boot camp. I was sent to Amarillo Texas. I had made friends with a couple of people of color. When we arrived in Texas, I couldn't believe my friends, "service members" had to disbark and move to a separate section of the train station. Police brutality isn't limited to a particular segmen of our society, and it isn't condoned by all police. As for the killing of more people of color, to a large extent, I think this is the result of high crime rates in their communities, which makes police a bit more wary when confronted. We have come a long way and we still have a long way to go. Disrespecting our flag to protest discrimination has only added fuel to the fire.
  8. I don't see any criticism here Charlie. Just one man telling how he handles dust collection, or not, in his shop.I think your input is appreciated here
  9. I haven't watched the Patriots for the past 2 weeks. I don't know what has been happening during the National Anthem with them. I tend to agree with you Dave, Jones never allowed a kneel during the Anthem. He did allow taking a knee before the National anthem but not during. A lot was made of VP Pence leaving the Colts game in protest of their actions. Hopefully it will wake these millionaires who feel mistreated. Instead of protesting, DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE !
  10. It looks like the Jet design was put there just to say dust collection is provided, with no thought about that sharp 90 degree angle. Your design makes a lot more sense and I'm sure it is a lot more effective.
  11. Thanks Keith . When thinning water based paints, I've been told that water should not be used as a thinner. What product is made for thinning water based paint? I've found water based paint difficult to use in a spray painter without thinning.
  12. sheet rocking tool

    I finally installed the rest of the sheet rock today. What I had shown in the photos is now finished with the painting and all the electrical work is finished. Now it's time to finish the woodwork around the windows etc, and finish up the seams and screw holes on the latest installations.No time to watch football today, but I did catch the last 20 laps of the Nascar race. It was fun watching my #1 driver "Kyle Bush" closing in on the leader and finally winning it in the last lap.
  13. sheet rocking tool

    I plan to install 1/4" sheet rock over a wall of wood paneling. About 7 panels of sheet rock. Is there an attachment available to use with my drill driver to drive and set the screws to the proper depth? If so, what is the attachment called ? With 1/4" sheetrock I'm concerned about driving the screws too deep.I'm guessing that thin sheets will be a bit fragile. I know this will require a bit of framing modifications around windows and the entrance door. This will be a better aesthetic choice than painting the paneling.
  14. Cradle Progress Report

    The work of a craftsman speaks for itself. Beautifully done !
  15. Ultimate Miter square

    Whew is right! If I had one, I'd probably drop it. Wonder how many pieces it would break into. Too pricey for me!
  16. I won't let the players actions last week deter me from watching NFL football, but I totally disagree with their actions. Yes, Trump and his remarks spurred the action, but to use the flag as a response was disgusting. To our men and women who defend this country and are willing to give their lives, the this flag means everything. While they are out fighting for our freedom and barely making a simple living, these players are out there playing games and making millions. The action was totally un-exceptable !
  17. Happy Birthday Olbuck!

    I'm a bit late to the party, but happy birthday Buck. The 6th of six boys. Guess you had to fight for the crumbs.
  18. Lot of police activity today.

    According to the newspaper report, the bicyclist apparently turned into the vehicle. He was taken to the local hospital and because of the severity of his injuries, was Med Flighted to Boston.
  19. Lot of police activity today.

    Earlier today, I couldn't get out of my driveway for about 2 hours. Police apparently pulled over a car in an apparent drug bust. The car stopped directly in front of my driveway, and it wasn't long before four cruisers and a fire truck arrived. Everything was finally cleared out. A short while ago , a bicyclist was hit by a car directly in front of the house. My daughter immediately called 911, and we went out to see if we could help. By the time we got there another neighbor had reached the scene. The bicyclist was breathing and conscious when we got there but eventually went into shock for a period. The police were the first to arrive, then the fire dept and they were able to talk to him. Another 3 cruisers and 2 ambulances arrived blocking the roadway. Why would a 45 year old man and his wife be riding bicycles on US RT 1, a heavily traveled road at 9;45 PM . The motorist did stop and was badly shaken.
  20. Thanks for your service Larry.
  21. Welcome to the party Bob.
  22. Well, hello folks ...

    Welcome aboard Ben . The waters here are warm and friendly. No sharks or piranahs.
  23. Lot of police activity today.

    It has been a bit warm and very humid here. The bicycles had the blinking lights, and they were both wearing helmets. Based on his reactions when they checked for injuries, and when he was put on the stretcher, I'm guessing he has a hip injury. Unfortunately, they were both wearing dark clothing.
  24. sorry

    sorry , my mistake
  25. Cabinet Making!

    guess you don't need all the conveniences to produce quality woodworking. I definitely couldn't work on the floor like that.

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