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  1. Congrats to all the winners. Now I'll go and pout in a corner by myself. But Hey !, Maybe next year !!!!!!!!!!! As Ron said, there are a bunch of winners here.
  2. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    It's definitely the weather that makes them close. Business drops off considerably, especially since many of the locals head to Florida for the winter months.
  3. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    I drive past the Dairy Queen daily ! They've closed for the winter.
  4. Hopefully, the Merlo's will be able to enjoy a happier Christmas than what they might have had. Obviously, their loss cannot be replaced. Take care of yourself John. Get well soon.
  5. Another birthday

    A Happy Birthday goes out to Wichita Kansas and Postal Tom. I spent over 2 years in Wichita while in the Air Force way back in the 50's. People there were absolutely friendly and welcomed us at the USO. Enjoy your day Tom. Don't eat too much cake.
  6. VFW sends free dollar

    It seems that if you are a somewhat regular donor, they try to encourage you to do more. I've gotten the requests with 4 quarters attached to the request, as well as getting them with the dollar bill attached. While I do like to help the veterans who need it, I think the mailing of cash is intended to make you feel compelled donate more. I've also been getting checks for $2.50 to be cashed, and a dollar bill. They say you can keep the money or return it with your donation Lately I've opted to tear up the checks and keep the dollar bill.
  7. Feeling old

    Feeling old can be contagious. We celebrated my great grand daughters 12th birthday today. My great grand son is 14 and growing like a weed. He's 6'1" and weighs 170+ . Sort of dwarfs my 5'8" frame. Makes me feel older and smaller.
  8. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Guess that would be Stick ! Steve's answer was probably a bit more descriptive, but, Stick did say it first.
  9. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Sure looks like Steve got it right.
  10. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Probably a form for shaping and hammering hot rivets into place, like in bridge construction.
  11. Hobbled

    Get better John. I think Stick might have the best recipe.
  12. Bandsaws

    If you're convinced a 10" will serve your needs, you might want to compare the Wen 10" to the Rikon 10" model 10-305. I have the Craftsman 14"( made by Rikon ) It's about $200.00 more than the 10" saws but a lot more power and considerably more depth of cut. I've found it to be a good saw for the money. You might find something on Craiglist.

    Dave has officially become a senior citizen today. I was going to bring the cake, but it was too big to put in the truck. The locals here will enjoy it in Dave's honor. Happy birthday Dave ! Save a little for the grand kids.
  14. My wife's Christmas present

    Keeping the costs down doesn't make it any less functional. Really nice
  15. new here

    That means Dave is really going to put on some weight fast. The major competition is gone.

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