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  1. Glad to have you aboard Dave. I know Stick invited you, but were friendly here . No penalties! CNC is a bit out of my league but I really appreciate seeing what can be accomplished with it.
  2. Welcome aboard Mike. The waters here are warm and friendly. We do have a few sea gulls on board. I won't mention any names but "Stick" around.
  3. More truth there than you may want to believe.
  4. I suppose if you squeeze the boards together tight enough, you'll create a vacuum between them, and air pressure alone will hold them together. No glue needed.
  5. I hope the stores are marking actual dimensions of all the rest of their dimensional lumber to stave off the blood suckers.
  6. Better watch those calories Stick.
  7. After seeing what Dave has had for weather,I think our weather is great, No flooding, no severe storms. 88 and humid today.
  8. Don't even try're being watched every minute.
  9. Welcome aboard Randy. I'm A New Englander. My only time in Texas was back in the 50's, at Amarillo AFB. A long ways from Austin. My youngest daughter spent a couple of years in Austin, getting her Masters degree at University of Texas. This is the greatest site around.
  10. Welcome aboard Mike . It's guys like you who help us amateurs in the woodworking game. Thanks for the donuts. These are the best looking donuts I've ever seen . I hate to eat any of them,
  11. Thanks Chuck,the donuts were delicious. You've found the best of the best forums here.Welcome aboard
  12. Welcome aboard Dave. The fishing is great in these waters. Great guys , and a woodworking site that cares about everyone aboard.
  13. Looks like Gene managed to get a few photos of the parade. As I have previously stated, I'm basically a computer illiterate so I had no idea how to post photos here. I did watch the sail in on TV, but because of the fog, it was only after the ships got into the harbor that they were clearly visible.Promoters are now expecting over 2 million visitors for this event lasting to the weekend. From Boston, the parade goes to Canada and then back to Europe. This will be the only visit to the USA this year. Sorry. I wasn't any help Stick.
  14. Heavy fog has delayed the start of the parade, but it will be starting at 10:00 AM, led by the Coast Guard vessel "Eagle" Wish I could provide more help . Maybe if you just Google tall ship parade Boston 2017
  15. The sponsor is WCVB-TV in Boston. It is an ABC network station.Not sure if ABC will be televising it or if it's just the local station. They will be televising the sail in live starting about 9:00 AM eastern time.Not sure if this will help.

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