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  1. A wonderful WW experience

    I'm hearing you loud and clear Lew. Even today, with the success that the Whittier Vocational Technical High school has had, I still hear people , even relatives in my own family, make damning remarks about Vocational schools. It took a lot of work and convincing by many people to finally get the school under construction. Twelve cities and towns teamed together to build this jewel. Our teachers are all dedicated professionals and the administrators do everything they can to insure that the students get the best education they can, not only in the trades, but academically. Most people around these towns know the value of the vocational school. I don't follow the happenings regularly, but I know the school has budgeted millions to update and modernize tools and machinery so that the school is in the 21st century and up to date with industry.
  2. Diamond plates

    The plates just sit there Gene . You do the work.
  3. Lumber score!

    My eyes are bleeding after staring at those piles of lumber. What a generous friend you have !
  4. A wonderful WW experience

    Some parents feel that C and D students should have priority with entrance into the vocational school. I believe the school policy is to allow enrollment based on the same scale of student grade averages enrolled in the local conventional high schools.
  5. A wonderful WW experience

    Locally, our vocational high school has more students trying to get enrolled than the school can handle. The school recently met with several business leaders concerning the need for skilled tradesmen.. The school in now opening full time evening classes for adults, to teach the skills needed for anyone who wishes to take the opportunity . I believe, with the shortage of skilled tradesmen, you may see a move to provide better wages for those skilled in the trades. Many of the graduates from the trade school have entered 2 or 4 year college programs, and now operate their own small businesses. They are hiring trade school graduates because they know the schools' reputation. The school has a problem where some parents accuse the school of selective enrollment, based on academic achievement. The school probably has the highest % of students who do graduate, compare to other schools, and has something like 65% of their graduate who do continue on to college. I believe their success is due to what the school does to motivate the students.
  6. WHY? So Disheartening

    This is a portrait of the opposite ends of humanity. SAD, SAD, SAD.
  7. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    Grandfather clocks are to be looked at with admiration. Who needs them to keep time? You are probably wearing a wrist watch.
  8. went to the VA this morning

    I think there are more Toyota parts manufactured in the USA than there are General Motors parts manufactured here. It's getting so the parts are made somewhere else and then the vehicle is assembled here.
  9. outlets with surge protectors

    Thanks Keith. The unit I got at HD is rated UL 1449, 400V. I don't plan to spend $200.00 + for a surge protector unless it's a whole house protector.
  10. A wonderful WW experience

    Woodworking to me is an enjoyable hobby. I can go to the shop at my leisure and make whatever I wish, within my limited skills.From building my shop and utility buildings, to building cabinets or pieces of furniture, and now mostly bandsaw boxes . It's totally relaxing for me, with absolutely no schedules to meet. In todays' world, working with your hands has become less inspiring. People would rather sit behind a desk, or go out in the field with a clip board, where salaries are higher. It is harder to make a living as a craftsman, and the number of skilled craftsmen in this country within all of the trades is in serious decline. I believe we are just beginning to experience the results. Unfortunately with woodworking, cheap imports that can "serve the purpose" are putting our craftsmen out of business. Those who can afford true craftsmanship will continue to pay the price for quality, but most people are looking for the lowest cost. I seldom use designers drawings for what I'm building, and if I do, I usually make my own changes.
  11. outlets with surge protectors

    Cal, I went to HD and picked up one with 8 outlets providing 3600 joules of protection. $29.00
  12. outlets with surge protectors

    I guess the modern technology might not have made any difference Larry. The ship that they used the joule technology on was unfortunately the Submarine Thresher. I knew many of the crew members and shipyard workers aboard. Still no official cause for this catastrophy.
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    60's here and raining .Flood warnings because of heavy rain and melting snow till afternoon tomorrow. Then a rapid drop in temperatures into the 20's with freezing rain before clearing. Patriots game will be cold and wet.
  14. Bandsaw

    I think you'll be happy with the Rikon Rusty. The quick release feature is something I don't have. It definitely will be a time saver for you. I believe the instructions will tell you the low speed is for cutting non ferrous metals, ie copper, brass, aluminum. I've never used the low speed on my saw yet, but it's nice to have if you decide to cut these materials. I recommend you go to Suffolk Machinery.com to purchase Timberwolf blades. Quality blades at good prices. You can find any blade you need there and they provide information about which blade for what purpose.
  15. I hate Wal*mart

    I've had good luck with HD store deliveries . The store calls me to pick up the order when it has arrived.

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