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  1. Tabs on the Weather...

    38 degrees , partly cloudy. Almost sounds like spring . Wait till tomorrow .
  2. Guess no one wants to set a date for an event they aren't certain yet that they can attend.
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    Definitely can't tell by the weather here !
  4. Shamrock

    Seems that John is always one step ahead of me . I'm just slow with my one finger typing
  5. Shamrock

    The low temperature may slow the drying time, but as long as the paint is reasonably warm, should be OK. We see painters painting homes in these temperatures regularly. Store you shamrock in the house and go to the store to get your paint. Both items will be warm for painting in the shop when you get home. Using latex paint also makes your brush cleaning much easier and faster.
  6. Shamrock

    I would sand with 120 and lightly hit it lightly with with a 200 grit paper. No need for anything finer than that for a painted surface. You can go with an oil base paint, but I'd opt for Behr exterior Latex that includes the primer in the finish coat for easy odor free application and quick drying. Two coats should do it. Actually , I think you'll find it almost impossible to buy an oil base paint in MA. or NH
  7. Table Saw Review Form

    I still have my old Craftsman 8" wobbler. Put it away when I got my Freud 6" stack set.
  8. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    When Saturday came around, I wondered if you'd actually hit the beach in the cold winds. 19 miles of New Hampshire toll roads to get to Ogunquit ME. Seems over priced to me. I still use RT.1 to go north. A little slower but cheaper. OH well, you win some and you loose some. It just wasn't your day.
  9. Stephen Hawkings....

    I watched an interview that Neil De Grasse Tyson had with Steven Hawkins a short time ago. When asked about the future of the humans on earth, he sounded very pessimistic. He said , "Not in his words" We will accomplish amazing things if we can get past the next 100 years., but unless the world changes the direction it going in, we may not reach that time When asked his views concerning religion, he basically said that religions came about from superstitions. People are comforted by their religious beliefs, and religion will continue to exist as long as humans are here. They do not understand science of the universe as it exists I'd say that in his mind, God doesn't exist. Guess he knows the answer for sure now.
  10. Tabs on the Weather...

    Partly cloudy , windy , temp 28 degrees.
  11. Router Bit Storage Cabinet

    Well planed and nicely done. I like the bushings you used to hold the bits. Where can they be purchased ?
  12. A big ol' Happy Birthday today to...

    Really sorry to hear of all the family health problems John. Sort of takes the joy out of a birthday celebration. Wishing you and your family all the best in the coming years.
  13. Drilling it Down

    Ya Dave, cords do seem to like to play " hide and seek."
  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    I know you don't like that, so, send it here. You're welcomed to what I've been getting. Actually not bad today 36 degrees with NW winds 25-30 mph

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