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  1. There's something about this that smells!
  2. I am trying to find someone to help a pastor who had open heart surgery. He and wife have been living in a small camper for almost three years. Someone gave him a doublewide that needed a lot of work. His medical problems have taken all his money set aside to remodel the trailer. Calling on people I know, we have done everything but the plumbing, and I can't find anyone to do it. It seems that it stayed connected to water system during a winter and some of the pipes underneath busted. The pipes are larger o.d. and, I have been told, is made of poly butyl. Am I going to be able to find adaptors to replumb using cpvc and retain the poly butyl? Seems folks are shying away from this for some reason! Any experience in this type repairs/suggestions? Thanks!
  3. So, I just broke another blade. What's the best one for the money for 14" Rockwell saw? Not interested in bi-metal ones. Anybody used a HF one? If so, would you do it again? Thanks!
  4. Wondering if electrolysis would be effective against the rusty blade.
  5. One of my daughters lives next door to me, so I ordered her a sample. She just brought by and said she doesn't need it, so I could have it. I planned it that way, anyway! So, I guess I got an extra bottle! Hmmm, I guess I should order one for my two boys and my other daughter!
  6. Haven't had a chance to try it yet. It says that you have 3 minutes to move wood around. Also, it is ready to work the wood in short time too. On top of that, it says you can glue wood to other materials as well. I think I'm gonna like it if it is not too expensive.
  7. Got two packages today.
  8. I had a neighbor that built a boat in his living room. It was too big to get through the exit door!
  9. I didn't know that they still use lead in pencils. Seems everything I do is old school! I picked up two old school pencil sharpeners a while back to sharpen pencils in my shop. Only problem is: I chuck them in my cordless drill and sharpen them on my belt sander! Looks like I should use my new style drill instead of having to crank it while holding it against the sanding belt.
  10. Looks legit to me. I guess we will find out!
  11. Yeah, I took typing in high That's where I met my future wife, (married now going on 55 yrs.), and served me well as a commissioned and appointed community ministries missionary with the North American Mission Board of Southern Baptists. On the job, I learned a lot of different ways to help people, and one of the most enjoyable has been and still remains building wheelchair ramps, replacing roofs, for needy folks. That led me to eventually setting up a great wood shop. Never sold anything, but at age 74, I have a great time in the shop! I can't retire until the devil does!
  12. Well, I just found out that Hughes Net is the one that is part of this study, or should I say, "Study."
  13. I got an email from SamKnows wanting to use info about useage of computer. Claims to be a gov't thing. Anybody know anything about it? They want to send me a White Box. Sounds like a gov't intrusion to me. It seems to have a London, England address too.
  14. Cordless? Just remember the good ole days when cords hung everywhere, always losing connections, wondering if it's the tool, wire or connection, winding the cord before sto'sring, unwinding the cord before use, etc. I have noticed more folks are going back to the original type of cordless. I use the wood planes my uncle's father used before the Great Depression of the 20's and 30's. I ordered the higher capacity li ion because I want more time with my fishing pole!
  15. Well, I am weighing in again on this battery business: I prefer better batteries because I got cordless to begin with because I do not want a bunch of cords hanging, being unplugged, and having to replug, havng to check to see if it is plugged in when it doesn't run, etc. Although I no longer have a day job, I still enjoy longer run time, etc. because I can sit with my fishing pole quicker! Err, you do remember the days of electric cords, or are you too young. Retired? Never: Not until the devil retires!

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