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  1. Drills, just drills..

    Reminds me: I was given a Stanley "Defiance" model cordless drill a few years ago. Curious as to what the "defiance" model was, I looked it up; seems that the king of England told Stanley that he would never be able to make tools with the quality of those made in England, so he put together a line especially dedicated to the king! It is still operating, but the king is no longer around!
  2. If he hits the "dough nut hole" with his insurance! I just did, and one prescription is going to cost me $315.00 copay! Wonder what's going to happen when/if Stick hits the doughnut hole?
  3. Free word processing

    Bought new laptop, when it arrived, I found out that I was going to have to purchase a word processing program. That would have taken the $$ saved! Someone suggested I try Libre Office. I have been satisfied with this free program for a good while. I just upgraded the free download and thought this might help someone. This is the only free one I have found, but there might be a lot more that I do not know about. Has anyone found a simple home accounting program that is free? I had Quicken on old computer, but I don't need it at $100.00 per year! Thanks! OldWoodie
  4. First Christmas ornaments this year and a couple bowls

    Most of us probably meander to other sites to reaffirm our satisfaction with this one. I don't think I would miss the others; although I still miss Wood's and when my subscription ends, they will miss me. Thanks for all the work you guys do to keep this one going!
  5. The stuck drill bit hollow form

    Did you use a "Chinese Handcuff"?
  6. Buck Brothers

    I cleaned the Buck Brothers plane up and found its body is aluminum, blade is pitted some, tightened up the handles, removed a good bit of rust, sharpened the blade, and shaved some wood! Personally, I would not want to buy any more of that brand though. It is made cheaper than the good old steel ones, but it did shave wood o.k.
  7. Buck Brothers

    Picked up an old Buck Brothers hand plane yesterday for $15.00. It looks to be in good shape. It needs cleaning up and the blade sharpened. The part that moves the blade toward the front, not the nut that advances the blade, but the part that has two screws under the blade looks like it should be moved forward some. Other than that, it seems to be a good one. Did I pay too much for it? I don't believe I have ever seen one made by them before. Any comments?
  8. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    I HAVE ONE VERY SIMILAR TO THAT ONE. I DON'T USE IT, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ASK FOR IT. Any ideas on price? It has a pair of new, never used blades with it.
  9. Anybody bought one of these kits? If so, would you recommend it, and how much technology would I need to get it into operation? Thanks!
  10. Cabinet in Wood Magazine

    I really like that cabinet in the last mag. I got. I think it would work out for our kitchen for storage. Think I might build one. Any one else got any comments?
  11. John Lucas?

    Anybody heard from @john Lucas? You used to post a lot on Wood Magazine Forum. Hope he is still around. He had a lot of good suggestions, etc.
  12. Chest of Drawers: PIP

    I see remarks about Ikea low quality. Who is Ikea?
  13. Fence chargers and coons...

    Coons are good eating! What's the difference in Coon hunting and protecting your garden? Cooked coons and the veggies you save are good together and they are also are good for you too!
  14. Why didn't you let us know???!!!!???? Huh, huh, huh!!!!
  15. Back to the beginning, old (er) school

    My sis gave me an electric grill. It does a great job of cooking ribs, but I have to lay some very small pcs of pecan around the unit in the bottom. I have had them to flame up and burn my meat. I am thinking about welding a side container to burn the wood in. My older son is a professional welder, so it should not be hard for him to fabricate something.

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