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  1. Hands Free Lighted Magnifying Glass

    Harbor Freight manager of local store asked for my phone number at check out. I asked him why he wanted it, and he said he wanted invite me out to eat. He must have lost it cause he ain't called me! I been fasting ever since, and I am getting hongree!
  2. Provential WCO 280

    Bought some of these kits from a company named Woodcrafters of Oklahoma. They sat in a drawer for almost 15 years. When I pulled them out, I found that this company seems to be out of business. You suggested I call Berea Hardwood, and they did send some bushings and some Parker refills for the old kits. I have run into a problem: How do I install the refill? It doesn't seem to fit into the part I believe to be the correct one. I pulled another kit I have in stock, and the refill is the same as the one in the kit. It seems that it might have to be pressed into the pen part, but I am afraid that is going to ruin the point. Anybody turned one of these pens; if so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. WORX drill

    I haven't opened the box yet, but I will give a review when I get to the point of needing to use it. I thought it was a German product, but I found it is Chinese! I friend is a quality assurance engineer for Ryobi, and he said that part of the difference in some products is that the quality assurance engineer checks on the products for their buyers more often than some importers require. Hmmmm!
  4. Old Cordless Tools

    O ordered two replacement batteries for my Rigids through Ebay for about $65.00 and have a 3 yr warranty. After a yr. so far so good.
  5. You guys helped me find pen parts from Berea Hardwoods, Now, if instructs says to press parts into wooden pen parts, do you use super glue on them?
  6. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    I noticed the egg beaters. If you have one that has a small round sticker on it with "Defiance by Stanley", You have a real collector's item. Stanley made a line of them when the King of England said he would never be able to make a living in America making tools: They will all be inferior. So, Mr. Stanley made the defiance line in defiance of the king!
  7. Need Help With Pen Kits

    About 15 yrs ago, I bought about 100 pen kits, all different kinds, from Woodcrafters of Oklahoma. I finally got around to wanting to make some pens, but I do not have instructions for any of them. Has anybody heard from this company lately? I can't find them on the internet, and Wood Craft Supplies has not wanted to help me with the problem. The particular kit I am trying to work with is WCO 280 Provential Twist Pen. Anybody got any instructions or know where I can obtain them? There is a long list of kits on Woodcraft.com, but they do not show pics unless you click on each one, and it looks like there must be 100 different kits! Thanks!
  8. Price of scrap metal

    The scrap metal business around me have been forced out of business, and the ones still operating won't answer their phone! Wondering what mixed scrap is bringing. I have an 18' frailer that has been loaded for 4 almost 6 months waiting for an increase in prices. Last I heard was 4-5 cents a bl. Anybody know?
  9. WORX drill

    Picked up a 20 volt drill yesterday off of Craigslist. It was still sealed in the box. Paid $40.00 for it because I paid that much for a replacement 19V battery a while back. He had another one that was opened and charged up. It features a pulse mode instead of a hammer mode. I left it in the box, thinking I might give it as a Christmas gift. I though it was made in Germany, but it was from China.
  10. Mother Nature

    I just read that Mother Nature is bi-polar and is off her meds! It's too cool and rainy to get onto my tractor, work with shop door open, and too warm to buy another tank of propane.
  11. It's Monday?

    Last time I checked the calendar, Sunday was the first day of the week.
  12. Drilling it Down Part Deux

    For some reason, I am thinking England started using plastic before GM did.
  13. Flourescent Glue Squeeze Out Video

    Not sue why anyone with a hobby shop would need that much glue. Besides, I don't have a lot of problems with glue ruining surfaces I finish. Course I do not do production work.
  14. Sargent

    Grandpaw, rest his soul, was a pretty good farmer, and he told me that when I grew up, to rememvber that if you buy something for $1.00 and sell it for $10.00, that 9% profit was pretty good! Stick could buy a lot of doughnuts at that %!
  15. Sargent

    Well, I just looked up my old sargent plane on ebay, and they are selling for as much as 100.00 plus freight! Hmmm, I might ought to hang onto it for a while!

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