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  1. Tabs on the Weather...

    Clear skies (still dark but I see stars) and 45. Heading to the mid 80's today
  2. Tabs on the Weather...

    Sunny and 83 today. 88 for Wednesday
  3. Box Of Fancy Pine

    Awesome work on the box. I hope you get feeling better
  4. Spent the weekend at my Dad's on the coast. My niece and her husband had reveal party Saturday afternoon for their upcoming litter. I will be a great uncle to Cooper James. The cake was good. With work this week, not sure what I will get done in the shop, if anything, but we will see what we can do.
  5. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Very cool, John! You are amazing
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    My prayers are with you and your family John!
  7. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Gotta Love It!
  8. Birthday Shout Out To The Peach State Resident.

    Happy Birthday!
  9. I am thinking of you and your wife Allen. Hope all goes well
  10. Happy Birthday To.

    Happy Birthday, Ralph!
  11. Nothing happened in the shop this weekend - other life aspects took over for the weekend. We did however, complete our taxes and filed them last night.
  12. Tabs on the Weather...

    Cloudy and 39. Showers and chance of thunderstorms today
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    Cloudy and mid 50's. Forecast is for up to 1/2" of rain today... not a drop yet

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