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  1. Colonoscopy Blues

    BTW, last time I had one, you could mix the power with Kool-Aid. Since I liked raspberry Kool-Aid, I thought great. Just a word of caution about that- when the stuff starts to work, you are NOT bleeding to death. There was about 15-20 seconds that I was wondering what was happening to me, before I realized it was the raspberry Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean
  2. Colonoscopy Blues

    Water can help with some of the hunger pains.
  3. New Kitchen Project...Maybe

    Sounds like a pretty neat project. More useable space is always nice
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    49 degrees. Showers forecasted for today and a high of 63. Definitely fall weather!
  5. Ray's woodshop

    Nice looking shop!
  6. No shop time this weekend. Traveled over to the coast to visit my dad. We went out to see if we could see any elk. Saturday night went out to dinner with my dad, sister and her family for my niece's birthday. She will be 25 on Wednesday.
  7. Little pine bowl

  8. What do you see?

    I see the rocks too. The only thing I would add is to see if you could not make it a little more 3D, if that is possible.
  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    58 this am. List mist overnight, showers forecasted for today
  10. We All Use Math;

    I had a guy on the crew once that his doctor told him to cut back to 2 beers instead of his regular 6 pack everyday. So he did, 2 - 48 ounce beers instead of 6 - 12 ounce beers.
  11. Found a nugget!

    That board has some really nice character!
  12. Tabs on the Weather...

    48 this morning, 81 forecast for the high. They are saying rain on sunday
  13. 5 Walnut plaques

    Those plaques will look very nice. Like you said, to bad they get covered with name plates
  14. Finished Falcon

    Very Cool!

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