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  1. What to do with a...

  2. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Same Here. We will be at about 93% and with the single interstate - we have decided to stay home and not fight the traffic. Neither the wife or I can take Tuesday off of work. ODOT (Oregon Dept of Transportation) will not allow oversize loads on ANY roads in Oregon from Noon on Friday till 12:01 AM Tuesday to help minimize congestion
  3. The Patriot Woodworker Custom Theme (testers needed)

    @John Morris I am using the default theme (my personal preference) and I have not had any problems. Everything seems to be working quite well on my end.
  4. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Didn't see any plates like that, but some of the people in the cars looked like they could have been
  5. Great Save, Lew. And, another great weekly post
  6. Bird houses and wasps

    I put the Tom Cat rat poison blocks up around the batteries in my pickup. Works well - they leave the wires alone and no nests either.
  7. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Our "illustrious" governor has declared a "State of Emergency" from now till the end of the Eclipse to have the extra people on hand to help with traffic problems. I fueled up my pickup last night and I was surprised to see how many out of state plates were at the station.
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    59 and smokey -air quality alert in effect. Forecast high near 100 today and tomorrow.
  9. What to do with a...

    Those look awesome! WINNING!
  10. Tool Handy Hack

    I remember John said that this was to cut the "confusion" down a little. Generally, if you are replying to the OP, people will know that. It is when you start replying to the other posts in the thread that it gets confusing unless you can quote a particular post.
  11. Be frugal, not cheap

    Me too. It looks like a product that I could like to use, and is available in my area (Oregon is one of those @#$! VOC states that limits what you can have shipped in)
  12. What to do with a...

  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    Another very pleasant morning at 55 ° I could almost say fall is very near if we wer not going to be in the mid 90 today and high 90's the rest of the.week
  14. In different parts of the country, people may call things by a different name. In my area, the Bosch that you linked is what we call a job site saw.
  15. Lost an old friend

    Sorry to hear this news, Al.

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