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  1. Doctors: Guess work in a white coat I hope this works for you and you get better
  2. WOW! Did this thread go sideways I have painted popular without priming in the past, but with darker colors than white or off white
  3. He must not be drinking enough water and is dehydrated
  4. That sounds pretty cool!
  5. I would also agree that Lew got it right. Ref:
  6. Ditto what Lew said!
  7. Pretty much
  8. 64 now heading to 101. At least it is a dry heat
  9. Sounds quite interesting
  10. That is a great point to make. Would you mind posting some pictures of your machine setup and how you protect the CNC's PC? Would some of you other CNC operators mine doing the same? Thank you in advance
  11. I think every county can run their juror system however the want. I know in Oregon, the four counties I have lived in all do it differently
  12. Those look great, John!
  13. Here in my county, you are on call for about 3 days. You call in the night before, listen to the recirding, if your number is called you go in. If you are called for a trial, you are done. If not, repeat the call in till your 3 days are up
  14. Sub it to the CNC guys Or use @Grandpadave52 's method
  15. Same thing as before, except near 100 today

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