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  1. I carry everywhere I go but also I have to think am I doing the right thing. I will give an example I am shopping at a store and I hear a gun shot, I pull my gun and proceed to where I think the shot came from. In the meantime an officer of the law enters the store and proceeds to where the shooting is taking place. I have my gun drawn and am looking for the shooter and the police man sees me and shoots me. End of story. How would the officer know who I was. I guess if he got the shooter also and prevented more people dying my life would be worth it. The officer was doing his job. Preston
  2. I have not had any luck on finding out for sure. I have sent out pic and have had 2 replies not helping. Preston
  3. I think further and the more I do it looks like a wax modeling tool or for a matter of fact they could be used on anything that can be sculptured including mixtures. Preston
  4. World's simplest project

    shh be quiet, don't tell who. Preston
  5. World's simplest project

    Table saw is a hero. I have even used mine to cut a 45 Degree angle on my floor matt edges to keep from tripping. Preston
  6. They are used in molding to create certain features. You only show two but a complete set is a whole herd. A lot of them are hand made for doing a particular mark or design. Preston
  7. I got an e-mail and could not copy the e-mail. This is the address Featuring a General International 880-M3 16-Inch Planer/Jointer 5HP 3/230/60 with Helical Cutterhead. Highlight Auctions of the Week: #5514 and #5468 Location: 5700 Green Pointe Dr N. Suite D. Groveport, Ohio 43125 Every item starts at $1.00 with no reserve. Any body close you may find a deal. Preston I found it https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionlist.cgi?vuid=475232&email=737465616d73686f76656c31406d736e2e636f6d&utm_source=house&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=exclusive&utm_content=cap020718
  8. cloud watching

    The clouds wouldn't be that nice if they saw my old boss! Preston
  9. Grandpawdave52

    I hope everything goes good for both of you. Preston
  10. reproduction badges/tags

    You know how to hurt a guy, showed that plateload and I had the big one like Fred Sanford. Preston
  11. curved bench

    $100.00 a slat as a down payment. Preston
  12. Vagaries of age

    Well I finally graduated, now I can't drive unless someone is with me. I went to a meeting a while back and it was dark and I got lost, I mean really lost. I ended up in the boondocks and could see the city lights so that was the way I went. When I got to the city lights I didn't know where I was. I drove for about 3 hours and noticed something that was familiar and turned in and guess what I was home. My wife asked how the meeting was and I told her the truth. Now I didn't tell her this had happened before. I'll make a post on here and maybe in a few days I'll be searching on here and come across a post and think that is interesting so I'll go read the post. I'll start reading the post and finally figure out I wrote the post. I want to apologize for making posts that don't make sense or are confusing. I try but it doesn't work out sometimes. I like to think I'm at home when I on this website. Preston
  13. Had to get up during the night

    Grunting when I get out of a chair is normal, I have surpassed that now I grunt when I sit down. Preston
  14. Charles Nichols Says, "HI"

    I didn't mean for anyone to think that Craft supplies is pricy. Just the Trend Air Shield is a little expensive. I am happy with their pricing. Preston
  15. Charles Nichols Says, "HI"

    It is with Craft supply in Provo Utah. It is a face shield and I know several people that use them and are very satisfied. It is a trend Pro Air Shield #100560001. I have no affiliation with Craft Supply other than being a satisfied customer. They are pricy, and my excuse to my wife is I'm worth it. Preston https://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/
  16. Charles Nichols Says, "HI"

    Charles: I hope you are feeling better, I have some problems with COPD, asthma, etc. When I started to do something about the dust it was to late, I had already done the damage. I have a hanging unit with remote and I use several box floor fans and attach a 20 X 20 furnace filter to the fan and run on slow and that picks up a lot of dust and with the overhead unit I still don't feel secure. I have been looking at the Trend Pro Shield face masks with a built in fan and I know of people that are in worst shape than I'm in and they are going strong with their turning. The only problem is they are expensive. I don't know if I can drop a name where you can buy. If there is no Problem I will? I wish you luck . Preston
  17. free newspaper

    When you have seen it all something will tell you haven't. My wife and I went to the grocery store and I sat on the bench up front waiting for her. They have a newspaper stand there. Throw a paper in your cart and read it when you get home. this guy gets a paper and goes though it while looking around like he was doing something wrong, finally he takes the paper and goes beyond the check stands and reads the paper. I moved to a different spot and happen to notice the same man leaning up against something reading the paper. I went back to my original spot and after about 40 minutes he returns the paper to the stand. Preston
  18. A moving tribute

    Gene I just don't know what to say, that is a great one! If I may I will pass that on and my eyes are not dry. Preston
  19. went to the VA this morning

  20. Eating in the Fifties

    When I sat down at the table we didn't talk unless it was to say pass all the leftovers, and my two brothers and I gave them a good home. Preston
  21. printer ink cartridge

    Someone posted where I could buy ink on line and I lost the link. I tried search and could not find anything. I know I know I was at the front of the class when I passed my stupid test. Oh yea I got a perfect score. Seems like 1 2 3 or A B C may have been in the ink makers name? Can anyone remember? Preston
  22. all I need to start drinking early, here's to ya all. O heck I'm at that age I forgot I don't drink. Happy new year to everyone Preston
  23. printer ink cartridge

    Lew: I don't know how you do it. You are on this one correct. I do thank you for your time. If this site gives out medals you deserve a bushel basket full. Thanks again Preston
  24. printer ink cartridge

    Lew: Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm not sure if its the site or not. But I will check it out. Preston
  25. metal whin-a-ma-jig

    Its about 2" long by 3/8" cir and is adjustable. It seems to be froze and won't turn. I don't want to break it, I could soak it in something to get it loose. It has ( I'll call them teeth ) on one end 8 teeth. I looking for someone to tell me what this thing is Preston

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