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  1. Big Snake Seen In Indiana

    It would of made my frying pan chirp. Preston
  2. If you yearn for a PM 3520B

    Ok Fred you got me. I had to look it up cause I didn't know what a PM 3520B was . I have been under a huge rock. I am used to el cheapoo and better. Tonight I will have nightmares that one found its way into my shop so at 3 in the morning I will go out to my shop to prove dreams don't come true. Preston
  3. That free DAP super glue

    I received the same e-mail. I have used dap products for a long time and have always been happy. Guess not happy can take a hike. Dap takes care of its customers so its customers will always be customers. Old saying ( good to have a man in the house ). New saying ( good to have a good company on the site ). Thanks again DAP Preston Edwards
  4. carport bolt

    I got a carport and it has been in storage for a few years and when I go to put it together no bolts. I can't find any locally. I don't know what to call them. Its about 1/4" dia & 2 1/2" long. I have been to Lowes and Fastenal and others. If I knew what to name it. Preston
  5. Free CA Glue sample

    You got that right. don't get me started. I like DAP products. Might be hard for them to turn over if they knew what was going on. What's good for one should be good for all. I'll shut up now but keep in mind I am $#@&@#. Preston
  6. Free CA Glue sample

    I went to the P.O. and my envelope with the glue was postmarked for .87 cents. They wanted another 1.80 cents. I asked who said so and they said it was where it was shipped from. DAP mailed these out and they paid .87 cents, by the time it got to me it was for an additional $1.80 cents for a total of $2.67 cents. I use DAP products and like them but now I'm wondering. Preston
  7. Free CA Glue sample

    Its not the $1.80 its the part of it being free. Some got two and some didn't have to pay postage due. some were only .87 cents. I know it costs more to send further away. Preston
  8. Free CA Glue sample

    If it was free you would think it would be free shipping to all that it was sent to. Preston
  9. Free CA Glue sample

    Mine came today almost, the postman left a notice that I owed $1.80 additional postage and didn't bother coming to the house for the $1.80. Is it worth $1.80? Did anyone else have to pay extra postage? Preston
  10. trytaclight.com

    Has anyone bought from these folks trytaclight.com? I saw their add on tv for flashlights and thought they looked good. Preston
  11. Happy Birthday Steamshovel

    Thanks everyone Now that I am 76. June is my month, anniversary, fathers day, and my birthday all in one week. Preston
  12. Free CA Glue sample

    I sent in my info also. Preston
  13. For those perfect furniture projects

    Well kiss a fat kangaroo rat on the lips-only $26.95 for pallet wood. Pallet wood once was a tree of some sort or another and now its pallet wood and because its from a pallet its no good. I have seen things made from pallets that didn't look like it came from a pallet and they were nice, now some things were made and they retained their pallet look and they had that look.? Preston
  14. dash camera

    Does anyone own a dash camera that fits on a rear view mirror? What brand is a good one. I saw a show about them on TV and I forgot who made them. Thats another subject I forgot. Preston
  15. Eagle

    I thought about how they could be in the right place at the right time or if it was a doctored film? I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors and seen a lot of things but this is something else. Preston

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