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  1. Suddenly went incognito

    Does that mean you are a "half-fast" typist?
  2. Tulsa Woodcraft Store

    Info for whoever is interested. Remember the tornado that hit Tulsa back in August? That did enough damage to their Woodcraft store that it had to close down. Last month, I contacted Woodcraft to ask about the store reopening. They said that the owner had found a new location in Tulsa, and hoped to reopen soon. I took a couple of classes there, some nice people.
  3. USAF, 1970 to 1994. My career field was Weapons Control Systems, otherwise known as fire control radar, on F4 C/D. After basic training and tech school, I went to Ubon Thailand, Eglin AFB in Florida, back to Thailand, Bentwaters UK, Luke AFB Az, Kadena AB Okinawa, Homestead AFB Florida, (got out before hurricane Andrew), and finished up and retired from McConnell AFB, Kansas, which was actually back home for me. Interesting anecdote about my second tour in Thailand. My buddy I volunteered for a manning assistance TDY from Eglin back to Thailand which was supposed to be a 45 day TDY. When we got back to Thailand, we decided to request the TDY be converted to a PCS. Our request was approved within two weeks, with a two word justification: "Presently thereat." Some poor guy back at Eglin had to out-process us for a PCS instead of a TDY, ship our hold baggage, etc. Whoever that was, if by chance you are on this forum and are reading this, many thanks.
  4. Member Map Missing

    @John Morris, I'm not so sure now that the problem is with TPW. I have a similar problem with another web site not pulling up another screen when I click on it. The problem could be in IE11. I can get around the problem by going to Chrome. I had another problem with my Avast antivirus software, only in IE11, and their tech support said Microsoft had changed the way IE11 handled add ons. Maybe that will give your IT gurus a clue?
  5. Crotch finish

    Be sure to post some before and after pics. Can't wait to see the "finished" project.
  6. Member Map Missing

    I'm using IE11. Works on Chrome.
  7. Member Map Missing

    You're right. Works in Chrome, but not in IE. If that's the only problem I have, not a big deal, as long as the rest of TPW works.
  8. Member Map Missing

    What happened to the Member Map? When I click on it, nothing comes up.
  9. Can you trust reconditioned equipment?

    It's my understanding that Ridgid only offers their Lifetime Service Agreement if the tool is purchased from a Home Depot store. I'm not talking about their standard factory warranty, just the additional LSA. Am I mistaken about that?
  10. Scroll saw blade question

    That makes a lot of sense. I haven't done any scroll sawing in years, and very little then. I'll go that route. Thanks.
  11. Scroll saw blade question

    Thanks Dan. I forgot we have a scroll saw section. I posted this before I looked at Lew's response. His link actually gave me the answer I was looking for. But, thanks again for the reminder on the scroll saw section.
  12. Scroll saw blade question

    I will be cutting walnut veneer spray-adhered to a 3/16" piece of walnut. My saw takes pinless blades.
  13. I have a question about scroll saw blade nomenclature. I am doing a project that requires some scroll saw blade work, and the plans specify a #2 reverse tooth scroll saw blade. I understand the reverse tooth, but what does the #2 signify? I was looking at a scroll saw blade selection chart on the Olson blade web site, and every specification that I could imagine was listed on the chart, along with a Universal Number column. Any ideas?
  14. Dove Tailing

    If that's the same one I have, it is a big red monster. When not cutting dovetails, it could also double as a boat anchor in a hurricane.
  15. Media resources

    Yeah John, I think that would work. If someone is recommending a resource that isn't available through a link, or they don't have the link information readily at hand, maybe they could indicate where they purchased or saw the item, and those interested could do further research. And, if a link is found, it could be added later. I had forgotten about the links page. What do you think about the idea of being able to customize the "button ribbon" the search box is located on, to include those tools an individual most wants? Or can we already do this, and I don't know it yet?

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