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  1. Battle Of The Big Boxes

    I seldom shop at Menards because HD and Lowes are closer. And, they both offer the 10% veteran's discount, which Menards doesn't do. I know Menards has their 11% rebate, but that isn't a point of sale discount, and it is only usable in their store. Too much trouble. Menards here used to have a good selection of lumber, especially if I only needed a small piece of something, instead of having to buy 10 or 12 foot board at the lumber store, but they have cut back on that. Between Lowes and HD, I usually try HD first, mainly due to appreciation for their policy of reserving a few parking spots for Purple Heart recipients. Luckily, I don't qualify for that privilege, but I think it is a good thing on their part. One thing about Lowes, if you register on line with their My Lowes card, you can order on line and still get the veteran's discount. Last I checked, HD had no plans to offer a similar program.
  2. Woodturning Club Exchange Challenge

    Thanks everyone. I had forgotten all about the exchange challenge until almost the last minute. I'm happy with it for a last minute project.
  3. Our woodturning club had an exchange challenge today. The idea is that members bring something they have turned, and exchange it with another member for something they have turned. I made a paper clip bowl out of maple and walnut. In the bottom are three rare earth magnets to keep the paper clips in the bowl as it gets slid around on the desk top. This turned out to be one of my learning experiences, aka mistakes, as I figured out halfway into the turning that I couldn't make a small bowl with a traditional curved bottom with a large chuck. Thus, the flared out bottom. Anyway, here's my project. Thanks for looking.
  4. 1924 Oliver 133 Jointer

    Hi Jim. Welcome aboard. OK, just spitballing here. If this idea is a bad idea, I'm sure someone will jump in and stop you before any damage is done. If those plugs are tight, and you are considering making your own tool, maybe a "one-armed" wrench might not do the trick. You could try using a longer bar, with the pins centered along the length, so that you can get both arms into the job, one pulling and the other pushing. Just another idea. Good luck. Tom
  5. I have had friends ask me if I can make, or repair, something for them. They know full well I am just a hobbyist, not a professional. I respond by saying maybe, but you have to so some legwork first. Sometimes, it is "Take some pictures of what is broken, and I'll see if it is something I want to get into". Other times, "I'm not too good at replicating something from a picture. Find me a set of plans, and we'll talk." That has always been the last of the conversation.
  6. Old Cordless Tools

    My understanding is that if you buy the tool and battery as a kit, and register the tool and battery on the Lifetime Service Agreement, (and these are separate registrations, the battery is not automatically included with the tool as part of the tool's LSA), then yes, they offer lifetime replacement for that battery. If, however, you buy the battery as a separate purchase, all you get is the regular warranty, and you cannot register it under the LSA. I suspect that Ridgid decided the battery replacement was too expensive for them, because they are now offering the bare tool only, on some of their tools. I bought the 7 1/4" circular saw as a bare tool, thinking I could use the 2ah battery from my Ridgid drill/driver. It runs the saw, but doesn't have the power to cut through anything other than maybe 3/4" stock. I'm waiting to get the 6ah battery they just came out with, but it isn't in the stores here yet. Available online, but I can't use my military discount online. I may have to go to the store and special order it. When I get it, if I remember, I will post a comment on how the saw works with the stronger battery. BTW, talking about preferences with cordless tools, I really like my Ridgid drill.
  7. Have You Seen 'First Time Flippers'?

    When I read that, I had to look at the date you posted that. I was sure it was an April Fools joke.
  8. I was asking about humidity based on Keith's discussion of it's effects. It sounds like humidity is a factor, but if it's effects are minimal, maybe I won't worry about it. I guess my question was that since I need a new clock for my shop anyway, should I go the extra mile and include the temp and humidity indicators. Thanks all, for the input.
  9. I'm in Wichita KS, and my shop is in my basement. The water heater and AC/furnace system are in the room next to my shop, separated by thin paneling nailed to 2x4s, but no real wall with drywall, insulation, etc. Laundry facilities were in that room, but we moved them upstairs several years ago to save my wife from having to use the stairs.
  10. I have been thinking of getting a new clock for my shop, and I am considering one that has both temperature and humidity dials on it. Do you think this is something worth having, both for finishing and joinery issues, or are those just bells and whistles that aren't really all that useable?
  11. Fog wood? Took me a minute. Found on Ground?
  12. Turning Tool Deflector

    Just FYI, EWT has a similar item, although I don't know if it will fit round shafts like you have.
  13. Wood Stash

    Well, Herb, that ought to keep you busy for awhile. With wood that old, and especially the pieces still with bark on them, you might want to be careful as you run it through that new planer. You never know what might be embedded in the wood. Just a thought, maybe you could get the old Delta cleaned up enough to at least make the initial passes?
  14. Free The Ad Says Radial Arm Saw

    Well, to be fair, my first table saw was a circular saw mounted upside down in a Hirsch saw . It was pretty basic, and not at all accurate, but it gave me enough of a taste to realize I wanted to continue in woodworking. Next saw was a Delta contractor saw, which I still use.
  15. Lathe in Reverse?

    Thanks Steve. Those are things I didn't think of.

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