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  1. Tape Measure Case

    I haven't either. I have thought about trying to incorporate leather in some of my project, such as leather accent panels, or maybe a leather topped desk, but I haven't really done anything yet to make that happen. I'll get around to it someday.
  2. Tape Measure Case

    Just got this email from Tandy Leather for a tape measure case project. Thought someone else might be interested in it. http://bcove.me/8ges2i6c
  3. First attempt

    I especially like the way the grain wraps around on the frame. This attention to detail on what you described as an prototype tells me your "production" models will be spectacular. One question. Where did you get a seven day movement like that? Klockit maybe?
  4. I posted my comments. If anyone is interested, this is what I wrote. Currently, there is only one manufacturer making table saws with flesh sensing technology. Passage of this rule would unreasonably create a monopoly on the manufacture and sale of new table saws. This rule is also unreasonable when compared to helmet requirements for motorcycle riders. There is no federal rule requiring helmets for motorcycle riders, although this is life saving, not finger saving technology. This decision is left up to the state and individual rider. This should be the same for table saws. I would support a requirement for table saw manufacturers to offer flesh sensing technology as a separate model, or an after-market retro-fit package, but do not restrict them to only offering saws with this technology.
  5. As you all probably know, I'm new to turning, so I have to ask: What lathe work doesn't make a mess to clean up?
  6. 15 minute box

    Don't let @Stick486 know about the Breathe Right Strips. I would miss his Snork!
  7. Collapsible outdoor worksurface

    You're right Pat. I should have re-read the original post. I was just focusing on the 4' x 7' size. Who carries that adjustable saw horse? That is pretty cool.
  8. Collapsible outdoor worksurface

    At one time, Menards carried 1 1/8 thick particle board plastic laminated on both sides, one side was white, and one side maple colored. I think it was 4 x 8, but not too sure about that. That, on a couple sawhorses, would be pretty substantial.
  9. Axe vs EWT

    Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not looking for an alternative to EWT. I've only used them a couple of times, and already I am a big fan. I just think they might be getting ripped off by a copycat design.
  10. Go to Top? (RESOLVED)

    What happened to the Go to Top button that used to be below each post? Now I see the up/down arrows on the bottom right. They must have replaced the button I was thinking of.
  11. What is the "@" for?

    Does that make it show up in their notifications icon?
  12. Woodworking clubs showcase (In progress)

    And thank you for not giving up on this.
  13. Axe vs EWT

    OK. It still seems to me like that is less of a difference that what we saw between Bosch and SawStop, but then I'm not a patent lawyer either. What do you call sky diving lawyers? Skeet!
  14. Axe vs EWT

    Yes it is.
  15. What is the "@" for?

    This isn't a bug so much as just a question. What is the purpose of "@" and a members name in a post? Is that to get the person's attention to something they might be interested in, or does that actually serve a designed function?

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