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  1. Woodpeckers is running a sale on the Bora circular saw guide, both the four piece and the five piece sets. I'm considering this, but, according to the Amazon web site, these items have mixed reviews. I really can't justify the cost of a track saw. Has anyone had any experience with this system? I could make my own guides, but then I would need three different sets, as I have three circular saws with different widths between the blade edge and edge of the plate. Any thoughts?
  2. Longworth chuck

    Thanks for the quick reply David. I appreciate that. From what I have been told, each chuck manufacturer has their own version of a Cole jaw, and they aren't interchangeable. If that was bad info, I'm sure someone will come along shortly and enlighten me. But that Longworth chuck, as described in the video, seems more of a universal fit. And don't apologize for letting your fingers get ahead of your thinking, it happens to the best of us. Thanks again.
  3. Longworth chuck

    OK, showing my beginner's ignorance here. How does a Longworth chuck differ from a Cole jaw? In this case, are the words chuck and jaw interchangeable? Of course, I see the difference in appearance, but how do they differ in function? I have been struggling with whether to buy a Cole jaw for my Supernova 2 chuck, as the reviews I have seen are horrible. Is the Longworth chuck a suitable alternative?
  4. PIP River Table

    Hey, @John Morris, would this be a good addition to your tutorial section?
  5. Wood clamps

    I know this is a clamp thread. And in that spirit, I was making the point that HF clamps are not necessarily bad, just because they are from HF.
  6. Wood clamps

    If by "quick clamps" you mean squeeze clamps, Irwin style, no I'm not. I'm talking about the 6" and 18" clamps in the picture in the original post. Maybe they don't have a place in your shop, and that's fine. Everybody has their own style of working. I have a few, and I use them frequently.
  7. Wood clamps

    Not all the time. Sometimes a big a** clamp just gets in the way. Kind of like using a chain saw to do chip carving. I guess it depends on the job at hand.
  8. Wood clamps

    When I get new clamps, they will probably be parallel clamps, Bessey some other quality brand. Although, with respect for @Stick486, and usually agree with him, I do have a good handful of HF clamps, and I have had pretty good luck with them. I don't use them for any heavy duty jobs, though, I use pipe clamps for that. Thus my desire to someday get some parallel clamps.
  9. I've been working on mess control for my lathe. I built a trough with a dust collection hose attached to the bottom, to go under the bed to catch the dust and shavings falling through the slot in the bed. Now, I am cutting down and modifying a shower curtain to hang in front of the lathe to control the mess from getting on the tool and accessories shelf under the bed. I'll post some pictures when I get it all done.
  10. Wife Died

    As all have said, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember, you have a second family here, so if you need to reach out and talk, remember, or just rail at the pain of your loss, we are here for you.
  11. Cost of a square....

    I have a number of tools from Woodpeckers. I agree they are pretty proud of their tools, but I have to say that I have never gotten one that I felt was lacking in quality. As far as their framing squares are concerned, Yeah, probably over priced, but the built-in ledge that allows them to lay flat on the edge and across the face of a panel can be pretty handy. I guess it is an individual decision about where your "break point" is on a tool being too expensive.

    I thought the plural of ignoramus was ignorami.
  13. my new Xmas tools

    Who are you kidding? We always need one more tool.
  14. Yes I did. My friend offered to pay for it, but I wouldn't hear of that. I didn't loan this one out though.
  15. I had a small Buck knife I used to carry at work. It was useful in cutting plastic straps on trays and bundles of mail prior to processing. One night, the lady I was working with needed a knife to cut straps, so I loaned her mine. At the end of the night, she forgot to give it back, and I forgot to ask for it. My fault as much as hers. The next night, after realizing I hadn't gotten the knife back, we both looked for it, but to no avail. Obviously, someone else got a pocket knife. She was really feeling bad about it. I told her it was the last thing my father gave me before he died. Not true at all, I was just messing with her head. She said now she really felt bad. I said, jokingly, which she knew because we worked together frequently, that I was sure we could work something out. She quickly responded "I don't feel that bad!" Not really PC, but it was offered as a joke, and taken as a joke, no harm done.

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