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    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge

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  1. Lathe in Reverse?

    If only.... Steve
  2. Lathe in Reverse?

    Lots of turners sand in reverse, or rather, forward, then reverse, forward, reverse, etc. etc. Reverse can also be beneficial to a lefty, which I am. If I'm not mistaken when outboard turning on lathes without a sliding headstock it's also done in reverse. There is one item I make, my mason jar honey dippers, that I make a cut in reverse every time. It's the cut from the center to rounding over the rim. I just get a better cut and a better finish reversing and doing a push cut away from my body. Dave Schweitzer at Dway tools sells hollowing tools that are designed to work with the lathe reversed. That way a person is not leaning out over the ways when hollowing and it's easier to see the cut. Steve
  3. Tübatulabal Cooking Basket

    Nicely Done! Would love to see more of your work. steve
  4. vacuum sysstem in up and running

    Thank you sir!!
  5. The second cryptex

    Dab, the index wheel on the lathe would work just fine, in fact, that's what Carl Jacobson does in his video. I was just never that confident in my hand lettering skills and I wanted something more permanent than ink. To be honest, it's a much easier project than a person would think. It's one of those times where consistency is much more important than being accurate. Suggest you watch Carl's videos as he explains really well how to make one. If a person doesn't have a lathe with an index there are after market index wheels to fit most any spindle size.
  6. The second cryptex

    Patch, the "cryptex" is from a book called "The Da Vinci Code". According to the book and the movie this device was used to send secret messages on parchment paper. Included with the paper would be a vial of vinegar. It was supposed to be impossible to break into the cryptex without breaking the vial thereby destroying the parchment and the message. Wikipedia on the cryptex Steve
  7. The second cryptex

    I'm following Carl Jacobson's design and in his video the rings are glued in place so no, they are not removable. I can maybe the second ring could be threaded to be removable if the "safe" were open. When closed and locked the ring couldn't be removed because the pins would hold it in place. Might be something to think about but I think it wouldn't be real practical because it's very difficult to get the rings all the same diameter over a spread of only rings. To make 20 or 30 to be interchangeable might be pushing it. Steve
  8. The second cryptex

    I've thought about it some, in my mind the easiest way to do it would be make the rings two piece with an outer lettered ring and an inner ring with one slot. The inner ring with the slot could then be re-positioned on any letter to change the code. For that to work one of the border rings would have to be removable and in this design they are glued in place. Steve
  9. The second cryptex

    Thanks to everyone for looking and commenting. Steve
  10. The second cryptex

    On the ones I'm making the code is pretty set in stone...er....wood. I've seen some advertised online where the code can be changed but I have no idea how to do that. The code is, of course, NEITC. Our club has a bring back raffle every month, now and then a member will throw in something extra, I'll probably do that with this one. Steve
  11. The second cryptex

    LOL, we'll always be krumy's Dan, have been for as long as I can remember. Steve AKA krumy
  12. The second cryptex

    This is the second cryptex I've finished. I re wrote the border file and I like this look much better. This one is a five ring code as I'm going to use it for the demo at our next meeting of the NorthEast Indiana Turners and Chiselers(NEITC). Anyone care to guess what is the code?? The first one actually works smoother, I didn't dry fit the rings before gluing it up and I should have. Oh well, someone said in another thread, it's how we grow. Steve
  13. vacuum sysstem in up and running

    This is a good thread and I'm glad you shared it, have you got a link to buy those unions? Steve
  14. chopping block bowl

    Those are beautiful and impressive, segmenting is something that looks really difficult to me. Can't imagine doing something that. Steve
  15. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners March 14 2018

    Nice job Lew. I'm anxious to see what you do with that burl as well. I follow Holly on facebook, she is very creative with her snowpeople Steve

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