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  1. Word of the Week

    This used to be an exercise in typing class -- you know that one with typewriters.
  2. OK, if you are a roofer or plumber working in obscure places without power, sure. But does the world's DIYer really need all these cordless tools -- routers, table saws, chain saws, jig saws, recip saws? What does a new 32V battery replacement cost? And what happens when it gives out two cuts before you are done? I have a drill-driver because I'm often working in someone's home and don't want to have to string extension cords all over the place. And most of the time I'm driving screws that don't work all that well with a corded drill. But in the shop, I'm rarely more than 6' from an outlet. A number of years ago, there was a trim carpenter working in the home where I was. He had a battery powered brad nailer. I have a compressor that weighs about 25 lb and hoses are no problem when I'm working in one or two adjacent rooms. Even if I have to unplug it, I can do a door frame on the tank. And I don't have to wait for the "bam, whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, click, ..." (onomatopoeia) http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/tools/reviews/g1358/12-great-tool-gifts-for-diyers/?slide=1&src=socialflowFB
  3. Dove Tailing

    I got a "Universal Joiner" In the demo, it looked neat. It took me 3 days so sit down and figure out how it worked. You have spacers you have to add in one of a number of different holes and spacer diameter based on half-pins, half-tails, one of each, and how big they are. And you have to flip the template and potentially pick a different hole and spacer for the other half of the tails. And if it's more than about 6", you have to pick a new set of holes/spacer for the second half of the set. And it makes 2" o/c and 3" o/c pins (but you can get 1.5" o/c with a new set of holes/spacers). In addition to a large manual with my notes in the margins and cross references, I have some class notes and a cheat-sheet I made for myself. You can also (easily!?) have a skipped pin if you want that look. I cannot imagine any other dovetail jig being as complex as this one. My philosophy has always been, "Every time you need to make a change in a setting, it gives you the opportunity to make a mistake." I think I've finally had enough of it. I'm trying to keep in practice with hand-cut. The inventor / owner finally retired and closed the business, thankfully no one else will have to endure this product.
  4. I used to have a number of walnut trees on a prior home. It's no wonder walnut trees grow so slowly, they are the last to leaf out and the first to drop their leaves.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I got some 3'x8' sheets of plywood off Craig's list for free from a church's festival who decided their day was over. My guess, based on the plywood cores, is that they were made some time in the '80s. Anyway, snatched it up and it's 1/2" painted plywood with lots of sticky Velcro and hot glue on one side. Had to add some 3/4" CDX plywood from the scrap bin waiting-for-the-right-project pile for the torsion boxes. Velcro goes on the non-show surface. I need to get a bit more hardware, then do some alignment and attach the supports. I also have to make a dust hood for the back. Re-purposed those sheets just fine. Re-
  6. Spent the day Friday with three other guys completing cutting out parts for the 120 dining tables we're going to push to get assembled for Christmas for the furniture bank. Figured 2040 pieces cut to size, stretch wrapped, and stacked. http://nlfurniture.org/
  7. Aging wood

    Not my cup of tea (pardon the pun), but in case you are interested. Note the first slide -- run some tests because not all woods react the same. Rustoleum also makes a weathered wood stain, but I've not tried it either. https://www.familyhandyman.com/painting/how-to-age-wood/?pmcode=IVBJJU103&_cmp=DiyTipsHintsNL&_ebid=DiyTipsHintsNL10202017&_mid=176709&ehid=EBC4D8BEC6F08D97A318788DB78D9A1244AF138A/20/#listicle/2/
  8. I was really proud of this

    I often get a chuckle out of professional signmakers who make a spelling or grammar mistake.
  9. Amazing http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/infrastructure/a16068/hot-dogs-and-construction-equipment/?src=socialflowFB
  10. Judy is known for Intarsia https://intarsia.com/ Wayne is known for chip carving https://chipcarving.com/ There were a few vendors there, but I'm not all that interested in Dremel burrs, carving knives or blocks of basswood or cottonwood bark. "Should be like a person's dog, I can admire it but not be expected to take it home with me." About the only carving I do is Swedish wood spoons a la Wille Sundqvist. All you need for that is a knife and a gouge, and optionally an axe. https://www.amazon.com/Swedish-Carving-Techniques-Fine-Woodworking/dp/1627106731
  11. I get to this show every few years, and it's everything they say it is. And now we've both moved and it's about 7 miles away instead of 70. If you're anywhere nearby, don't miss it. It's a lot of carvers, and the rest are turners, woodworkers of all sorts and vendors. I'll be there Sunday. http://daytoncarvers.com/artistryinwood.html P.S. Yesterday I sat in on some taping of Popular Woodworking's I Can Do That video series. Had a great time as "the studio audience" and talking to Chad Stanton and David Thiel who's been with PopWood for years. </drive by gloat>
  12. Went up today. Sorry, forgot my camera - hectic weekend. Lots of carvers, a few turners, and fewer furniture makers. Handful of vendors of wood and knives. In addition to the usual caricature carvers, the latest fad seems to be carving Harry Potter-ish towers out of cottonwood bark. One exhibitor called them "Whimsical carving." The other fad seems to be sale of "rough outs" that appeared to be CNC shaped wood ready for detail carving. Judy Gale Roberts and Wayne Barton (if those names mean anything to you) were both there. Missed Scott Phillips who did a "New Tools" presentation yesterday.
  13. Initials, anyone?

    Yeah, what happened to Larry Jenkins? I remember him from WOOD forums.
  14. We All Use Math;

  15. I saw Chad Stanton do a video on LFL and got my interest up. I live on a country road with not a lot of traffic but am considering making one for the church parking lot (on a more traveled country road as it's 1/2 mile from an interstate exit). I'd probably make it a miniature version of the church building (the front part). I have some stained glass that I could use for the Gothic windows. Comments, ideas?
  16. Weekend with WOOD?

    Anybody been to one of these? Comments pro or con? https://www.woodstore.net/store/Weekend-With-WOOD-2018.aspx?a=NWS171012&did=180241-20171012
  17. No, it's not me. ttp://www.wafb.com/story/36579417/cleveland-is-that-you-armed-robbery-victim-asks-no-its-not-me-suspect-replies-according-to-warrant
  18. Six Dumb Questions Real 
Lawyers Asked In Court “How many times have you 
committed suicide?” “Were you alone or by yourself?” “Was it you or your brother who was killed?” “Without saying anything, tell the jury what you did next.” “Was that the same nose you broke as a child?” “Now, doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, 
he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?”
  19. After the sign got lost (somewhere?) for two weeks and the rain ended, got it installed today. Ready for business this weekend.
  20. Flu shot anyone?

    My Doc said it was a stronger dose because as we age, our immune system isn't as strong to react and needs a bit of a boost to get full immunity.
  21. I'm planning to be there Sunday afternoon. If anyone else goes, look me up.
  22. Flu shot anyone?

    Nope, get one every year. Got mine last week.
  23. Actually, there are battery powered compressors (and miter saws). But the article was for DIYers, not pros on the construction site.
  24. This is in an area sort of out of the mainstream work area -- rough stock breakdown and occasional cut to length. I'll probably just put a scrap bin under there for short cutoffs. Though it might be used for jigs & other infrequently-used tools

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