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  1. Be frugal, not cheap

    I plan to make an espresso finish. Start with a red undertone dye, then stain with GF Espresso stain, and I'll be trying EnduroVar for the first time. Probably will brush on the face frame and spray the rest.
  2. I saw Chad Stanton do a video on LFL and got my interest up. I live on a country road with not a lot of traffic but am considering making one for the church parking lot (on a more traveled country road as it's 1/2 mile from an interstate exit). I'd probably make it a miniature version of the church building (the front part). I have some stained glass that I could use for the Gothic windows. Comments, ideas?
  3. Gene, your son is on the phone, he says he wants to move back home. But just for "a little while."
  4. DC wireless remote

    I put a DPDT switch on the wall next to the workbench that controls the circuit to the Dust Collector. We don't need no steeekin' remotes :-) I have an "extension cord' with a 120V duplex outlet controlled by a switch. Today I was using it -- the shop vac across the room was plugged into it and it sat on the work table where I was working. Pick up the sander, turn on the switch and sand away. Turn off the switch and set the sander down. Worked fine. Way less than $20 invested, especially since I re-purposed the wire on the extension cord. Another way to skin that there cat. Here's a picture of the switchable extension cord right in the middle of the photo.
  5. But they do seem to be going for the Restoration Hardware et.al. fake antique, the industrial chic (freight carts as coffee tables, plumbing pipes as bookshelves, etc.) https://www.marketplace.org/2017/08/15/business/one-vintage-thing-that-doesnt-appeal-millennials-furniture
  6. Above average life before topic drift around here.
  7. Tool Handy Hack

    A couple of years ago, I was painting a number of rooms in my house. I read an article about using an angled putty knife to cut the masking tape into the corners on trim. I ran out to the corner hardware store and bought the basic knife and cut the top to an angle. I found it handy for the tape but also other projects like puttying in corners, scraping, etc. It's earned a place in my tool drawer.
  8. Be frugal, not cheap

    Well, did the second round of stripper, rinsed with scotch-brite & acetone, and sanded with 120, then 150. Edges got a light hit with a block plane. Almost ready for the finish when I get the face frame sanded and a half-wall top re-made. Still not sure I would not have been ahead just to make new doors.
  9. I worked many years on a product that was sold to the company I worked for. I believe the developer got money up front, a royalty on purchases, the right to reclaim the product if it didn't meet certain sales volumes (the old buy it and shelve it or not know what to do with it scenario). He also got an executive-level job at the company. At the time I left the company, it was the company's highest annual money maker in terms of sales, and was nearing one billion dollars in sales world-wide. They could have paid me a little more since I was the lead developer for most of those years.
  10. We All Use Math;

    It's Pythagorean Theorem Day! You may remember, the Pythagorean Theorem is a² +b²=c². We can apply this to today's date: 8/15/17: 8² + 15²=17². The next Pythagorean Day isn't until 12/16/20!
  11. We All Use Math;

  12. You're assuming Gass does not get a royalty on every unit sold and shares in parent company in addition to lump sum for intellectual property and physical assets.
  13. miter saw dust collection design

    I hooked up a small shop vac ($20 at Menards on sale) with a master-slave switch so it comes on when I pull the saw trigger. The one thing that helped a lot is I put some duct tape back to back at the back edge of the hood. It channels the dust up to the port that way that it didn't without it. Adapted this idea from one I saw on the Festool miter saw. Currently, I have a cardboard box behind the saw to catch what the vac doesn't. When i build my miter saw station, I plan to build a hood and hook it up to the dust collector sitting nearby. I saw a video last night and the guy had made a hood and on the front edge was a sheet of plastic with tabs cut up and down it, so the majority of it was enclosed, but would cut at any angle.
  14. Worked on building a theater set (cruise ship) for an upcoming play. 2-bys, OSB, and deck screws.

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