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  1. I've pulled up to $10 in change out of a recliner.
  2. Some of the comments date back to early 2014. Given the number of strike-thrus and comments, a lot has changed and not all of them are up to date. IIRC Stanley-B&D sold of Porter Cable several years ago. Starting to look like the paint manufacturers.
  3. I have plans to build a miter saw station, but it's pretty far down on the list. Anyone have one of these and/or comment on suitability? Not sure I could build one for $99 unless I get a lot of free material somewhere.
  4. I was just getting into one of the first pieces of furniture I ever made. and thus the lesson learned. If you are ever doing a cabinet with side-by-side frame and panel doors, do this: Make the center stiles ripped from the same board and keep the orientation. That way, you not only get good grain match, but if there is any bowing to the wood, they will bow together and there won't be any visible difference. The stiles on the outside are kept in more or less position by the hinges. And look for a piece of wood that doesn't have a twist or bow to it to begin with. Notice how the grain aligns on the center stiles in this photo.
  5. Around here, there are a few law firms that advertise heavily on the local news hours. One of them, "Don't hire an ambulance-chasing law firm, contact us." Yeah, and the difference would be ....?
  6. Yeah, POTUS and I buy those gold pry bars from the same place. There's a closed munitions / gunpowder plant near here dating prior to WWI -- They say that the horses used in the mill to haul the wagons around used to have brass horseshoes so there was no chance of a spark making a kaboom. Watch out for that beryllium, it can be toxic. And low density probably means your tool is a copper-Be alloy?
  7. Well, there were only a few companies anyway. We're down from 5 holding 90%+ of the market to 3 (give or take a few)
  8. I believe it's stuff that contains iron, like steel. Covers most tools in the shop unless you have a bronze pry bar. I don't use my 18K gold one very often as I don't want it scratched.
  9. I'll probably find a use for it, if only a garden tote. I cheated and just did rabbet and dado joints (sometimes called rabbit and dadoe joint's) since it's in a low stress, infrequent application. 10 minutes time. I used Titebond No Run / No Drip glue that works great on the end grain surfaces in that type of joint. Maybe I should shoot it full of pneumatic brads like the Chinese would??? Nah.
  10. If you click on the images, you'll see the various parts. It's out of production now, so no web site or anything.
  11. (Other than Baltic Birch) is it metric or just shaving off 1/32" here and there?
  12. Oops, you're right. A friend of mine from Oklahoma was telling me about a guy who build a barn and glued together the roof trusses because "glue is stronger than nails." Worked great until one summer day when the heat softened all the glue and everything fell apart.
  13. Two happiest days in a boat owner's life: the day they buy it and the day they get rid of it.
  14. They say the "pressure" spreads out at 45 degrees. A minute's thought will tell you that it can't be the same for a very stiff beam as for a limp one. Yet another won't die myth.
  15. On a positive note, I've just hit 2k posts (2048 = 211)

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