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  1. Eagle scratch art

    From the album Signs and images

    My first ever scratch art. Talking with a fellow chainsaw carver from England, she does this type of art. She gave me the knowledge to do this with a blowtorch, and a dremel with certain bits. Still a ways to go even though an hour so far. Enjoy!!!
  2. Let it snow

    I'm doing a ton of them so I can sell them at a chainsaw carving comp or just sell em outright. Nice use for scrap.
  3. Let it snow

    From the album Signs and images

    Had a few boards laying around. Routed and burnt the grain, followed by a light coat of paint. Simple stencil with acrylic is then done sealed by spar varnish. Total time was 15 minutes.
  4. Eagle scratch art

    Hi Lew! No believe it or not.... piece of scrap pine burned to a crisp with a map torch. Then dremels to scratch off the outlines and shading.
  5. Officer cross

    Because I had no name, I chose to put faith under it. It worked out Well! Thank you!
  6. Officer cross

    From the album Religious scroll projects

    This cross will be in the memorial auction Oct 8 in Norvelt, pa
  7. Christmas triptych

    Thank You! Yeah he's happy with it.
  8. Christmas triptych

    From the album Religious scroll projects

    Last project of the year goes to my father in law. Took about 2 evenings to finish up. Put a thick backer on it to make it stand. Enjoy!!!
  9. Angel cross

    From the album Religious scroll projects

    This Angel cross is going to the annual officer memorial event Oct 8 2017. It will be in Norvelt, Pa.
  10. Let it snow

    That's right. We are gonna be insane cold here !
  11. Let it snow

  12. Religious scroll projects

    Various religious articles done by saw.
  13. Christmas triptych

    Yeah he wants to show it off all year. He's cleaning a spot on the shelf now!
  14. Believe

    From the album Signs and images

    Free hand routed and free hand painting. Just use of a board laying around.
  15. Maple rustic chair 2

    I can probably weld one a tad bit better but now i have one, i can always use it till it cant go no more. All simple pieces to buy at say hd or lowes. Simple welding and boom you're in. I like this one though. It's effective.
  16. Maple rustic chair 2

    From the album Construction projects

    The finished result of a few logs from out back. Now to add hand carved feathers with leather strapping. Then I'll call it finished. A great outdoor porch chair for lacing up the hunting boots!!! The seat was cherry from my bandsaw mill.
  17. Maple rustic chair 2

    It also eliminates staggered tenons which may not fit. Find the center point, dril a 1/4" hole for mount and boom. This also allows you to turn bent logs for a more crooked look.
  18. Maple rustic chair 2

    Thanks lew!. No I didn't. I used a logman tool. Drills wobble and have a set tenon size. This you can do any size and do things like porch rails etc. Check em out, just Google logman tools. I could have probably made one. It mounts to a router. Spins like a lathe.
  19. Tis The season

    That way you can add different lettering instead of plain Jane the whole way through. Some signage looks good being different!
  20. Tis The season

    From the album Signs and images

    Mounted / glued up a panel to make a hand painted sign. Computer generated letters in which I rubbed chalk on back of paper to trace letters. Then painted in the lines. The panel was first burned, then spray painted red for a rustic look.
  21. Believe

    Merry Christmas John! Hope you and the crew have a great start with the New Year!
  22. Maple rustic chair 3

    From the album Construction projects

    Front view.
  23. Construction projects

    Projects I have accumulated as a carpenter before and after the military. Tons of ideas and things that I could make budget friendly.
  24. Haunted House

    Thank You! Just got this pattern the other day. Figured I'd rush and get it up before Halloween!
  25. Haunted House

    From the album Signs and images

    Made this in one evening and used a couple of spray paints to generate pretty good color. Enjoy!

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