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  1. Maple rustic chair 2

    I can probably weld one a tad bit better but now i have one, i can always use it till it cant go no more. All simple pieces to buy at say hd or lowes. Simple welding and boom you're in. I like this one though. It's effective.
  2. Maple rustic chair 2

    It also eliminates staggered tenons which may not fit. Find the center point, dril a 1/4" hole for mount and boom. This also allows you to turn bent logs for a more crooked look.
  3. Maple rustic chair 2

    Thanks lew!. No I didn't. I used a logman tool. Drills wobble and have a set tenon size. This you can do any size and do things like porch rails etc. Check em out, just Google logman tools. I could have probably made one. It mounts to a router. Spins like a lathe.
  4. Tis The season

    That way you can add different lettering instead of plain Jane the whole way through. Some signage looks good being different!
  5. Believe

    Merry Christmas John! Hope you and the crew have a great start with the New Year!
  6. Signs and images

    Scrollsaw projects that are random from signage to portraits and other misc Designs I put together by laptop and generated into a pattern.
  7. Construction projects

    Projects I have accumulated as a carpenter before and after the military. Tons of ideas and things that I could make budget friendly.
  8. Haunted House

    Thank You! Just got this pattern the other day. Figured I'd rush and get it up before Halloween!
  9. Maple rustic chair

    Thank you lew, starting to up the arsenal of tools!
  10. Signs and images

    Sir Benney was designed after our min pin on a computer. I generated the pattern using photoshop, then cut it by scroll saw. The silence sign was done by router free hand. Sprayed black in lettering, and sanded off.
  11. Flying eagle 2

    Thank you John! Next month I'm invited to Branson Missouri to carve 6 days there for the biggest veterans event in the U.S. Master carver Steve Gore of Chainsaws for Charity will be hosting it. He will be touring next Year for 16 months with a memorial wall carving that's 50 feet long and 35,000 pounds across the states. He invited me to it because I'm a wounded warrior. There will be 8 of us carving. I have got to know many worldwide saw artists and keep in touch with them for help. You never stop learning. When you do, it's time to put them saws down. Creativity is another must. If you can't do it, find a way to do so. It can be done with proper planning !
  12. Scroll pumpkin

    Welcome. It's a hegner in a dewalt body. For the price of the hegner, I can but 3 of these and they are very forgiving saws. You can turn em up without having to bolt em down so it's more portable for me.
  13. Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife

    Collector plates, wildlife scenes and outdoors type projects. From my neck of the woods.
  14. Red tail hawk

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna leave natural with just a burn.... or use stains and airbrush it. I been wanting to do tons of natural as of late. It's pointing towards that.
  15. Chainsaw Carving

    When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.

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