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  1. Rainbow trout 6

    Thank you! Wait till I do some others. I'm going to do a whole bar like this. Wait till that begins. A pike chasing a perch to start. Also trout in the other 4 ft of bar space. Overall it will be like 12 ft.
  2. Rainbow trout 8

    Thank you gents! It has been a fun piece and matter of fact, I have mounted up blocks for a trio. A guy wants a brook a brown and a rainbow. This is gonna be a real task. Hopefully I'll get em posted here. Stay tuned. I have to still carve the backer for this!
  3. Rainbow trout 6

    Amazing what acrylic paint through an airbrush does!
  4. Rainbow trout 8

    Thank you Herb!
  5. Rainbow trout 6

  6. Chainsaw Carving

    When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.
  7. Rainbow trout 5

    Will do! Thank you for the likes! I think it will be a busy year along with sales too. I'm sure my hands are going to hurt after all of this
  8. Rainbow trout 5

    Yes and some memory. I studied different colors and rainbows vary from olive to silver to even browns and some blues with yellow. Depending on Sun, temperature, age I'd think that makes a difference. This project has me thinking on a much bigger scale like a scenery under my bar. Pike chasing a perch on one side and trout together on the other. My whole bar room will be hand carved.
  9. Rainbow trout 5

    Once I get all the spots on I think it will be more of a rainbow. Still have eyes to do. The fins came out awesome. Still tons to go.
  10. Rainbow trout 5

    The colors are popping! I got rainbow stripe on it. I used a gold glitter paint with one drop of yellow above the stripe. It gave a nice smooth look!
  11. Rainbow trout 5

    Thank you Herb! It's going to be a bit different than the usual because a lot do it that way. Carved driftwood with rocks. Then a resin poured top to indicate water. After that leaves carved and laid upon water to resemble autumn. The fish will also point downward which is different than most going up. Can't wait to show finished product.
  12. Rainbow trout 3

    Hi lew... no I just used a half round chisel for the scales. However if anyone carves fish pay close attention to scale patterns. They are in fact different. I.e. a koi has large patterned diamonds vs. A trout in which is a half round to a vee point at the base. The chisel I used in this application is a 1/4 rammelson chisel.
  13. Rainbow trout

  14. Rainbow trout

    Thank you guys! This is very new to me and a prototype that is in fact going to be sold to a friend. I was told to post it on other pages to see how the likes are. I still have a design in mind and if it goes well yes I will sell them. I will post on here Matt47 when the finish product is done. I have 2 chainsaw carvers guiding me on this in aspect of color and position. I specking out the price too. This is going to have driftwood, rocks, and a resin top to indicate water. On top of the resin, will be carved leaves as if fallen on a stream in the fall. Stay tuned!
  15. K9

    Thank you Pat. If I knew how to send it I would. I bought the pattern from the wooden teddy bear. In the search type in gs. I don't know how to send as an attachment. It would save ya like 7 or 8 bucks.

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