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  1. Hi Cal. Anything is game on in chainsaw carving. I've even seen it laminated from kiln dried too. To preserve it I'll use 1/3 log oil 1/3 thinner and sometimes 1/3 spar. However spar tends to create white spots. I let my carvings dry for about a week before I finish it. If it cracks it's normal. Big cracks I'll glue wedges and trim them to blend in. Then restain or color.
  2. Thanks guys!
  3. From the album chainsaw carving

    Front view of the eagle. Enjoy! Prowess Carving
  4. From the album chainsaw carving

    An eagle I'm working on for the front yard by my flagpole. Medium is cherry. 3ft tall . Enjoy!! Prowess Carving
  5. They are and great time killer! They aren't too bad as soon as the concept is gripped. I started out with a book published by Lora S. Irish. A great artist who's got lots of talent. She is very well known and has perspective down to a tee. Her art and drawings are by far awesome.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Thank you! I think the fun parts are 1. Being just a log and 2 the end result. I love before and after pics!
  8. Yes it's for a girl who is special needs. As I see it everything in her world is intelligent. She thinks with the high end of her brain. We use 2 steps... one being a survival mode the other being high end. She is just plain awesome. She lives without chaos. Simple things please her such as animals etc. So what would be a good way to be good to a neighbor like that??? Simple carve her an animal!
  9. Hi John! Kind of, however I just got my detail saw in today. All geared up for detail finally. But you can do it all with mini grinders ,Sanders ,dremels, just takes a ton to do unless you got a good game plan.
  10. Thank you Lew . Hey moving closer to you lol. I'm now in johnstown/ Richland area. Nice quiet place to carve!
  11. From the album chainsaw carving

    Still have a ways to go. This eagle will have much more detail and is for my father in law because he likes echo chainsaws. Lots to do yet but I figured I'd share It! Thanks for looking!
  12. From the album chainsaw carving

    Made from sassafrass. This carving has been done by all hand grinders. Not one chainsaw even though it is under chainsaw carving. Some grinders use a chain blade in different diameters including a 2" wheel. Enjoy!
  13. From the album chainsaw carving

    Made this for a new neighbor since we moved. I dont have all my tools.... but they are on their way! Its secluded where i am so now i can concentrate more!!!
  14. Thank you guys!
  15. Thanks to all. This is getting "framed" too. So it sits above the door. A different project because of using 360º blades the whole time. That's in part due to the length is past the cut throat of the saw. You must use delicate and precision control on the saw cutting in all directions. very tough to do. Hard on saw too but if gentle it's all good. I have a Christmas door topper I'll do when we move. Got to pack shop up soon. The door toppers look awesome on a shelf with subtle light.... uplighting the project.

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