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  1. Big Iron auction (not mine)

    Actually, I like the idea of 3 phase equipment and a VFD. A VFD would give good soft starts, and lots of control for something like lathe speeds.
  2. Powermatic model 65

    You might check out the Old Woodworking machines site, they have lots of collectors there.
  3. Three shop tour.

    You are very welcome. Hope you ahve a strong Stomach, i am voting for Thai or Korean next time we go out!
  4. A Work in Progress

    Hey its progress....I spent all weekend tiling a laundry room floor, finally made it out to the wood shop to sand a door and lay out some parts for a book case I want to build.
  5. Delta 785 Band Saw

    I think we have found a winner!
  6. How to Start a Fight

    According to that Darwin thing all life is related....shame you can't choose your relatives. Given what I see of humans these days, I might prefer Klingon's.... Where is Spock when you need him?
  7. How to Start a Fight

    Were you sitting across from me I would ahve to flip you the bird....! Might have to finger out how to do that first though...
  8. How to Start a Fight

    Darwin and his laws of selective evolution ahve not always been successful at making the best humans or eliminating the bad ones from the human gene pool quickly enough....give it time...the tree of life is self pruning...
  9. Got my new 2017 tool catalog

    High mileage trade ins often don't bring much, you might be better trying to sell her outright....! (ducks from wrench thrown my direction...just kidding bro!) In all seriousness, I was one year ahead of my wife in College. When I was a freshmen, went on a student trip to the middle east and one of the girls on the trip was Kathy, who would be my wife's room mate her freshman year. Gentleman we met during our travels offered us 10 Camels for Kathy and was quite offended when we wouldn't trade her. Would not trade my wife for a Camel....but checked out an Italian band saw at Wood Werks supply here in Columbus last night. Band saw has possibilities....but it wouldn't rub my feet when they got tired from standing on the concrete shop floor. But then again, neither will my wife....!
  10. Got my new 2017 tool catalog

    ...and the sad thing is that there have been plenty of good American tool makers who ahve gone the way of the dodo bird before that. Most prized tool in my shop is a large vintage Buffalo Tools Co drill press, probably Pre WWII. Thing is a beast.... If I could buy tools like THAT...I would never look at an Asian tool again...
  11. Where are all the good drill bits?

    ...there is that reduction in the local stray cat population to consider....
  12. Got my new 2017 tool catalog

    She is...I don't mind joking about wives but...my neighbor is a woodworker also. His wife wants half of the garage for her car in winter, can't blame her we live in Ohio. Live in a neighborhood with attached two car garages.... Every morning I see my wife scrape ice off of her car during winter so I can ahve a full garage workshop...and I am mighty grateful...even more so when she scrapes my windshield for me... She does have a hard time saying no to me in other ways though, which is probably why we have 5 kids....
  13. Got my new 2017 tool catalog

    I can't complain, she has never said no once if we could afford something...and that is in 28 years of marriage....not that I haven't been tempted...!
  14. Where are all the good drill bits?

    I absolutely love Asian food....I could live on it 24-7!
  15. How to Start a Fight

    I don't think I ahve ever seen Steven with a plane that far from his body...

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