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  1. Courtland

  2. Walnut Rocker Leg to Seat Joint

    Thanks sir Cliff!
  3. Walnut Rocker Side View

    Thanks Lew, still trying to get my next chair back on the bench and assembled, the parts are all ready just need to get motivated! Thanks again Lew.
  4. Walnut Rocker Side View

    Holy Cow Gene! Now that's a compliment! Although I think once you coveted the chair, it would be a one owner chair after that.
  5. Walnut Rocker Finish

    From the album Walnut Rocking Chair

    The grain really pops in these chairs when the first coat of oil is applied.
  6. Walnut Rocker Seat

    From the album Walnut Rocking Chair

    Before the finish is applied the chair is sanded to 800 then buffed to 1200 Abralon. The chair is already shining before the first finish goes on.
  7. Walnut Rocker Front View

    From the album Walnut Rocking Chair

    The seat is really fun to shape in these rockers, you get to make a ton of sawdust!
  8. Walnut Rocker Leg to Seat Joint

    From the album Walnut Rocking Chair

    The joints in these chair is known as the "money shot". They are really pleasing to the eye, but in the manufacturing process of the leg to seat joints, the process can go from great to disaster in milliseconds, and the project could be ruined. I am happy when the seat joint operations are completed!
  9. Walnut Rocker Side View

    From the album Walnut Rocking Chair

    This is a Black Walnut chair I built from a wonderful set of Hal Taylor plans for this style of rocking chair. To see Hal's plans please go to Rocking Chair University. This image was taken before final sanding.
  10. small nasty turning

    Don't delete the entry Ron, take a picture of the project and post it here regardless what it looks like! Part of us learning from others is seeing what a disaster looks like because we all have em! I'd be very interested in seeing the turning either way.
  11. a bookcase begins

    Gene, I own the F style Jorgys too, I literally used channel locks to turn the handles for troublesome clamping, problem with that is my handles are getting destroyed, never thought of drilling holes in the handles to insert a dowel or steel rod, thanks!
  12. Where'd The Arbor Go?

    Steve, what belts did you go with, standard engine belts or the fancy ones with links?
  13. New saw, but needed sharpened

    Great job Steve, and thanks for the tutorial. You would not believe it, but in today's disposable world we live in, folks actually throw a saw away when it becomes dull.
  14. Hand cut or machine cut dovetails

    I guess you had not choice but by hand on that one right Steve! Those types of joints should be called Eagle tails, too big to be called Dove tails.
  15. Where'd The Arbor Go?

    Time for new belts, or is it just the way it is at this point?

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