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  1. Good plan, Lew!
  2. It is Friday already! It seemed that Fridays came slowly when I was working but now they're here before I realize it. Its been a busy week here in the Heartland. I drove across state this week and picked up a new HVAC system that will be installed next week, continued deconstructing a house with my son (we're down to bare studs on the interior), and I've spent a ton of ton studying to teach our Sunday School class. In my spare time I finished a cabinet for my daughter and built a couple of window sashes for a friend. My daughter has a small utility room that houses her water softener and the middle granddaughter has her drums in the same room. They wanted a cabinet to cover the softener but also be functional. It was a bit tricky because it had to be open on the back so that it would slide over the softener but it had cabinet space on the side adjacent to the front door. Made my head hurt but we got it completed. Pic below. Notice that she gets to paint it and the upper cabinet is on the side opposite the cart. So, the weekend is coming! What's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda?
  3. Very Complex, Random Design Cutting Board

    Looks like a whole lotta work to me.
  4. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! April 16, 2018

    Election Board meeting today and I have to build a pair of window sashs for a friend. Tomorrow is a trip across the state to pick up a new HVAC system.
  5. Well Patriot Woodworkers it is Friday the 13th. Anyone superstitious folks out there? Personally, Friday the 13th is a "lucky" day for me. I separated the Air Force on Friday, July 13th. This has been a week of construction/destruction. I just finished a utility cabinet for my daughter and we are continuing to de-construct a house that my son bought. Tomorrow, I'm going to an auction to try to snag some wood. We'll see how that goes in the rain. So, what's on your agenda for this spring weekend?
  6. Got 'R Home

    Nice catch, Cliff. If the clutch is like most lathes, its not too bad. If it is slipping, the adjustment is pretty easy. Get lots of BIG friends to help move it.
  7. Auction Notice - April 14Th

    The WoodMizer only has 2 hours run time on it. The guy paid $29K for it. The Belsaw is a 12" planer and opens to 6". It is rough too. There's a real nice old Walker Turner jointer there. My wife's uncle is the Administrator of the estate so I've been over there and "sampled" some of the cherry. The weather is supposed to be really nasty with storms Saturday. I'll be curious to see what everything brings. I'll probably bid on the Uni to part it out.
  8. Auction Notice - April 14Th

    There is an auction this Saturday that features a whole lot of what excites us. There's probably 20,000 - 30,000 BF of Walnut, cherry, beech, oak and bass wood up for grabs. I was fortunate enough to have bought a couple hundred board feet of the cherry and it measures at about 10% moisture content. It has all been stickered for about 15 years. If you're close to Indiana, bring a trailer. https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3068107.html?kwd=&zip=47348&category=0
  9. A Few Days Late But.

    I'll give him a pass.
  10. Freezing Your Credit Question.

    Since we have been involved with the Target hack, the Anthem hack and a couple of others, we froze ours several years ago. In Indiana there is no fee for a freeze but here's something that you need to know. You'll be issued a PIN from each reporting agency to unfreeze it if and when you need it so store the PINs in a safe place. Don't lose it because it is a pain to get another. DAMHIK On a side note, a couple of years ago Dorothy and I both subscribed to the identity theft protection provided through AAA and backed by Experian. There is a free program but we opted for the paid one because the protection was better. It is $8.95 a month (per person) and actively monitors your credit and ID. I never thought I'd need it but I sleep well at night because of it. No paid plug, just free information.
  11. A Few Days Late But.

    I bet the next model features Kentucky Windage.
  12. Need Help Aligning A Grizzly Tablesaw

    For what it is worth...... I have a 1947 Delta Unisaw and have aligned it twice because I took the top off. I didn't touch the trunions but moved the top. Loke Dave said, I made sure the had no runout in it and I drew the top bolts but a bit snug. Too loose and the top will bounce and too tight won't allow movement. I was lucky enough to have a surface gage that had pins on the back and I indicated it from the miter slot running back and forth across the blade. I set miter about .005 plus towards the back of the blade so that the wood wouldn't get pinched at the fence. If I were closer I set it up for you. Mine took about 10 minutes.
  13. Hey gang, Friday is here again. Been a weird week in my shop because of what I built and what I'm destroying. I finished flocking the jewelry box trays yesterday but the rest of the week was spent helping two other families. My neighbor has a sump that empties the water from his basement and he wanted a make a trough with a fake pitcher pump to catch the water. The drain line will go to the bottom of the pump and it will drain into a 4 foot long horse trough. Time will tell how we did. The rest of my free time went to help my son. He bough a house across the street from his at a Freddie Mac sale and we are "deconstructing" it. Looks like this may take all summer and I'm not sure my old body will take it. This house looks like the Winchester Mansion, Midwest edition. The guy had add ons everywhere. We've been at it a week and here are a few pictures showing our progress.
  14. Wish Me Luck Girls


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