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  1. He's not joking either. John and I walked out to the car and John's wife came out and talked him back in.
  2. I saw the mug shot of one of these fine upstanding gentlemen this morning. Let's just say he was "unemployable". Disgusting.
  3. Just another service we offer here in the flyover zone.
  4. Confession is good for the soul. I didn't lay the carpet.
  5. Man, am I ever late to this party. As many of you know, The LOML and I (mostly me) have been laying tile, laminate and carpet throughout our house. Everything is done except laying tile in the utility room. Yesterday and through this week the water heater, water softener, washer and dryer comes out and new flooring does in. Yesterday was removehe water heater day. It is now back in so the pressure is off somewhat. Next week I have a show and I need to make a few cutting boards so hopefully there will be some shop time.
  6. Hmm, never seen that one before. Did you only get it once?
  7. Back from a week in the Smokies chasing bears with John Moody. This week I'll work on show stock and move a bunch of furniture around. New carpet coming on Thursday.
  8. Nope, we scarfed them down already.
  9. Well folks, here we are on the 2017 version of Independence Day. So far, we haven't seen any bears but one set off the security cameras here at the house. However, here is the view that John and I are seeing as we sit at the couch looking east this July 4th morning.
  10. Its pretty rough Dave. We just found out that a bear tripped our security cameras while we were sitting inside. We missed it.
  11. Now look at that picture and tell me which one the bear will grab. A scrawny 160 pound old man or a tender plump, succulent younger guy.
  12. He is indeed humble but I think he's bluffing on the wood since I haven't yet seen it. The mountains are beautiful though and you can sure see here the fires went through
  13. Same here Keith. Oaks are fine but the ash and a few sugar maples are dying.
  14. I have my good friend and fellow admin John Moody cutting wood for me so I thought I'd be a nice guy and post his usual Friday post. The last couple of weeks have been crazy around my place. The LOML has had me installing tile in the entryway, kitchen and utility room of our house and laminate in the front living room and down the hallway to the bedrooms. For those who have been in our home, you'll get the picture. Though I still have to complete the utility room, I'm 95% finished. The week after next, the carpet installers will come in and complete the rest of the house. Its been an expensive June around here with new carpet and a new van but I feel privileged to keep the economy humming. Next week we'll take a brief respite from the shop while we chase bears in Tennessee but I have a show coming up and stock must be built. So, as we conclude the month of June and head into July, what's on your woodworking agenda this weekend?

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