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  1. Good Morning, y'all! September has vaporized just like August and the leaves will be falling in the Midwest sooner than I like to think. My weekly shop time will be spent building a cradle for a client. Both sides are finished and the ends are going together today. I need to get it out of the shop to start four other projects that are in the queue. Have a great week folks.
  2. A hardware supply question

    How long are they, Gene?
  3. The Worth of the Site

    And we get to swap "war stories", Gene.
  4. The Worth of the Site

    As a site admin, I try to welcome all of the new members and encourage them to reach out and meet the existing members. Those words of encouragement took legs for me this morning. I have been blessed to get to know many of these TPW folks up close and personal and call them my friends as well as a resource for assistance. Right now I am building cradle from a picture and late last night as I was running a mental plan through my head, I realized that there was a transition on the rails and stiles that I was clueless on how the cradle was built. This morning I made two phone calls. One to Gene Howe and the other to John Moody and between the three of us my problem was solved. Tag on to that my discussion the other night with Lew on a pivot. So folks, if I advise you to get to know these folks, I mean it. There is so much wisdom and experience here that I stand in awe. Even those of us with lots of miles under our wheels can learn from someone else. Fortunately, we have a wealth of knowledge here on The Patriot Woodworker!
  5. Weekend is over and its back to building a walnut cradle. The raised panels are cut and all of the rails and stiles are planed and ready to roll. Probably part of Tuesday will be spend cutting the rails and stiles over the router table.
  6. Thanks for the info Gerald!
  7. Thanks guys. I'll implement that wisdom.
  8. Last week I had an older gentleman contact me about building a cradle. About 25 years ago, he bought 2 cradles from the Amish for his grandchildren and now wants one built for the young man that is running his large farming operation. Seems the Amish builder is long since dead so he gave me a couple of pictures with sketchy dimensions and the phone number of his son in law who owns one of the cradles. Luckily, the SIL supplied me with better pictures via and iPhone and more dimensions. So, today I started cutting raised panels while I wait for the spindles that I have ordered. The original cradles were cherry but the farmer suppled walnut that came from his property. I have to admit I'm a bit perplexed how to recreate the cradle pivot. If you have any idea, send them my way.
  9. Closing In

    O.K. Dave, I'll be the one to ask. What's the big date?
  10. Equifax mess

    We froze ours after the Anthem hack a few years ago. We signed up for the Equifax premium protection plan but a few years ago, we signed up for Experian's Identity theft insurance through AAA. It costs us about $18 a month but I sleep well.
  11. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers. 911 - 2017

    Building Cherry trivets for a November show. Next up is a walnut cradle. Anyone have a good source for sanded walnut spindles?
  12. display case

    Definitely, use tempered glass.
  13. Finally!

    Well done Fred and hopefully worth the wait. As for the stilts, go for it. What do you have to lose? Well, on second thought.
  14. This week got crazy busy. On Wednesday, I had a gentleman stop by the shop with a couple of pictures of a cradle that he had built about 25 years ago and wanted me to duplicate it. After a phone call to the cradle's current owner (his daughter) I got enough measurements to build another one so this weekend I'll be spending time with Mr. Sketchup. The cradle has 6" square raised panels so they'll get made first. Tonight, we stopped by the grocery on the way home from a local football game. By the time I walked out, I had an order for a baseball bat rack and a quilt rack. The business is nice but it sure is putting a crimp on my stock building for a Veteran's Day show.

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