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  1. Wiping on water based poly

    My answer to that would be "no" because poly must be thin to wipe it on and water based poly can't be cut. Keith Mealy may jump in on this and correct me though.
  2. Come north about an hour Dave. I'll fix you up.
  3. Well folks, here we are just past the middle of November and staring down Thanksgiving. This week has been much calmer than last week since I don't have a show this weekend but nonetheless, I have been busy. I have a couple of quilt racks to make before Christmas but I'm sneaking in two hanging wall racks for my two great nephews. Tomorrow is my youngest grandson's 10th birthday and I'm wondering where the time is going. Next week I celebrate another trip around the sun and I'll have my nose against the window of 70 years old. Wow, that just doesn't seem possible. Enough about me...... what about y'all? Got any big plans for the weekend?
  4. Closing the books out on the upstairs remodel...

    Well done Cal. I'm with Fred on the vanity. Very classy and professionally done. Now, sit back and take a break.
  5. My thoughts are with you, Dave. I went to a swim meet one time and it was two hours of waiting, hustle in to the pool area, watch for two minutes, repeat. Awful experience and worse than soccer if that is possible.
  6. Dave it was a blast to "people watch". The estrogen level was maxed out there. The few men that were with their mates had a glazed over look that revealed that they were in over their heads. I've done several shows and one thing I've learned that if a guy walks into the booth and looks hard at a particular item, you ask this question. "Are you a woodworker?" 9 times out of 10 the answer will be yes so then we talk about how I built the item. I had a guy yesterday buy an oven rack pull and he point blank told me that it was going to be a pattern and asked me how I built it. I just told him that he'd figure it out.
  7. Your college team is safe this weekend

    My poor Irish got destroyed.
  8. I'm a bit envious John because I can't get out of the shop. We set up at a very large show Saturday and it was mayhem the entire day. When they opened the show at 9 A.M., there were about 300-400 people waiting to get in. By 9:03 I had my first sale. We sold quite a bit of product so I'm back in the shop. My time this week is devoted to building to quilt racks and a couple of "sports" racks. Not sure what they're going to look like just yet. Here's the starting bell.
  9. Just returned from setting up for a Holiday Show tomorrow. There are 165 vendors at this show and they expect about 3,000 guests. The bad news is that I have a "double" space and it is only 10 foot wide so I'm really crammed in the space. The best news is that I have a cell phone signal and I can take credit cards!
  10. Hey Boss. No offense given and none taken. I've seen worse.
  11. Hey Pat, were you a 462?
  12. Thanks a heap! USAF, MMS, 69'-73'
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    Got it back Tuesday evening. I spoke with a friend near the strike zone and he said that there are 110 light poles down between HC and the Ohio line. I'm taking my generator out to him in a little while.
  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    We are ok here but the power went out at 1:41 pm and is still out. Luckily I have a generator and 15 gallons of gas. There was some very heavy damage from a tornado about 4 miles from me.
  15. Stick is Offline

    Thanks for walking point on this Dan.

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