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  1. Bosch Router One Day Mega Sale

    Do we have a router fetish, Herb? My wife has hinted that I do for a few years. I only have 7 of them.
  2. That was a short day in the shop

    Ouch Jess. Hurts me to think about it. Without a doubt, we have a dangerous hobby.
  3. Love it Gary! Shopwise, I'm building a cherry bookcase. When I built a pair of them a few weeks back I bought an extra sheet of cherry plywood (Just in case). Didn't use it so I'm building a small bookcase for stock.
  4. Photos from The Doins in the Desert

    Now that's one way to minimize warp. Gene, I was drooling over some of the ole arn. Beautiful stuff.
  5. Horror in FL

    I have to throw this into the discussion. There are clearly societal issues involved here and unfortunately, today's youth have blurred the lines of fantasy and reality. There is no permanency of death thanks to many of the video games. All that being said, I am a gun owner and I legally conceal carry. As for high powered rifles, I believe there is a general distrust of our government by many, hence the AR's, et. al. For the record, I own an A.R. 15 as well as several hand guns.
  6. I just got my Saturday schedule changed. Our Sunday School teacher is ill and I got drafted to teach about worrying and the Kingdom of God. Matthew 6.
  7. Saturday project is put shelf pin sleeves in my grandson's bookcase and deliver it. Sunday... Worship and loaf. In that order.

    I hear ya Al. My AFSC was 46250
  9. Sargent

    Take it over to Newman's house. If he can't fix it......nobody can.
  10. Woodworker II saw blade

    I also have a "local" (Kokomo) sharpener. He's a retired cutter grinder from one of the local Chrysler plants. Very good and very reasonable. Both qualities I like.
  11. It's All About ME.

    My wife (who I drug around the world for four years in the A.F.) yelled at the TV telling him to ," Get the flag off the ground, Stupid!" Shameful.
  12. Building an oak bookcase for my oldest grandson.
  13. Well folks, here it is Friday, again. My week started out well with the delivery of a pair of cherry bookcases and a very pleased interior designer and home owner. Today, I went to my accountant to pick up my finished tax forms and gratefully didn't owe as much as I thought I would. Sandwiched in between Monday and Friday was a very busy shop week. I'm trying to build stock for summer shows so I built 5 folding wine tables and a slew of trivets and cutting board. My oldest grandson (age 15) is having his bedroom re-done and asked if I'd make him a bookcase so of course, family comes first and that project will begin tomorrow. In the queue is an octagonal end table, a kitchen table with benches and another cherry bookcase. So, now is when I ask y'all, "What's on your weekend agenda?"
  14. Today was a profitable Monday. The designer that contracted me to build a pair of bookcases met me at her clients house and I delivered the bookcases. The money is always nice but it is always very satisfying when those purchasing your goods trusts your skills and likes what you have created.
  15. Anybody want to make a bet

    I won't be in the shop but I surely won't be watching. I figure Goodell already has the Lombardi engraved with the Pats name on it.

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