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  1. Balcony and Shade Structure

    No lead here, either. But, all the oil based products you need. Hey, it's just a short jaunt to the border.
  2. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Yes, great for books. Most public libraries have e books for free. If you're an Amazon Prime member, they have a bunch of free books. Several wood and science mags have free online additions. They come straight to my home page. Oh, and some Amazon books are audible, too.
  3. Balcony and Shade Structure

    Good job, family. I won't hassle you about codes. But, I do hope your using California carcinogen free paint.
  4. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    A kindle is android. Browser is called Silk. It's native. All new Kindles are wifi and blue tooth enabled. It's capable of bringing in music, live tv programs, a plethora of live radio stations. And, much more that I haven't tried, yet. ie. You can watch a video or tv show in the shop, move to the den and cast the program to the big screen. I can't because my pathetic wifi signal won't reach the shop. You can even use it like a tv remote. Why'd you'd want to is beyond me. Think of it as an I pad on steroids.
  5. Thought Provoking

    Project ideas.
  6. The Coffee Pot

    Thought we needed a place for random thoughts...where we can shoot the bull about anything (within reason) without needing to start a new thread topic. I'll start and see where it goes. Last night, we took our guests out for a farewell Walleye dinner. All were from IL but, strangely some had never tasted Walleye. Had to come to AZ to finally get some. It was delicious. And, the chocolate mousse cake for dessert wasn't too shabby neither. All have departed as of this morning. Things can normalize now. Got the shop cleaned...sorta. A few piddly tasks to do and then the miter saw station can be deconstructed and re fitted for the new saw. Fun, fun, fun. So, what's happening in your neck of the woods?
  7. The Coffee Pot

    A pic of the oak flooring I brought home. And, a couple of those benches I sorely wanted. Re: the last pic, Friends don't let friends use Minwax. But, hey she didn't ask. .
  8. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Gotta be the Kindle. Everything works good on this W10 + Google machine.
  9. Why I Love My 12" TS

    methinks the beam had a slight warp.
  10. Bandsaw troubles

    My family is full of women.
  11. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Already tried that. Next step....switch machines from kindle to my w10 . Will report from there.
  12. Bangor Maine PD

    None taken, Hat. No problem, here.
  13. My dc only runs when I'm sawing. My shop is heated with propane. And, has to be heated all winter as our well water pressure system is located in the shop. I've always kept tabs on the propane usage. Easy to do cuz the shop has it's own tank. Comparing propane consumption from a few years before venting the dc outside to a year afterwards, there was little to no difference. Lotta variables but, I don't think there's much difference. Actually, the heat dissipates out of the hose, back into the room before it gets to the separator. At least, it never gets warm. Of course, YMMV.
  14. Bangor Maine PD

    When we try a recipe and don't like it, it never gets used again. We, or rather a friend, through our Face book presence, almost got burned. That was all it took. As my wife now says, "Face book is the spawn of the devil". We don't care to participate.
  15. Ran the scroll saw all day today

    I don't remember suggesting reversing the printer image. Not saying that I didn't. But, that would only apply to letters or images where right and left matter.
  16. Word of the Week

    Great idea. And even an example, too.
  17. Word of the Week

    As requested, every Monday, we'll explore some of the more esoteric facets of our Mother Tongue. No telling where this will lead. But it will be a journey of discovery that I hope that you find as interesting and enjoyable and, often humorous, as I know I will. Definitions etc. won't be provided. Research is half the fun. Our inaugural offering refers to a condition Stick and our many of our friends in the northern climes have often experienced. Sastrugi...
  18. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Still hangs up every time I switch screens. Like going from the OP, to the next page of replies. It says "Loading" but just stays there. The little circle stops, too. Have to exit the site and come back.
  19. Thought Provoking

    There's over a grand in saleable objects de art there. Who says wood working(?) Isn't profitable?
  20. Thought Provoking

    Rustic? I expect to see one or more projects like these in my next issue of Fine Woodworking....wait....my subscription ran out 10 years ago.
  21. Bandsaw troubles

    Steve, I've known some women like that.
  22. After the separator, my saw's dust goes directly outside. No bags to mess with. More space. I do have a small DC on the planer. But, not much fine stuff there. I'm lucky to have no wood allergies and I'm not anal. Sanding dust gets vacuumed after a project...or three. The only reason I have any dust collection at all is to make eventual shop cleaning easier. My wife has a sign in the kitchen. "A clean house is a sign of a sick mind." I don't think my mind is sick, but why take a chance?

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