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  1. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    Yeah, Eagles concert tickets might show your age, but Eagles game tickets would just make you a loser.... I shouldn't talk...the Cardinals are my team. And, I'd go to a Beach Boys concert.
  2. So how does the new like choices work?

    Whoa...just tried that. That's neat. Thanks, Cal. This new program has all sorts of cool stuff.
  3. So how does the new like choices work?

    Though those who "reacted" are identified, they are not identified as to which "reaction" they chose.
  4. Lowell Boat Shop Museum

    Go for it Al. Your willingness to try is awesome. Hope it works for you.
  5. Little Free Library? Anyone build one?

    Fun build. Worthy cause.
  6. He must have the wrong number.
  7. My heart bleeds for those poor millenials. NOT
  8. Putting the CNC to work!

    Thanks, Mike. Nifty jacks.
  9. The Coffee Pot

    A friend builds and sells furniture made of BKP. Lots of live edge stuff. He calls it "Rustic Furniture". He's changing to "Organic Modern" because the millinials don't like "Rustic". Thought that was funny.
  10. Putting the CNC to work!

    Sure like to know more about that plywood. who makes it, product name, etc. And, MT, great job on those cabs. Your pipe clamp lift is neat, too. Care to share it's construction?
  11. Hot water heater

    Totally understandable, John.
  12. DIY Spindle sander sleeves

    Nice job, David. Great video, too. Hope you make a video when you do the long one.
  13. never know where to put

    My dad was a farmer. Someone once asked him what he'd do if he won the lottery. He said that he'd just keep farming till the money ran out.

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