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  1. The Coffee Pot v2

    In a couple hours, we'll be heading down the mountain. Cya in a few.
  2. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    But, it's going to be a great looking piece. Is it going to be a stand alone or, incorporated into something?
  3. We're headed to Tucson bright and early tomorrow. Picking up my laser engraver. Be back Sunday evening. Got a Stanley Bailey 5 1/2 on the bench for restoration. It's got a grooved sole. All the screws have been cleaned and polished. It's back together now. I forgot that they have to be assembled before flattening the sole. We'll tackle that while the glue is drying on the latest lamination. Maybe get the frog tuned, too. We'll see.
  4. About ten years ago, I was privileged to be allowed to ride along with the owner of a walnut tree farm in western Kansas. 500 acres of 20 year old walnut trees. Now, that was a beautiful sight. He said he'd never see them to maturity. They are his grand kids' inheritance. He wouldn't adopt me, darn it.
  5. Tithe Box and Shelf

    Thanks, Lew. I like the shadow line effect. I'm thinking about doing the same...almost. Except, there'll be a contrasting strip in the groove/shadow line. Sorta framing the panel. My box is ebonized walnut and mesquite with a mesquite lid panel framed with maple. There'll be dovetail keys of maple in the corners. If my walnut was as pretty as yours, it wouldn't be ebonized.
  6. One of the weirdest tree farms I ever saw was in MI. Acres upon acres of row after row of lodge pole pines. All about the same height and circumference. Just imagine thousands and thousands of these, evenly spaced with no underbrush. Weird, I tell ya.
  7. Tithe Box and Shelf

    Superb, Lew. Please share your lid panel process. It's neat. Like to copy that.
  8. For the Dog Lovers

  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    Dark again this morning. This is getting to be a habit. 50*, headed for 75*. No rain in sight.
  10. Hacked

    Did it. Works great. Thanks, Stick.
  11. For the Dog Lovers

    Yeah, opens fine on the WIN 10 machine.
  12. How to Start a Fight

    I'm laughing but, that's just sad.
  13. Fishing Fun

    About 40 years ago, I saw a larger camper trailer mounted on a pontoon boat. Two 75 hp on the back, and enough room on the front for a small deck for a couple chairs. Pretty neat set up. I'm guessing it was about 35' or so long. He towed it on a heavy duty trailer with a winch. Woulda been interesting to see the launch and recovery. My neck is a bit red, too.

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