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  1. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    Man, that really looks good. Your talent and skill is amazing.
  2. An Interesting Article

    Did a tiny bit of research. Seems it's an ancient technique. Used on bows. Boning compresses the wood fibers. Apparently, a similar effect can be achieved with a steel rod. Best to rub with the grain, longitudinally. As Keith noted, often used on paper. Also on leather, to seal the edge. Might get some interesting, subtle effects by selectively boning, say a beveled edge, prior to using a finishing product.
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    Sun's beginning to show it's self. Wonder if it knows what's in store. 58* now. 81* for the high. No rain expected.
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    I understand it's gonna get dark for a bit, tomorrow. Finally, some shade.
  5. The Coffee Pot

    Sometimes ya just gotta scratch that itch.
  6. Track Saw Options

    Gotta agree, there.
  7. This was new to me. Worth a try.
  8. Track Saw Options

    You can make one as accurate as any commercial model. If you're interested, I can describe how I made mine.
  9. Balcony and Shade Structure

    Glad you're taking some time to enjoy life. You earned it.
  10. Fence chargers and coons...

    Never tried' coon. Ya fry it like squirrel? Tasted possum pot pie once. Nah.
  11. Need a pattern for knobs

    I can't do a Sketch Up drawing but I'll try to explain my method of knob making. But, it only produces rectangular ones. Start with a piece of 1X2 over 1' in length. At the router table, fully round over one edge of the piece (with the 2" width down). Now chuck a 3/8 round nose bit in the router table. Raise it to cut about a half inch. You can do the cut in increments. Set the fence so that your cut is in the middle of the 2" side of the piece. Run both sides. Now, rip the piece about 1/8th inch below the groove made with the round nose. I use the TS but a band saw might be more comfortable. Take the full length to the drill press. Figure out how wide/long you want your pull to be. Mark both ends of your pull. Using a 3/8" Forstner, drill through the center of the groove, centering the Forstner's point on the length line. Do this for both ends of the pull. At the band saw, cross cut at your length lines. I use an oscillating belt sander to round over the ends to match the curvature of the round over. I also ease the edges of the Forstner cut hole. I just glue the knobs on but a screw might hold better. Though, I've never had one come off.
  12. Changes

    Kinda like sanding. A little rough in the beginning. Then things gradually smooth out. We're up to the 300 grit now.
  13. Business of Woodworking

    I worked for myself for several years before retirement....well....before I stopped working, anyway. But, I did consultant work. No equipment issues, no permits or other gummit BS. My only tax deductions were for office space in my home, paper computer, printer, some training, and car related expenses. And a CPA. She was a life saver. But, I'm sure my minor hassles would've multiplied a hundredfold, or more, were it any sort of manufacturing concern. Hobby only, for me.
  14. Fence chargers and coons...

    I've used a granular deterrent for rodents and cats. It's supposed to smell like coyote and/or fox urine. It works as advertised. It's called "Shake Away" and available through Amazon. It might work on Raccoons.

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