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  1. Here ya go, Fred.
  2. Thought only two was insufficient. Texas must be running low on donuts. So, here ya go. Glad to help.
  3. If portability is needed, I don't think you could beat it.
  4. Can't help you, Pat. I don't think he ever put all the entries in one place. Sorry. First place went to a Maloof style rocker. Mine was the only Morris chair entered.
  5. Welcome, Mike. Good to see you over here.
  6. Dan, they told me the same thing. Couldn't see the downside of the Cyberknife procedure. My last PSA was normal. Get another one next September. That'll be a year from the last one.
  7. Thanks to our government, we now know why our fish died. Our tax dollars at work.
  8. Quite right. If you let it get soft enough, a plastic spatula will do the job. If you do use the gold bar, Brasso or Mcguiers will take the scratches out....if they're not too deep.
  9. Guess it depends on your supplier. The lumber yard closest to me offers A/C plywood thicknesses in mm. CDX is still imperial. One place sells appleply and its imperial and 4x8 sheets.
  11. Paint any fences? After a while of this retirement thing, every day becomes R&R. Enjoy!
  12. Another bright and beautiful day in store for the mesa. High 90s with a slight breeze.
  13. Not gonna sue over it but, that situation is infuriating. And, expensive.

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