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  1. Food/grub.eats/feed...

    Naw, not Texas. The top grill would be full and, hot peppers and ranch beans would be the only veggies.
  2. Planes...just,....planes

    2500 + strop is fine for my plane blades. Might go to 6000 on my chisels if paring end grain. My experience with secondary or micro bevels is that they require sharpening more often.
  3. New guy

    Thank you for your service and welcome to the Patriot Woodworker. Lots of experienced and knowledgeable folks here. All willing to help if you have any woodworking questions.
  4. three way joint?

    How right you are.
  5. Hexagon End Table

    Amazing job.
  6. Congratulations to Herb, Dave, Allen and Lew. And a big thank you to everyone who participated and, to @honesttjohn,@mosco22, Laguna Tools, Easy wood Tools, and Woodcraft for their generous donations. And, we cannot forget John Morris and Ward 57, without whom we'd not have had the opportunity to participate in Christmas with this family.
  7. For Steven Newman

    $.75 a saw, Steve. How can you pass it up? I'll bet he'd throw in that "saw till", too.
  8. Harder then you think QUIZ for "older" folks

    Yep. He did a bunch of stuff. He did a voice in the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, too.
  9. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    That ST-21 looks to be quite the machine.
  10. Harder then you think QUIZ for "older" folks

    Does anyone remember who played Matt Dillon on the radio?
  11. Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Very, very nice.
  12. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    Love their Blizzards and that Brownie Delight. And, those that serve other food have some great sandwiches.
  13. Well, I didn't know that about the sign up $$. Thanks for setting me straight. The re up bonuses I did know about. Our son turned down a healthy one, opting for retirement instead.

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