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  1. Spot on the arm? Just a cyst sort of thing...healing up, now. Got a few block planes cleaned up. Weather is going to be nasty all week. Lung Function Test Thursday morning. Same old, same old.
  2. Little Giant

    Dug out this little plane, and decided to clean it up. . It came with that little paper wrapper to hold the cutter/iron.. Yep, a razor blade. Might be a little rough doing any sort of "back bevel" I cleaned up the sole.. Was a bit hard to tell IF I got it flat....cleaned up the cap iron, as well.. Didn't find any rust, though. Might be a little hard make sure both it and the bed for the cutter mate up. Not a lot of parts It did make a few shaving. Has two openings, but not much to hold onto, I can also cut like a scraper plane.. Hardest part is NOT slicing a fingertip, trying to use this "Little Giant" plane. I hear there was another type of these planes, too....just haven't found one, yet.. Maybe L-N will make one out of Bronze?
  3. Have both battery powered and me powered tools. Have a corded Recip. saw, and a cordless one. Have a Megamouse sander, and a corded sander...Have a few cordless drills, not all of which need a battery, or cord. Have two vintage, all metal circular saws, a cordless saw, and about 25 non-battery Cordless saws... Planer? all of mine are cord and battery free...
  4. Garage sale morning...

    Well, I gave up on that first woody....however, the other one was as badly worn.. Still has a couple spots to level out...mouth opening is a LOT better. Sole looked like the plane was used at a "skew" along edge grain.... Cleaned the iron and chipbreaker up. Chipbreaker was bent at the top, got that fixed. Iron needed sharpened up..had a few BIG nicks in the edge. Goldenburg on the iron, Somborn & Comp. on the chipbreaker. Maybe about 1875? This thing is the wedge.....? Lopsided, slick, beat up....may get a new one...sometime. It will not hold a setting long enough to make more than one pass... Took awhile.. Might be able to get this to work. I did remove the small nail that was in the top edge of the body...Maybe I can now glue that cracked edge in place?
  5. Garage sale morning...

    Rehabs the rest of the weekend, maybe? One Garage sale...all it said was.."Tools" Boss spent more than I did...but, she wasn't buying tools. I spent around $9 this morning...picked five tools Just had to shine up that medallion, to see what this saw was. . Hmmm, ring a bell? Saw is 26" long, has 8ppi, a skew back, and is wickedly SHARP. Paid a dollar for it... This be a $2 all-steel Shelton block plane....next.. This be a Millers Falls No. 900, I think. made after the Mohawk-Shelbourne line was ended...mid 50s? $2.....have had to fix the rear handle, this time it was broke. Front knob has "issues" ( cracks), Lever cap was replaced. Both handle bolts are one piece..bolts. And they were bent. Now, how good is your French? These two were also $2 each. Logo on the iron? A single eyeball means this is about..1875 era. Goldenberg Acier Fondu ( cast steel) Warantie ( warranted) ) This is an adjuster, there is a pin from the iron, into the head of the bolt. Other end of the bolt engages two square nuts, these push against a notch in the bed for the iron. All this adjusts is to retract the iron. Irons are both 1-5/8" wide....bodies are about 9-1/2" long. Both have chip breakers.....neither of them are attach to the irons. These two will take a bit of time to fix up. Five items = $9.....I turned down three Handyman planes, a beat up mitre box and quite a few other "treasures"....figured I had done enough for one sale... Not too bad of a morning?
  6. main view, lid closed.jpg

    From the album Blanket Chest in Maple

    Front of the blanket chest.
  7. monday...shop is closed.....project has been posted to the Gallery..rehabs have been done.....two of which will be just shelf-sitters. Mid 50s around here...someone must have told Mother Nature it is Fall outside....either that, or she didn't pay her heating bill...
  8. lid details.jpg

    From the album Blanket Chest in Maple

    A look at the top. Most of the panel came to the shop as is. And was made of Oak. There is just a hint of white sap wood along the back edge. Birdseye maple to make the rest of the lid. Bread board ends use a sliding dovetail to attach to the ends of the lid. Two or three coats of Amber Shellac for a finish.
  9. Blanket Chest in Maple

    Frame & panel sides. Lid has a Breadboard ends. Inside is a maple tray, with dovetailed corners.
  10. front corner view.jpg

    From the album Blanket Chest in Maple

    A look at the front corner. Showing one of the ends. All the raised panels were glue-ups, and then "raised" using a handplane..or two. Foot details, side parts were chiseled to match the profile of the front of the foot. Rail between the feet has been rounded over, using a spokeshave.
  11. inside, lid opened.jpg

    From the album Blanket Chest in Maple

    A look inside, showing the details of the sliding tray, the lid' chain and brace. 1/4" plywood bottom. lid uses three hinges, modified to fit.
  12. Strange tool department

    A few smaller toys.. 6" square for "scale". Pliers on the right are just pot metal castings, with a loose rivet....not even good tweezers This drill bit? At one time, I had a string full of cutters for this thing....all I think I have left is this 13/16" cutter. As for the last item...built by an importer of straight razors... A Mr. H ( Hermann) Boker & Co. of Germany. One half was "pierced" to let the other half through, then they were pinned together... When the jaws are closed up, profile is a hex shape. Tips of the handles have a "finger curve". May just set these aside....
  13. Garage sale morning...

    Saw is now ready to pose for pictures... Ready for Polite Company...detail of the handle.. Note that bottom bolt size? It is sized to fit THAT spot by the saw maker. I tried to "clock" the slots on the bolts...Medallion one was in a different time zone. Note that smaller bolt, again. Could barely find any trace of an etch...a line, here and there...this saw is going into the til, and can give the Disston D-8 a break.
  14. Garage sale morning...

    Handsaw...Richardson Bros. No. 8 Skew back, 8ppi filed crosscut. The bottom bolt on the handle is a hair smaller in diameter.....Plate is cleaned up, brass is shiny....pictures sometime Monday?
  15. Garage sale morning...

    is from about 1950....right after they dropped the Mohawk-Shelbourne lineup. Lever cao was painted black ( it is now in the "Spares Drawer") Shavings! Rear handle needed glued back together, after all the tape was peeled off. About the same size as a Stanley No. 4 And this little critter is a Shelton No. 18, Low angle blockplane.....angle is at 15 degrees, otherwise the plane is a dead-ringer for the Stanley 108 Was unable to remove any of the knobs. The "frog" is a welded in place piece of steel. The "bolt" for the cap iron...does NOT move. Was able to at least clean this thing up, and even sharpen the cutter.... And...even make some nice shavings. At least I won't have to worry about dropping this plane onto the floor.... Tried most of the evening, yesterday, to get at least one of the french planes working... Meh...about as good as I could get things....was way too much wrong with this plane..... That this is the least of it's problems. Body, like mine, is just too worn out to work any more. Short of making a new body ( for both of us..LOL) out of a wood blank I don't have......may just sit these two french planes on a shelf.....Seems they date to about 1875.....Might just give up on these two. As for that Richardson Bros. hand saw.....still trying to track the model number down......May just polish the brass bolts and call it good. It works GREAT as a crosscut saw. Seems to have been sharpened not too long ago... So, was able to rehab half of the planes...can't win the all. Once the saw is shined up, I may post it here, as well
  16. Live near Lexington, KY?

    Gene: DiverLlyod lives IN Lexington....may want to give him a heads up....
  17. Little Giant

    Yep, can still buy those blades....son has a few for a "Safety Razor" he bought......Wilkenson? The "sword-makers"?
  18. Little Giant

    Tried that little plane to remove a patch of hair on the forearn, so a bandaid would stick better.....yep, no hair there, now. Not quite ready to try it out on the beard, though...
  19. A Project in Maple..

    Starting up.... Ripped from a wider plank of 5/4" Maple...bandsaw ripped to a 1-3/4" width....needed jointed.. Wasn't quite right...wanted to tip a bit.... Used a no.14 jack plane...this bigger plane, a Ohio Tool Co. No. 0-7 worked decently on a few longer rails Charles Neil had stained the panel...needed to remove the coloured parts... No. 4 smooth plane seemed to work....soon had a pile of parts.. Set most of this aside. This morning, at a yard sale, found a couple pipe clamps for a ten-spot.. About 5' long or so....came in handy, since I "only" have 5 in the shop.... Jointed a couple edges. This one might be for the back of the chest....older pipe clamps needed a pair of visegrips to keep them from sliding away... More jointer work... This time around, I used a Stanley No.7c. Somehow got things into the clamps.. And set this thing aside til tomorrow.....Figure out the foot profile, and used the bandsaw a bit... Then set the length of the rails and a center rail.. Bottom rails will be a tad wider that the top. I'll cut the panels into two raised panels. We'll see IF the back panel gets divided... Picked up some new chisels yesterday.. Local Aldi's store had these on sale...$6.99 + tax..... Waiting on the panels to cure out....Still working out what the ends will look like. Stay tuned...
  20. A Project in Maple..

    Picked up a thing of chain, today. Had to use the bolt cutters to cut 16' down to what I needed. Couple of screws to hold the ends. Time for a brace.. Basically cut from a single piece of scrap wood. Hole for the pivot. bevel cut on the other end. Keeper came from what was left over. Bandsaw to make the cut. Chain is slack here......tip the lid back.. Once the chain is tight, I can release the keeper.... And fold the keeper down, out of the way. It also makes sure the chain stays inside of the chest. Will try to apply the finish tomorrow.....just about done....
  21. A Project in Maple..

    Tray was looking a bit "Plain Jane"....was getting bored, anyway. Decided to "play around" in the shop today Set up the Stanley #45 for a bit of bead work. Got out the #23 Bead cutter. Slid the moving skate over to support the outside quirk, then slid the fence over there as well.. Didn't need the depth stop, left it up, out of the way. Clamped the tray into the vise...just high enough that the fence will miss the top of the vise... I started at the far end, and worked my way back towards me...when the top of the bead is a nice round shape, it is deep enough..my end was the last.. Had to keep clearing the Maple Flavoured Ramon Noodles, though.. Or they jam things up. I should have started on the shorter ends...as a pin wanted to blow out...one did The other three corners looked like this. Finally got all the edges beaded.. Not sure IF it needs sanded...placed this back in the case.. Need to start spreading the shellac around....inside and out. Had to sweep the floor... Made a bunch of noodles... Need to get a brass chain to keep the lid from leaning back too far...and add the finish....stay tuned..
  22. A Project in Maple..

    Earlier today, got things all glued up. Let things set in the clamps until I got back from taking the GrandBRATS home... Got home, ordered Pizza. Removed the clamps, and trimmed the dovetails flush. Then marked the poplar bottom for size, and cut it down.... Poplar was square, box wasn't quite there. Beat the bottom panel into place....everything is NOW squared....to keep it that way, used a few nails, but no glue.. About 5 or so along the long sides, one dead center on the short sides. Sanded the bottom edges flush with the bottom panel...used the tray to mark out where the rails were to go. Three screws to hold each rail in place ( again, no glue) and did a test drive.. Seemed to fitted nicely, enough....even slides almost all the way to the other end. Corner posts stick out a bit too far at the far end... Closed the lid, to make sure the tray cleared it....lid closed tightly, but missed the tray....must have done something right, for a change One last look inside? Will try to add a brass chain on the right side, to hold the lid. Not sure IF I will add a handle to the tray. Need to haul this upstairs to where I can apply a few coats of shellac, inside and out.....then, maybe a clear gloss top coat? Almost done...and almost out of lumber....may have to go out and scrounge another 1/2 truck load? Stay tuned...
  23. Ran across this thing I bought in 1961

    Used something like that, to mark and cut out for outlet boxes in a wall. A Hammer did the "marking" ...
  24. A Project in Maple..

    Something a bit different for today....hinges were looking a bit..."wimpy" decided toadapt a few others for the job... Took a while at the grinder. I needed three hinges, the fourth shows what they looked like, before I did some grinding... Got the lid over to the vise, marked a few holes, drilled a few pilot holes...and installed the hinges onto the lid.. Now you can see WHY I ground away a bit of the hinges. Cleared the bench, set the lid aside, hauled the case to the bench (whew!!) and then added the lid, with a couple clamps. More pilot holes, more screws....finally put the case back on the floor... Hey, they work! Closed the lid to check how it sits... Even have it centered! Ok, I cut the two rails for length.. Drilled and countersunk a few mounting holes. Need to find out how low to make the rails, once the tray is done... Pilot holes? Countersink? Easy, when you have the drills set up.. Did I mention they are Cordless? Millers Falls 6" and a Stanley 6" Set up the "Work Zone" have three corners to do....that saw? My Dovetail saw. Along with a few other tools. Mark out the pins, saw the pins...chop the waste.. I added a poplar pad, trying to save the bench's top... I used these pins to lay out the tails. Cut away the waste to leave the tails on the bandsaw, dry fit.. And then just work my way around until all four corners are done...sit the bottoms panel on top... Was getting ready to flip this over, and mark where the rebates will go.....when the Boss decided she needed to go to the store...grrrrr So, maybe after supper, I can do a bit more? Stay tuned
  25. Doc did a biopsy....dug a chunk out of the arm...Find out in a few weeks what the growth is....

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