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  1. Stanley level

    Not wanting to hijack another thread about Stanley Levels.. Happen to remember I have a 24" version of a Stanley SW Level. . 24" long, Cherry & Brass. Hmm...someone even clocked the screws.... This cost me $3 a few years back...a No. 3 Level. There is even a spot to adjust the "plumb" dial Underneath this plate, is how you can adjust this dial... Both levels still work nicely. And, the Brass caps even have all their screws... May see IF the bubbles need any adjustment...sometime...Main one seems to read right on the money....
  2. Stanley Sweetheart 104

    I think I had better go and recheck mine.....a 24" No. 03.......Wood is Cherry......Hmmmm.
  3. Will be a project for 2018?

    Per orders of the Boss. There is to be a skinny "pantry cupboard" made. It has to fit in a corner of the Dinning Room next to the chimney. Kind of a dead space, not much seems to fit in there. Picked up a few boards the other day... Flat sawn, 4/4 by 6" by 5'-6' long. Thinking I can take the four longest slabs, and do a glue up into the two side panels. Size of the space I need to fill? 26" in width, 12-13" in depth.....between 60-67" in height. Thinking a single raised panel door..... The Infamous Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is now hard at work......Have enough 3/4" plywood for the shelves......May need one more plank for the face frames and door frames.....May go back out to Southern Logan County, OH....and buy a couple more planks.....we'll see. Still in the plan(??? What IS a plan)stage.....stay tuned
  4. Had to go and buy some more lumber, BEFORE the fellow leaves to go "Down Under" and visit his daughter's brood down there.....until almost May. Would have to trust Borg Lumber until then. 15 bf for about $0.80 a bf...... Cold is still kicking my tail, the one in my chest, that is. Been at it about a week, now. Starting to feel a little better, now...
  5. Will be a project for 2018?

    Ok, more pictures? All 6 planks....used to be about..10' long, before we cut them down. Which would be three @ 4/4 x 6" x 10' All quarter sawn. Just about matches the last load...may have all been from the same tree... Set up this machine, today.. Decided on a cove bit, and only a portion of it.. Wanted a small detail around the top's edges.. Then a sander, and the smooth plane, to get the top about done. Then it and the last side.. Got a coat of shellac. When this dries, it can go upstairs, until the bookcase is done. May just use Shellac for the finish.... Maybe, someday, I should clean the other base up.....might come in handy? Somewhere, there is a bench....need to move things around, so I can get back to work.....maybe Stay tuned...
  6. Will be a project for 2018?

    Just got back home. Spent just over $12 for 15bf of Ash. All 4/4 x 6" w.....average 5' long. 10' was a bit too long for the van, anyway. Going to let them sit and get warmed up a while ( me tooo) before I start using them.... Stay tuned....
  7. Will be a project for 2018?

    Never again...will I use a nasal spray.....burnt out the inside of me nose ( and THAT is a lot to burn..) Played Phone tag all day today......retirement pay things needed to be fixed. Finally got a wee bit of time for the shop... Tipped the case backwards, so I could work on it better.. This way I could reach these three plugs, without having to kneel on the floor.....got out two tools to trim with... Bevel down chisel, and something to "tap" it with.....then sand everything smooth as I could, and add a coat of shellac... Then repeat for one side.... Those two little objects sitting on the top? Trying to decide whether to round things over, or...just cove it....still need to do the last side. Maybe I can get the router set up, and do a few edges... Stay tuned. might have this case upstairs, before all that white s..stuff melts. would hate for this to be floating around, down there...
  8. Will be a project for 2018?

    Chest cold is kicking my butt.....Lung Doctor wasn't a lot of help, either....more sprays to get... Weather was nasty outside.. Now, the place where I get the Ash boards at, is on a Township Road, not much better than that alleyway. Until I can get TO the lumber, bookcase will be on hold. IF I can quit dripping onto everything in sight, I could get the lower unit done, and brought upstairs, just in case all this white Junk decides to melt... Decided to try the Amber Shellac on a scrap of Ash, and the front of the drawer.. Since the drawer is about done. With enough practice, I might, someday, get good at these Dovetail thingys... Some day? Decided to install the Walnut plugs... These 6 were the easy ones...it was those 3 along the bottom rail that were rough to do....had to kneel down on an old knee, and hope I could get back up.. Sander and a #4 smooth plane, to work on the top....the the shellac to "seal"it.. The "light" spots are from an overhead lamp, shining onto the top. Still have the front and both sides to do. 60 grit, and then a plane... need a latch for the door. Need to get this out of the shop, by this coming weekend, before all that "Global Warming" melts... Stay tuned.....BTW: The Boss liked the colour of the finish...no need for paint..whew
  9. Got the snot shocked outta me today

    Doing a demo for a factory remodel....new everything inside the office. Sparky cut the 270V light free from the conduit.....never switched the breaker off...happened to brush against one of the conduits....and got a burn mark on my arm.....needless to say....."SPARKY!!!!" he didn't believe anyone, until he touched the tube....about knocked him on his rearend...THEN he went and popped the breakers...all of them...
  10. Will be a project for 2018?

    Things are on hold for a bit.....chest cold is kicking my rearend something awful...... Maybe in a few days, I can get back to doing something....
  11. Getting the lower part of the Stepback Cupboard about done...may need to buy a plank , or two, to complete the upper unit. Have a 1/2 block viability out the window of the house. It be ugly out there... Maybe try a bit of Amber Shellac on the Ash...
  12. Tabs on the Weather...

    Just rain around here...but getting colder. Too nasty outside to kick the GrandBRATS outside to play..stuck with both of them all weekend INDOORS.
  13. Will be a project for 2018?

    Let's see...right before we left the house to go pick up the GrandBRATS...this happened A LOUD crash. Instead of fixing water damage from that fire almost 3 years ago..Landlord simply painted over it.. FAIL!!. Glad nobody was coming in the front door..... Screws were bought and installed, along with the knob.. There are some out there, that do NOT like that hint of live edge along the front of the top...BFD. Still have to get a start on the bookcase part Not sure IF it will be this tall..yet. stay tuned
  14. Will be a project for 2018?

    Got the door out of the clamps, and sanded to 120 grit, for now. Got out the tools to install the hinges... VIX bit for the 18V drill....didn't go quite deep enough...got this eggbeater set up, to drill a bit deeper.. Got one hinge about done.. Needed 12 screws...found 5, then broke one, and lost another...got one hinge onto the door.. Door is merely sitting there, nothing holding it in place. Went out to Wall E World, and bought some more screws... Maybe later today, I can do a better PIP than this? Also needs a "catch" on the inside, to keep the door shut, and a "Doorknob" installed...and maybe a few plugs installed...? Getting closer to the finish line...
  15. Will be a project for 2018?

    Was a very busy day, today.....legs even started to cramp up..... Panel was taken out of the clamps. marked for width, and the excess ripped off.. And the saw marks got jointed off... Then clamped the panel face up on the bench, and face planed the high spots.. Then marked a line along the end grain, and started to mill a few bevels.. The #14 to rough things out, the #4 to finish smoothing the bevel....one done.. Two bevels done. I do the end grain ones first, and the the edge grain ones can clean things up, until a decent corner shows up But, the panel was still a bit too thick on the edges....got out the Ward's 78.. Set it up to do a rebate on the end grain ends.. Close....once the ends were done, the 78 was replaced with the 45.....spurs on the 78 do not play nice, going with the grain.. I think that will just have to do. Got all the reabtes fitted. Set the panel aside, and set up for a few mortises.. Legs were cramping, anyway, felt good to just sit a spell... Mortise chisel was taking a beating in this Ash.. Had to resharpen it a few times. Got out a couple others...was finally able to dry fit one end Got a couple more done, and tried the panel for size... One more to go... Laying on it's side, but I think this will just about do.....I used the end vise as a third hand...spread some glue around, and added some clamps Then dug up some hinges, and a couple bit for pilot holes.. Maybe tomorrow, I can get the door sanded down, and installed Stay tuned
  16. Saban just needed to find the right refs....is all
  17. Will be a project for 2018?

    Very little got done to day.....figured out what length to cut a few board to make a panel....Needed a third piece, had to drag another plank to the shop.... Worked for quite a while, jointing all the edges straight and square ( I thought) and discovered I was about 1" short in width.....Had that "extra" rail handy, and used that. Made the panel too wide, but I can trim it to size, later...rather have a little extra than not enough. Laid out a couple pipe clamps for a test fit.....one board was showing a gap......slammed that into the crochet and added a clamp, and removed said gaposis.....someone had planed a bit too much at one end....Grrrrr. Gaps fixed, spread some glue.. Added the middle clamp, to keep things from bowing up...shadow line? Couple high spots, I can plane those down, once the panel comes out of the clamps. Then, I can use a plane or two, to make this a raised panel, I hope. Panel will need trimmed to size, first. For now, this can just sit here, overnight. Maybe by afternoon, I can start in again.. Stay tuned..
  18. Lid opened up

    From the album Rachel's Standing Desk Project

    for a look under the hood
  19. Will be a project for 2018?

    Define "Fun" OK, Weather outside was UGLY.... That be the corner of North Elm St. and West Brown..at least the shop looked a bit warmer....hauled a plank of Ash to the shop. Needed a couple blanks cut for parts... I did try an old No. 7 saw ( needed sharpened) so I went back to the D-112. Saw cuts great, just needs a better operator...I got two blanks about..21" long. Had to set up a rip fence on the bandsaw.. Set for a 2" wide rip. I got two pieces out of one of the blanks ( Stiles) and a narrower piece(Rail) Reset the jig to the skinny rail, and ripped two more rails . Set up a jig to joint a few edges, to remove saw marks and such.. There is a bench dog at the far end. was able to add another up at this end. Got both edges jointed, reset the jig a bit.. And jointed all three rail blanks, always nice to have a spare. Set these three aside, redid the jig a bit, and got out the Stanley 45... Wasn't an issue with these taller stiles, but when I went to groove the skinnier rails, the fence on the 45 was too low. Had to put the rods into the lower set of holes, raising the fence... Got the stiles all groovy, needed to mark out for tenons on the rails, before the grooves were done....Then the mitre box to trim the "extra" length. It also fixed the "bad cuts" on the ends. Then set the depth stops to make the shoulder cuts. Then the cheek cuts were done at the bandsaw (quicker for me) Hmmm, dominoes? Decided I wanted haunched tenons, so, a few squares were cut.... The "haunch" fills the groove at the end of the joint. I picked the best edge, planed the other square, and then ran a groove, cutting out the haunch on that side. Raised panel will fill it later. Got to about this point.. 2 stiles and two rails. Need mortises chopped...wasn't feeling like doing that, today. Found a chunk of Walnut, chucked the plug cutter in the drillpress.. 9 plugs, for 9 counterbores. And a bit of contrast. Not wanting to press me luck on a Monday, decided to call it a day... Stay tuned..
  20. I suppose I should add a bit more to the build thread......
  21. When I say the weather is ugly outside.. Just imagine what that view in my mirror must have looked like... Shop time was short, and to the point, today..was too warm in the shop to get too much done... Got the frame almost done, needs mortises chopped, yet. Drawer has been fine tuned, slides very nicely. And.. Made 9 plugs, to cover those counterbores...Debating on calling it a day, or try me luck, again....
  22. Monday? Again? Well, the weather outside the window is almost as ugly as the view in my mirror..... Don't want to go to the shop, today....nothing else to do. Safer to stay home. IF I get bored enough..I might try the shop, for a little while....we'll see.... 1st Breakfast: Mountain Dew and the pills 2nd Breakfast: Cinnamon Swirl Toast and butter...... Maybe after Lunch....a wee bit of shop time?
  23. That would be the Infamous Condor-Tail
  24. Will be a project for 2018?

    OK, "Hide yer eyes, Mabel !" Drawer is out of the clamps, dovetails and other things cleaned up I guess it will just have to do.....Handles have been installed, wood drawer guides installed, test for fit.. Kind of plain handles.. Need to plug those holes.....might just use the Ash scraps.....Not sure IF there is enough Walnut... Next up? Build a door....
  25. Will be a project for 2018?

    Well, guess I should meander down to the shop, today. Remove the clamps and clean up the drawer, so it will at least fit IN the cabinet.... Thinking about a single door. Too many problems with two skinny doors....one larger door might be better. Will still get a raised panel, in a frame. Need to start ripping some parts, and glue up a panel.....first need to get that drawer done...and OFF my bench Stay tuned.....

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