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  1. What to do with a...

    Ok, time to get busy... Had to transfer markings to make sure the dovetails would match on each end of the drawer front.. Ever wonder why I have a 12" square? Laid out a few marks .. Biggest thing is to mark which IS the waste part. When doing these, I try to split the lines.. Chop out the waste, and get ready to mark the tails... Had to sharpen the pencil up...trying to hold things still, while tracing around all these pins.. came back with a square, and marked a stop line...then off to the bandsaw I went... The less I have to chisel out of these tiny tails, the better.. Works for me....While setting up for some grooves, a bit of plane work was done.. I managed to get all these corners cleaned up....set up was done.. Milled a few grooves for the drawer bottoms....had to build a jig for that.....Sides also get a dado, but, rather than reset the Stanley 45 ( spurs are a PITA) we had a better plan.... Mitre Box has depth stops I can set. Two saw cuts, then a chisel to pop the waste out. Had supplies for drawer bottoms and backs, handy.. Doing double duty as a shelf for the washer...shhhhh.. got a piece of poplar cut for the back,.. Dry fit. Had to use a handsaw to cut the plywood for the bottom..was too big for the bandsaw... Everything seemed to look decent enough...time to spread some Elmer's? I found clamp #6 hiding behind a few things....so, now I needed a place to set this, as Drawer #2 needed grooves and dado done.. Sitting on the "shelf" on the washer...shhhhhh. Dado and grooves are now done on the other drawer... Close up of the groove and dado junction? These are for the top two drawers.. Then it was Suppertime!.....might as well take a break, maybe get more done tomorrow.....hmmm, need to get that drawer OFF her washing machine.... Stay tuned...
  2. What to do with a...

    Ok, plan is to try a coat of Amber Shellac on this thing when done. Bullseye Shellac is about it, around my area. Will I need to "cut" it down, or just brush it on as is? Been 30+ years since I have even used shellac.....kind of a rookie. The last time I used it, did not care for it, dried very rough... I may pick up a quart later, and see what happens....BLO takes too long to dry, before I can top coat it. Hoping the Amber stuff will make the grain "pop" a little better....
  3. What to do with a...

    Thumb has been cleared for action, again....look out! Thumb is stiff from the splint.....needs to be worked on to loosen things up. X-rays were great. maybe when the Boss gets back home, I can get back to work?
  4. What to do with a...

    Maybe I should call this Drawer Wars? Episode 2? Shop NOW has an air compressor thingy.. Not much, put can clean up a few things.... Planks were moved to the shop...one at a time.....was a bit bummed out..they are only 8 footers.. Cleared the bench off, and got ready to crosscut a few pieces.. Tried this D-8.....get-up-n-go...said no. Got out the VINTAGE Sears circular saw instead ( I did do one cut with the saw, though ) But, when I need 10 pieces cut...corded saw was faster. Marked each for width..according to the drawer fronts. Fired up the bandsaw and ripped the waste off. Kind of a wavy cut,,,,we have ways to fix "wavy" Millers Falls No. 14. after a few minutes.. Went through the stack, and found two that were close to the same thickness... The drawer front was relieved of the two junky sides, and a start on their replacements was began.. Looks a little better? slipped this back into the case.. Will need fine tuned for fit, but that will happen after a glue up...The other drawer front was next.... Was asked to make slightly smaller pins and tails....PITA to do..but.. Started to make a few mistakes about then. Pins were going the wrong way. No biggie, really....inside of drawer front became outside of drawer front. Figured I'd stop right here, before any other items go wrong...slid this mess into it's home.. And called it a night. I even had to use the mitre saw! Had to square a few ends on the sides. Ever see "see-through shavings" from a saw? Doctor visit in the morning, to see how this thumb is, or isn't healing. After that, a few errands...maybe some shoptime by afternoon? Stay tuned
  5. Bandsaw troubles

    There is the "box" for the capacitor......doen't look burnt up, no paint has peeled from heat. Maybe after I get these drawers made..I can dig around and replace it....
  6. Picked up a few Maple boards..one even has a bit of spalt going on....might be a drawer front? three 1 x 8 x 9' long planks....doing a bit of trading for that wood.
  7. Bandsaw troubles

    As soon as I find out what size Starting Capacitor the motor needs...I will see about replacing it. Need to find enough time, and a few extra hands, to do the replacement..
  8. Monday...about says it all.... Might have the Bandsaw "fixed" for now......will be pricing a new motor, later. Drawer wars were started......maybe the next drawer will be a bit better....
  9. What to do with a...

    Finally got the bandsaw up and running.....barely. Needs a starter to get up to speed, before I turn the motor on....after that, saw runs great. Ok..none of the side pieces are tall enough to match the drawer fronts....no biggie,,,had a plan to use when the drawers are all glued up. Ugly, but usable. These two were at least close to each other in size....jointed the edges.. Had one that was a tad off on one end.. as for the front, it needed a bit of plane work, to get a straight edge.. Then I could layout some pins.. Got out the usual suspects.. Once I carried the layout lines around, to where I could see them...old school time.. Then set up to do some chopping.. tried this block for the one end...meh, wanted to bounce and wiggle too much.....somehow got this done.. Got to about here, and flipped it over... Then went and completed the pins on the other end.....somehow..I lost a pin? this end has 6 pins,,the other end came out with 5? Used the pins to layout for the tails. made sure I marked which part went where....been know to confuse things.. This is why I needed the bandsaw running. Then, just like the pins, I chopped from both faces. Dry fit? Been out of practice....About normal for the first corners....second one was much better.. Plan right now? I'll make a filler strip to glue onto the top of the sides....I'll set up this old plane.. to cut the grooves for the drawer bottoms. Rather than switch cutters back and forth....I'll do the dados for the back with the mitre saw. It will cut the side walls for the dados, then a chisel to pop out the waste. Nice part about today's work? I get to sit down, most of the time. Stay tuned..
  10. Bandsaw troubles

    Update: tire is on. New blade, too. I now have a "starter" for the saw.. Junky old wire cup. drill is set in reverse. I place the cup over a pulley.. And spin this up to speed....then turn the motor on....saw runs fine. then. Acts like there is a bind going on that shaft.....hard to turn. No wobble, either. Have no idea IF there is a way to lube any bearings in there...
  11. Bandsaw troubles

    Took two people to get that tire onto the wheel...unless the other tire falls off, I am not changing it. Will put things back together, and go from there...
  12. Bandsaw troubles

    Will see what happens today.....I do have a "Back-up" bandsaw handy.....IF needed. Won't need any BIG cuts done...for a while.. Dirty contacts? How long do you soak those new tires in HOT water, before you try to install them?
  13. What to do with a...

    Bandsaw is downNeeds torn down, cleaned up, new tires installed, maybe a new motor.....will try to get by on the OEM motor, for now. Plywood is in the shop for the back and the drawer bottoms....also picked up 10 "White Birch" knobs, and some pads for the stile's feet. Need the bandsaw to cut the tails for the dovetailed drawers....I do have a "back-up" IF needed.... Plan for today? Get that Bandsaw up and running.....then try to make a couple drawers. Need to change the cutter on the Stanley 45, to match the thickness of the plywood. Might just work on the back of the case, and the top two drawers...depends on what the Boss has scheduled for today( I might go and hide IN the shop..)
  14. The old Craftsman let me down tonight.. Motor stalled out....even under NO LOAD!..... Motor is a double-ended one, has a plastic cover over the un-used shaft.....always filled up with dirt...got rid of that. Thrust bearings were worked over....since I was tearing the saw down, anyway Yep, nasty looking. There IS a trash bag back there...will be full tomorrow...Drive wheel lost the tire a while back... Might as well install these, as well. IF I hand spin the drive wheel to start the saw up......it will run at normal speed....if I don't, it barely turns, and hums.....air compressor Sunday to blow out the motor...hoping it is just dirty contacts... Grabbed an old file, once I had the drive wheel spinning..and cleaned the crud off the surface.....a bit of vibration in the system....Did a little "balancing" with the file, taking out most of the wobbles.. even on this little pulley.. Acts like there is too much tension going on...yet the belt does flop around a bit.... This thing was frozen in place....hammerdrill and PBlaster to even move the bolt....bearing was stuck....wasn't in the mood for "Stuck" Visegrips to hold the center ring...wire wheel and normal wheel on the grinder to get it spinning again..freely. repeat with the upper one.. Gave up for the night. Need to boil some water Sunday, and get the tires to STRETCH enough to go on the lower wheel...wonder IF I should change out the upper tire... Looks like Sunday has been planned out.... Was trying to rip two drawer sides to width......didn't happen.
  15. A Before & After

    Might be just after 1962,,,when Stanley started folding the old "whaletail " lateral levers. BTW: When a tool is marked as "Dunlap Approved" it was because of a fellow named Dunlap that worked for Sears & Roebuck back in the day. He would approve a tool maker's submitted line of tools, to be sold by Sears & Roebuck. Thinking this little plane was made by Stanley....

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