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  1. Planes...just,....planes

    I only go to 2.5K because I then use a strop. I do not do micro bevels, ruler tricks, or any other "Extra" stuff......I want the iron sharp, and back in the plane, ready to work, as soon as I can. An "All day at the sharpening bench" sort of thing...just isn't going to happen. Micron shavings? Not needed....unless one is merely showing off. Takes way too long to finish a job....3 microns at a time.
  2. Planes...just,....planes

    Mainly that Stanley #4, with the taped handle. Grinder, IF a new bevel is needed Sander, to flatten out the hollow ground bevel 600 medium India stone 1,000...1500...2000. ..2500 Wet-or-dry sandpaper sitting on the oil stone Leather strop, charged with green stick compound. Chipbreaker is set 1mm back from the edge. Back of the iron is flattened, as I work through the grits. Chipbreaker is mated to the flattened back until no gap is seen. Sole of the plane is rubbed with a candle, prior to use.
  3. For Steven Newman

    Saws from Charles Neil's place.....free
  4. For Steven Newman

    Too far to drive.....for so few saws....
  5. Planes...just,....planes

    Chinese...plane is pushed along......
  6. Planes...just,....planes

    Someone had to ask.."Is that all you got?" Soooooo, be careful what you ask for Block plane is a Handyman. From the top? Anant A4, Dunlap #3 ...Craftsman#3 (Millers Falls #8 made for Sears) And the Mohawk-Shelburne#4.( later renamed as a Millers Falls #900) and one more....but it is a little too big for this spot... A "China Jack" 2" double ironed Jack plane. Takes a whole nother style of grip, to get it to work. Traditional Chinese Jack plane made in.....my shop. I think that is it.....depending on the next rust hunt...
  7. Chisel?

    Made by Buck Brothers.....long before the clone at Home Depot.... Looked almost like it would fit into the chuck of a Brace drill? Reamer, maybe?
  8. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    I finally remembered WHERE that old Bostwick Braun Catalog #43 was stashed......when I can dig it out of the closet, there was three full pages of Blacksmithing tools....Might just find that Ball Swage in there?
  9. VFW sends free dollar

    The Eagles here in town will have a Fish Fry this Friday......I might enjoy THAT donation better.....Already have been to the Legion's fish/chicken fry.....
  10. three way joint?

    Mine, for tables....but, there is something else added.. Glue and screws. Holds the corner square. Or, rotate the corner block 90 degrees, and add a screw through and into the leg.
  11. Planes...just,....planes

    Like the title says.. Some have already seen this plane til....those block planes across the top? Are the main users. Half are low angle ones. Some of the "special" planes. The old block plane is great for knocking off excess dried glue.. There is one thing about these wood bodied planes...they weigh a bit less than the iron versions. That red jack? That is my "scrub" plane. The Big Guys. The Millers Falls #14 because it is used as a big smooth plane. A #8, another #7, and a #81 try plane. You need your Wheaties, before a full day of moving these around..... Somewhere in the shop, there is a third spokeshave.....I tend to treat them as planes. The #45....7 planes in one. IF anyone wants to see what is on that shelf.....I might bring them out into the daylight. Depending on the project, there are 6 or 7 planes that always seem to get used..... Depending on the size of the project....some will get swapped out for another size. The #7 may turn into a #6, or a #5-1/2. The #4 may get changed out to a #3 size. That #5 may get replaced by the 5-1/4 as a jack. The #5 has a bit of camber to the edge of the iron, the 5-1/4 does not. After a long day of pushing planes around...smaller ones tend to come out....old arms tend to get tired.
  12. Using wood waste to shine

    Had a ShopSmith sales guy show me how to just hold a piece of scrap wood against the turning part.......been using that ever since...
  13. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Most rivet head forming chisels I found today were 1) a LOT smaller, 2) are now made for a pneumatic type of hammer, 3) and are newer versions. One person held both the blank ( tongs) and this "top swage" while another hammered the swage down to form the head of the rivet.....Might be from a Shipyard's tool kit, for making new rivets. It could also have been used to make iron balls, using a bottom swage to form the other half....take a large, red-hot square of steel/iron, place it into the bottom swage, hold the top swage on the square, while another hammered the two swages together.... May need an OLD catalog to find it. new ones aren't quite as fancy.... Williamsburg Blacksmiths might know a little more about these....
  14. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Rivet head forming tool.....Forms the heads on rivets.
  15. MWTCA December 2017 "What's It" Project

    Have found new versions for sale to Blacksmiths today....unsure of the maker on this one. Would be for the more decorative rivets..like on the doors on old buildings. Maybe on an iron sailing ship? Will dig around awhile, today...

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