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  1. Thursday Pickings. Skimpy

    On the way to Huber heights, OH thursday..stopped at the store in Brandt, OH...spend a whopping $5 on a pair of chisel shaped objects... Skinny one is 3/4", wider one is 1''....nothing special? No handles, one has a mushroom growing on it....bend at the socket was made that way...even saw a trace of a name stamp on the bent socket... MIGHT need a bit of sharpening? Well, got busy with these two, while the stain was drying....Beltsander to remove the mushroom, and a chunk out of my knuckle...DNA on the new sander Dug out the wooden plug inside the remade socket..dug through the spare chisel drawer, and found a couple loaner handles.. Flattened the backs, got a start on the sharpening.. With the 3/4" firmer all shined up, found a name stamp on it, too. 1" wide is a UNION Hardware Company of Torrington, CONN. USA The 3/4" one? T.H. Witherby....also of Torrington, CONN, USA. It will go with the 1/2" one I have. And the 3/8" Mortise chisel... Not too bad..for $5?
  2. Next Project?

    They also guide the drawer as it slides in and out. Cleats stay hidden, with no sign of what is holding the bookcase in place....
  3. Getting close to the finish line on that Stepback Cupboard in Pine...hope to get the Shellac on tomorrow...woodworking part is done
  4. Next Project?

    Hmm, for some strange reason..my hands smell like Golden Oak stain... This may be a long post, hope nobody minds... Typing and trying to eat a sammich, not the best way to do this, but here goes. Meandered to the shop..forgot camera.. meander back to the shop, had to turn these into sides and a back for a drawer.. Got these to match each other, already had fitted the drawer front into the opening.. Decided to use through dovetails, to match the large drawer Dry fit. then the groove for a plywood bottom was milled.. Even the back got a groove....back was attached via a couple screws into the ends of the sides..used a smooth plane to fit the drawer.. Dovetails sanded smooth, holes filled, knob in place, test fit? Now, the bookcase was designed to be removable, to make it easier to transport ( and get up my stairs) so I needed a pair of "cleats" installed Two countersunk screws into the top of the case, and two to hold the Bookcase in place, per cleat. These also act as drawer guides. Nailed on some pads for the feet.. Now, the reason my hands smell like Golden Oak stain..... Since I had to do the cleats, these two were set on the bench. Stain applied while they were just sitting around.. Once I got the lower cabinet done, I could set these into place where they belonged...( not blotch, GRAIN!) I also set the large drawer on the bench, wasn't much room with these two sitting there..but.. Yes, I did stain the shelves, even though they will get a pair of folding baskets on each shelf...freckled drawer? After tipping the lower case every which way to cover all the Pine....was finally able to set everything in place..ready? Well the skinny drawer does look good? And now the main event.. Waiting on the smelly stain to stop..smelling the place out, should be about dry, then. Then, a couple coats of Amber Shellac? Shop is not the best for project pictures...maybe once it gets upstairs? Stay tuned..
  5. Do you want me to bring the Stanley 45 up to your place? may give a class?
  6. Next Project?

    Was going to take a nap.....maybe let the door cure til tomorrow....nope, diddn't happen.. Went to the shop..was just looking for hinges...just in case I needed to buy ones.... Tested the clamps..removed them slowly..door didn't fall apart..good sign? Placed the door in it's new home...to see which was "Up" or "down" Folded up a couple pieces of sandpaper, to get a bit of clearance on the bottom...Hinges? I did have a couple packs of these..things....I hate these. But, I can make use of the screws.. Because I couldn't find the screws for these. Needed a way to start the screws in the right spots.. It centers itself in the hole on a hinge, then you drive that pointy end into the wood.. I even "clocked" the screws.. Or, tried to. Had some knobs. and installed one of these.. Used the two 6" sweep braces to drill a pilot hole, and a bit of countersink for the screw's head..Added a brass hook & eye.. Need to build a drawer to fill that gap between the two cases....add a couple cleats to attach the top to the base...then the stain goes on. Stay tuned...I still need a nap..
  7. Next Project?

    Ok, back on track....although it is a bit ugly outside.. After spending half the night sitting on the Throne....meds finally kicked in. Something I ate must have been too much for the cast iron stomach... Got the panel out of the clamps, had to square the ends a bit Beltsander to take care of this. Checked the panel for width..needed a tad removed.. Handplane to smooth things out a bit. . Needed to work a bit on that glue line.....at least this thing will be on the inside of the door.. Got things looking nice, set up to raise a panel, next. 1-1/2" in from the edge is the stop line....planes go at the diagonal to the grain, until a bevel appears.. Used two planes for the end grain.. Red label is set a bit coarser the the plain jane. I rough out the bevel with one, then smooth it out with the other... Got both ends beveled first, then worked on the edge grain.. Marked out the corner.. These edges were done with the Jack plane, instead.. Because of it's longer bed. Making a big mess on the floor, this is work.. Outside face is all nicely beveled, need a rebate around the back.. Used this on the end grain ends first, then the edge grain side...checking to make sure things will fit.. A little blow out...that is fine, as the rebate down the edge grain will wipe that away...got all the reabtes done, and a dry fit.. Not too bad? then add the glue, clamps and cauls.. And let it sit for a day....we'll see what happens when the door is installed.....stay tuned...almost to the finish line..
  8. Next Project?

    Ah yes....one of the joys of being RETIRED...is I do NOT have to pay anyone to do my "work". I do NOT have anyone working for me. I can build what I want, however I want, with whatever tools I choose. No real deadlines to meet. Don't have to sell anything. It also tends to keep me out of the bars. Plus, IF anyone picks up any tips from how I do things, and even uses them...so much the better. That is the other reason I do these "Build-along" projects. When Malcolm/Larry retires, then we'll see how he works....for me, I am just having fun, and trying not to get bored.
  9. Next Project?

    Well, at the moment, I AM the molder.....and the tablesaw....and Meet the "Tablesaw" I use. Disston D-112. Needed to cut the longer two down to match the shorter two. Shorter two needed a bit of work... A little wavy. # 7c to joint the edges of the new boards....Millers Falls #14 to get rid of the worst of this waviness.. #8 took over to edge the bad spots. ( back is paying the price, now) Worked on all 8 edges, until the board fit together with no gaps... Spread some glue, move each board back and forth until it "sticks in place, until all four boards can be clamped up.. And added a couple cauls on the ends.. Planes are left out, as I may have a use for them...once the glue cures. back is stiff and sore, time to stop for a while, until the glue cures...then, start on raising a panel, and assemble a door.....Once the door is installed, the finishing can start... Stay tuned...
  10. Next Project?

    Hmmm, Mondays..gotta love them. Oh well. Had a choice, 50 mile round trip ( Menard's, Sidney,OH) to get one board, or, just drive to the south end of town ( about 2 miles, each way) and shop at Lowes....with the Boss along... Was looking for a 1 x 8 x 4'.....all Lowes had was 6'....and pricey.....got to looking around, found a couple CLEAR 1 x 4s ( I thought..) that were four feet long. Held them up together against the six foot 1 x 8..hmmmm the two were wider than the one...and total price was a dollar more than the one? Loaded them into the van,,then while the Boss was shopping at Wall E World...nap time... Got home, and hauled the new lumber to the shop, just to check the sizes.. Something screwy going on here...it IS 48" long...but it is a 1 x 6! Both of which do not have so much as a hint of a knot? Since these were so wide, it meant 1) I need to wear my glasses at the lumberyard, and 2) I can remove a few bad spots.. Ugly knot along an edge..but wait, there is more.. I can rip both of these boards, to remove the worst of these knots... Set the guide block for each cut....guide and blade did not play well with each other...had about as many waves as the N.Korean Cheer Squad.. Will need to joint all four edges...maybe tomorrow. Marked the good lumber for length.. Both of them. Even using the Stanley 45 was iffy tonight.....had to keep adjust the fence, until it was finally centered. Then it was easy to do all the grooves.. "Groovy." quit while I'm ahead of the day. I test fitted the door's frame ( dry fitted) into the opening...yep, a bit too tight... Maybe I'll have better luck in the morning...getting four boards glued up into a panel....stay tuned..
  11. Not Exactly Woodworking...

    Adjusting the rabbit ears now....
  12. Puttered in the shop most of the weekend.....might have got a little bit done...
  13. Lumberjock Stumpy Knubs "group" are meeting at Arlin Eastman's place for their annual get together. About the same time as the College World Series, just down the road... After that? No clue, as usual....hoping for a good result end of this month....something about brain troubles...
  14. I have to be at Arlin's Place 23 JUN.....LONG weekend..after that?
  15. Drilling it Down Part Deux

    Just a reminder of drills.. Power Kraft, sold by Montgomery Wards....drill only, does not have a "Reverse" to it. I might have to wrap the cord where it leaves the handle.. Has a unique smell when it use...used to call it "the Ozone Smell"

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