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  1. YouTube makers

    PBS. ORG........The Woodwright's Shop.
  2. Rust Hunt on a Monday?

    Ok, updated pictures? Chisel Logo....."Clearcut" may have been a bit more in an arch above this? Have a panel saw with about the same logo.. All cleaned up, and ready to go. Need a can of black enamel for the handles... Camera doesn't do "Macro" all that well. DEFIANCE Made in USA Red may need a touch up? Chisel was $7, Drill was $10 Drill bit that WAS in the chuck had been broken at one time.....wasn't worth keeping around. Only stopped at one of the stores downtown......not too bad?
  3. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Not arguing....but...Gravatar is now a blocked tracker on this site. FWIW.....
  4. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    It says you have one from Facebook, one from Twitter, along with the Google analytics I usually block..... Some sites I visit might have up to 8-9 trackers hanging around.... Toolbar is totally different than the old Mozilla Firefox.
  5. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Computer runs a lot faster. Ghostery says it is blocking 3 trackers from this site.... I usually use Iorbit to scan for any bad guys that got in....
  6. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Trackers and pop-up ads do not get past the guard shack here.....Ghostery keeps an eye out. I can then tell it what to block, and I never see it again. Seems I already am running the Quantum Mozilla on this computer....Wasn't much involved, came as an "update" one morning.
  7. Ok,Tuesday shows up...new starter has been installed on the van......van is now fixed! Amazing what NOT being a Monday can do...
  8. One More Push Drill...

    Guess I had better go and hide my little set.... Now...Yankee screwdrivers....that is another story altogether.......
  9. Rust Hunt on a Monday?

    Chisel and handle were in different boxes....merely combined the two....shhhhh! Need to find the "lens" to read the markings on the drill bits.....some are single flute, some are double flutes.
  10. Rust Hunt on a Monday?

    Well, yard sales are over around here, until next spring.....there is a store downtown that has a basement section...called Junk Rescue... Finally had a little extra in my pocket.....decided to buy a few items... Sooo, THIS is what $20 + Tax will get ya.... Might need a little clean up....Chisel? Sold as "Clearcut" 1-1/4" wide Firmer Chisel....that rusty gear box? On the now cleaned crank handle.....Defiance...Made in USA...need a few drops of oil to get things moving.... Yep, two bits for a dollar.....inflation? They did clean up nicely.. Three are 4/16", one is a 5/16" Left a few things down there, but....save those for another day.
  11. Money orders cashed.....did a wee bit of shopping....BIG chisel, a #5 eggbeater drill, and four brace bits.....$20 + Tax....film at 2300 hrs....
  12. Monday? About says it all.... There is a "how to" of sorts......Peter Jackson describing all that went into building the house used as Beorn's abode......and, for you carvers on here....check out all the details they used. Note how the chair was carved, as well. Not sure IF it is on youtube, as all I have seen is in the "extended version" DVDs. Film is called The Desolation of Smoag......
  13. Saturday town got almost 4" of rain (3.8") and the Dungeon Creek was flowing across the floor of the shop....Nothing gets done when I get wet feet Waiting on a new starter to show up, and get installed. Waiting on two Postal Money Orders to show up.....then I could do a wee bit of shopping? Not sure WHAT I could make out of a 1/2" x 8" x 48" plank of Poplar......may do a bit of puttering around, and see. Once the floor is dry, again...
  14. Nothing on the schedule.....still trying to get the van fixed. Part we sent BACK, turned out to be the part that was needed.....and NOT the other $80 part we had installed. Starter is also $80, and a PITA to replace...paying someone else to do that job... No lumber in the shop.....not much to build anything with....although..the Boss does have a few ideas...
  15. How would you cut this arc?

    IF you have a lathe..... Make two square pieces, glue together with a sheet of paper between them. Turn into a cylinder. Sand smooth. Remove from lathe, and split them apart along the papered glue line. Option 2; Spokeshave it round.

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