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  1. Next Project?

    Well, today was...different....two power outages....restart after the second one..did not go so well.... In-between them, I managed to get Panel #1 set aside, sans clamps.. Sitting all the way back there. The mess to the left? Is Panel #2 Had to use old Heft & Hubris again. . Couple edges had a bit of curve to them....made some nice shavings, for such a HUGE plane.. This time around, I used a couple pipe clamps..first one to clamp right in the center..then I worked towards the ends. Doubled up the cauls...I made sure the center of the panel was flat, and clamped down. Then the cauls to pull the ends flat I also added a couple extra clamps. Two cauls at the other end were a bit crowded.. Finding some use for those pieces of scrap Ash.... Waiting on this one to cure, tomorrow morning I can clean both panels up, cut a profile for the feet, and lay out for shelves and such....might even mill a rebate for the plywood back. Then I'll know about what size to build four webframes to....Stay tuned.....
  2. Next Project?

    Quick workout in the shop, today.....after the errands the Boss wanted to run....shot about half a day.. Apron was hanging in my way.. Yep, I know it is mine... Guess I had better put it on, and get to work? Had to remove the clamps, sort through the parts to find three that almost matched each other....One was marked "Center" and another needed a curved edge straightened out......clamped that into the Crochet and leg vise.. Just a wooden "hook", you whack on the other end of a board, and drive the board until it is tight, then close the leg vise....needed a jointer plane, to joint 40" of edge...might have one .. Seemed to do the job...type of plane? Just tuned it up last week, in fact....Got the edges to where they all matched, and made a stack.. No glue (yet) no clamps, they are just sitting there....spread some glue on the edges...first I had to slide the boards a bit, hard to clamp into the Crochet..Spread a bead of glue on one edge, next board was placed into the glue, mooshed back and forth a bit, until it "stuck", repeat for the other board... The finger clamp is just to hold things..not very tight...needed it for the cauls, anyway....just glue holding things here... 4 clamps and two cauls.. Caul down on the far end is sitting ON the top of the bench. I sorted through the other three boards.. I think this will be the center board of the second panel..... With the rain that keeps going through the area..I didn't want to set anything down on the floor....and maybe get wet. I can leave the glue-up where it is, for now. Maybe in the morning, I can work on the second panel..then start on webframes...maybe? Stay tuned
  3. Next Project?

    File has been started at VA....more stuff to fill out, now.... Took a few 1 x 6 planks to the shop.. Not the easiest thing to do...getting a 8' long board down there. Managed to haul one at a time. mark each for a couple crosscuts.. Just a few basic tools...length was 40". Used a couple bench dogs to keep the plank from moving around too much... One to push against.. The other was to keep the board from rotating around Got the first two planks done....there was an "issue" though... 40" hit right about here....hmmm....since I cut a profile to shape the "feet" of the case...guess where this knot will be.. That board is now the center of the 3 board glue up... Need to mill a rebate along the back edges of the panels....should be able to rebate right over this ...thing. Managed to get #3 plank to the shop, cut to sizes needed. Then I stacked all 6 parts up on the bench, and clamped them down until they were flat.. Will let the stack sit overnight...maybe tomorrow, I can joint a few edges, and spread a wee bit of glue....stay tuned.
  4. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    Have three B&D Firestorm 18V drills.....and a Mega Mouse, a circular saw, and a "sawzall" that all take the same 18V batteries....have one charger, and 4 batteries. So far, so good....since I bought most of these in a $5 for all box at a yard sale....not out too much. Also have a pair of Makita "Long handle" drills..two batteries, one charger......battery is those older LONG pattern ones. One is a keyed chuck, one a keyless.... Haven't had any need for a new drill, in a while.....
  5. Just got back from the Veterans Office here in town. have a "file" started, need to fill out a few MORE forms.....Then we'll see what all the VA can do. Results in about a week, or so...More for the medical side of things....we'll see.
  6. Next Project?

    They are a bit on the hairy side...no feathers found...got to be a herd of them.. Sooo, no woodworking today...but..Shop Cat was... As she knock all that pine and other scraps onto the floor.....had to move the pile of Ash scraps of the bench.. To a safer place, where the cats won't be jumping through....rest of the tools were put away... Tool well was even swept out! Users stashed, non-users put away. Left the squares out, to be ready for a little layout work.. I think I have the bases covered....chisels were sorted out, users into the bench til, non-users into a drawer.. A motley crew? Have the mitre saw all set up and ready.. Might even find a use for these other things.. Besides just hanging around? Not sure IF I'll need another item.. Maybe some smaller stuff? Runs great. Mitre gauge is sitting like that, because I merely sat it down, to keep it with the saw. Just about ready to do a bit of woodworking? Maybe after the VA stuff is done....we'll see.
  7. Next Project?

    Pictures of the lumber? Really? Two plywood panels..one was 1/2" wider than the other? Pick of the litter... A herd of 1 x 2s (6) and the single 1 x 8 x 8'...smooth on one face only....will be a panel for the top of the case...there are four 1 x 6s....3 will be cut @40" long, and then a three piece glue up for the sides. The fourth 1 x 6 is a bit.."Special".. Going to make a drawer front out of the best section....set the rest aside....I have a "spare" 1 x 6 available for the sides of the drawer. When I go after parts for the Bookcase, I look for a few more of these boards...for the raised panel door. She can paint everything else BUT the Birdseye.... Letting this mess get used to the house for a few days....
  8. Monday? Grrrrr..rain, rain, and more rain....but, beat the "H" out of that white stuff. Rain all week long...Ohio Monsoon Season. March arrived 2 weeks early..hope it also leaves two weeks early... Went to Menard's and bought almost enough lumber to build the base cabinet for Daughter's Stepback Cupboard.... Have a few little "creeks" running across the shop floor right now..... Not sure which is uglier..the view out my window, or the view in my bathroom mirror...
  9. Sargent

    Actually, I think it was Wendy's Some of my "extra " planes.. Anant A4, Craftsman #3, Craftsman #3 ( Millers Falls made) Stanley Defiance#3, Mohawk-Shelburne #900....with a Handyman 1248 Block plane. All are tuned up....
  10. Next Project?

    Got over to Sidney, OH a bit late....Lowes was closed. Menard's had the same 1/4" plywood...$0.40 more.....will save a second trip tomorrow, in gas and time. Sorted through the piles in the racks.....pick of the litter? Meh..good thing this will be painted..sheesh Their Premium brand was a tad too much in price...cost more than the Ash I bought! The boards will take a bit of selective cutting....and no small amount of work. Letting the boards just sit in the house for a day or three.... I did find a 1 x 6 x 8' with Birdseye figure.....maybe a drawer front or two?
  11. Next Project?

    OK, have a shopping list made out...getting set to go buy a few boards.....shopping list so I don't wind up a board short, somewhere... My son is footing the lumber bill, too. Will report when I get the stuff to the shop... 3/4" plywood shelves are not on the list....will make two more webframes, and add a layer of 1/4" Luann to the topside....May need a center rail....
  12. Sargent

    Save the worn out belts for the sharpening stuff Get a H-F 100 grit belt......might take 10 minutes tops....
  13. Sargent

    Dunlap were made by Sargent. Craftsman was made, depending on who won that years contract, by either Stanley, Millers Falls, or Sargent. IF the plane was made by "Worth", or PEXTO....run, do not walk, away.... I had one of the newer Buck Brothers planes ( Home Depot variety) and was not impressed, Same as with the "Kobalt" Lowes sells...meh. Have a Beltsander? Load a 100 grit belt on it. Black sharpie pen to mark a lot of lines across the sole of that Caftsman plane....sand until no lines remain. Keep rotating the assembled plane while on the spinning belt. Make sure the iron is back as far as the wheel will take it. You are sanding the sole, NOT the cutter. Have a good straightedge handy, to check on things.
  14. Next Project?

    Nope, still just a single cell...need the other one to breathe.... Pine for just the base unit...$35, Plywood about $23....haven't priced the lumber for the bookcase..yet. Need to ask the Boss for a few $20 dollar bills.....stay tuned..
  15. Next Project?

    Will try to do this just like the last Project.....I get the base unit done, first. Maybe buy enough to just do the base first, then do the bookcase when I can get the boards for it.

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