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  1. Box Of Fancy Pine

    Tuesday? Already? Might as well try the shop, and see how long I can stay down there...before the Boss needs to go somewhere, again.. Had two more corners to get done.. Saw a few lines...chop a few spots ( duck as the chips come flying back at me..) dry fit.. This was the last corner....Put all four sides together, for a full fitting.. So I could mark the bottom panel for size. Trimmed the panel, plane to smooth the saw marks...one end wasn't quite square. Langdon 75 fixed that, along with a couple sides that needed squared up. With the bottom fitted, I added a couple clamps, to keep it that way.. Hand plane to clean things up. I also sized a divider, that will sit in the middle of the box....needed ripped for width. Used the cut off to save a place for the real one, will I planed the edges smooth.. Then set this mess aside....needed to make some molding out of this board.. But, rather than screw this up I went with a scrap of Pine, to test how to make a molding....like this.. Never said I knew how to draw, right? Needed to lay out a few cutters and planes.. Custom ground the one cutter for an earlier project. Wound up not needing the straight cutter. So, jig the blank to the bench, set up step one Was the Stanley #45, and a bead cutter....reset the 45 for step two.. Cutter is a lot shorter than the bead cutter, also had to reset the fence...One skate rides right beside the bead.. Had to start at the far end, and work my way back here. Time to flip the board over for Step 3.. Was going to use the Stanley 45 for this...but...the Wards/Stanley 78 is made for this sort of job.. Ran this until I liked the depth of the cut, then set the depth stop for that depth. Marked a line 3/4" in from the shoulder of the rebate.. So I can rip this molding free of the board. Bandsaw does that, then a plane to smooth things out... Pattern is done, planes are set up. Got the "good" board set up, and one molding made.. These will wrap around the bottom of the box....may cut a foot profile on the ends, AFTER the Langdon 75 cuts a mitre on the ends. Yep, made a big mess of my nice, clean floor.. Which I barely managed to sweep up into a pile, before the Boss said it was time to go....about 2 hours worth IN the shop...maybe after Supper settles out, I can try some more? Stay tuned...the cussing hasn't even started ...yet
  2. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! April 23, 2018

    Stomach Flu most of the weekend....was so bad, I worked in the shop this morning...on a Monday? May even work later this evening. Sounds like Gene caught the same "bug" I did.....shop clean up bug
  3. Box Of Fancy Pine

    Stomach flu over the weekend shut things down a bit......Tried a bit this morning, since all I needed to do was sit on this.. Laid out a few toys.. Piece of pine to the left? Used it to set the marking gauge with. Had a couple other toys to set out, too. Knife line stuff....I needed to set the light for working at the vise.. nice and bright, for old eyes. Can't saw both parts at the same time...kind of hard to do the layout lines, anyway.. One at a time keeps mistake to a minimum anyway. Waxed the saw plate.. Made a few cuts. Tried to stay on the lines, and maybe just a hair to the waste side....set up a "chopping block" Same chisel I used to lay out the spacing, BTW. had to watch out, as some of those chips would come flying back at me....hate when they bounce off the glasses.. Used this one to lay out the matching half.. Cleaned up the doodles.. Knifed the lines, saw was cut on the waste side of the lines, tried to leave as much of the lines as I could.. And just kept going....first dry fit wasn't all that great.. But we can tune it up...second dry fit involved both long sides.. The end on the "top"? Is just laying there. Will work on this end of the box, next time I go to the shop... IF I trim the bottom panel for a slip fit....I can get rid of a large knot hole...on the left side. Panel is sitting ON the bench, that is the reason for that gap. Swept the floor, keeping a "Clean Shop" after all and stumbled back upstairs.....Stomach is still feeling..... but better than over the weekend. Maybe later, I can work a bit more in the shop? Stay tuned...
  4. Start Of The 'Season'

    Another weekend...three more sales to check out.....rather skimpy, hurting my batting average. ONE item in three sales? At least it didn't cost much.. $5 for this old metal box? Just an old metal box....but, when you open the lid.. I now have a home for some of my loose drill bits....The drill? Says it is a 1/4" B&D Standard Drill..but has a RIGID "Supreme" 1/4" chuck on it. Even has a chuck key! Might see how it does....and give my PowrKraft drill a break?
  5. Box Of Fancy Pine

    Starting a new thread...since the Plough Plane is done, and the Shop is cleaned up.... Had started a bit of Pine a while back, before all the clean up started. Resawed a few fancy Pine boards into ~3/8" thickness. Even glued up a couple "slabs" into a fancy grained top panel... Today, in-between a pair of long road trips....I manged to square a few ends, and cut a few pieces to length. Mitresaw? I am the motor for this one. Had to joint a few edges to match each other...couple of boards needed planed to match the thickness of other boards... These are a Stanley #7c and a Millers Falls No. 14....also used a Stanley #4. had four pieces that needed to match for width....and two that needed to match for a glue up. Book-matched. One was almost an 1/8" thicker than the other....WAS. Once they just about matched, time for some glue and clamps.. All that for a bottom panel....got out some toys.. That be an end for the box...things over in the vise are sides. Can never have enough SHARP pencils ( they seem to run away..) and the chisel was a Lay out tool... "X" marks the waste. I saw either on the line, or just on the waste side of the lines. Then that chisel is used to chop out the waste. End panel is also there to set how deep to saw. One end is a tad thinner than the other. I'll do this end, then use the other end panel to layout it's finger joints. Top and bottom panels will get a pine molding to house them. Bottom unit will get attached to the box. Top becomes a lift-off lid. Still debating on the knob/handle thingy That is the "Plan" so far....will see how this goes....stay tuned..
  6. It's Friday???? The only day I really worry about is Monday.... In-between a couple of Road Trips today....managed to make some sawdust... Squared a few ends. made a bunch of shavings.... Jointing a few edges, planes to reduce a few boards that were too thick...Evne got a glue up done! Will let this sit a day or two.... Maybe I can build a box over the weekend?
  7. A Plough Plane Reborn

    Was at an auction a few years ago.... The only thing I could afford out of this pile... A Stanley #28 and #29...$5.......there was two rows of tables... And.. These went for about $35...each... Double sided saw til...sold as a set, or by the piece..never found out....Detail on the fancy planes... Mainly Moving Filister style of planes...Would have been very easy to spend a $100 or three that day...Only had $10 in my pocket..Bummer.
  8. A Plough Plane Reborn

    Price new ones...yes, new ones are being made. Even a 1/2 set of hollows and rounds are VERY expensive...
  9. A Plough Plane Reborn

    As part of the Dungeon Clean-up this year....the old plough plane was rehabbed back to life.....found broken, and discarded....new parts were made. New, better wedges were made. Cutter sharpened up. New, Maple handle was made. Skate was cleaned of rust. A new fence, made out of Ash to replace the broken Beech one. New wedges are Walnut. There is a screw to help secure the handle in place, as the old dovetail socket was worn away. Glued the handle in place, then added the #10 screw. Two other #10 screws to attach the fence to it's arms. Had to repair one arm...old screw had split the "boss" where it attaches to the arm. Wards #78 plane to make the rebate. Wedge to hold the cutter was beveled to allow the cutter to reach full depth of cut. It also deflecks the shavings out the right side of the plane. As there is no place for the shavings to go on this side.. far cry from what was dug out of the "trash"... Even the sole of the plane needed worked on....was worn crooked... As found.....iron plane is a Stanley #4. Plough plane does look a bit better, now....
  10. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    Not sure IF this is ready for the "Gallery" , yet...but... Went with a screw through the handle....don't trust just glue in this spot. Fence's arms are locked into place with a wedge. To loosen, you tap on the rounded end to slide it in. Tighten by driving the square end in. Tapered wedge, tapered slot. Set about a 1/4" in...there is no depth stop. Shavings curl up, and out the right hand side.. Makes some nice curlies.. Might get another coat or two....Golden Oak stain, and Amber Shellac. Wanted to get this off the bench, before the smaller parts started to walk away. Now, MAYBE..I can start on a box build.....?
  11. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    A little shop time, before the Lung Doctor's visit ( refilled the inhalers,....see ya in 3 months) meant I could at least shape the handle a bit.. No fancy tools...just the "Dragster" belt sander ( has a small front roller) and the palm sander...test fitted until it DID fit.. Snug, but not too tight. Used to be a dovetail joint the handle would slide into. Well, that was about all worn away. May add a screw through the toe of the handle...and a healthy coat of glue. One of the posts that connects the rods to the fence had cracked and broke off...cleaned it up, and re-glued it.. I also drilled and countersunk the new fence for the screws to attach to the rods... But the old screws will get retired.. Yep, they were made without a point way back then.....bought a pack of #10 screws to replace them. Hmmm....Maple handle, Ash fence, Walnut wedges..body of the plane is Beech....should be fun to do a finish....Have a little bit of Golden Oak left over, and the Amber shellac...Hmmm. IF you look closely beside the old screw...you might see a track left by the plough plane...as I was testing the wedge for the 1/4" cutter... may need to hone the cutter a might? Stay tuned...
  12. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    Computer and Internet issues....yep, it is Monday....took until Tuesday to get things fixed. In the midst of all the running around today...these two items came home. Along with a pack of sanding belts. Have plans for the belts.. the Trade-in block plane even made some shavings Need to also joint a couple edges for the Pine project. Made it easier to square at least one end of the long side pieces...haven't figured out how long they need to be..YET Couple of errands run..sneak back to the shop, BEFORE the next runs...old plough plane was getting in my way...parts were getting pushed around...decided to make their replacements.. New wedges, made from scraps of Walnut. Arms from the fence are "locked" in place via a couple wedges. I also made a new wedge for the cutter. Still need a bit of fine tuning. Fence was ....shot.. I did have a piece of Ash that might work.. Needed a bit of plane work, though. Planed the edges straight, planed the blank flat..or at least close...the split on the old fence finally gave way.. I could use the chunk to check the size of the blank's thickness....That screw is from about...1860...about time to retire it? Forgot how mean Ash is to plane...worse that Oak. The screw is there, because I got tired of chasing the blank around. Wards #78 did most of this work. The thick piece od Maple I found during the clean up? Drew a few lines on it.....bandsawed close to those lines...then went back and marked for thickness, and ripped about 3/16" off the side. Then had to plane the part to final thickness, and get it flat....the part? It is thick along the bottom edge, because it fits into a mortise in the plane's body. Know you know why I bought the sanding belts. Got home from yet more running around...had to fix the computer issues, and then the internet issues....even had to go to Wall E World again..and by a remote for the new monitor/TV. Grandson sent the monitor home..without any way to turn it on...not a single button to be found Then,while he was installing a new mouse..he lost the wireless plug-in for the keyboard...Found that....got things all up and running...then the Modem decides to take a break... Finally got going....had these pictures to process...Then do the write-ups. The old plough does make a shaving, though.. Just needs the rest to be fixed up. Visit to the Lung Doctor tuesday afternoon ( COPD) other than that? We'll see...
  13. Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    Top of the Shop dresser needs cleared off..sometime...have something to sit there.. All the loose clutter can then be stashed into a drawer. Need to go to the store....shop needs a dustpan, and a "Foxtail" broom....to help clean things up. Have started that Pine project....getting two sides ready for finger joints. Road trips are a normal Monday thing around here, I'll keep my eyes open... Need to make out a shopping list for today...and see what I can find. Film @ 2300hrs.....names may need to be changed..
  14. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! April 16, 2018

    Monday...about says it all... Rust Hunt Season started up.....spent too much, again About got all the "goodies" sorted out, and put away. maybe this week I can get back to sawdust making.
  15. Start Of The 'Season'

    Ok...decided to at least rehab that block plane today....took almost as long to sharpen the iron, as it did to clean the plane up...here we go.. Side view. Top view? Colour is called "Cordovan" by Stanley....knob is missing a few spots of Nickle Plate.. As for that box? Hmmm, almost twins? Almost twins...slight differences.. 1/2 hour for clean up, 1/2 hour to sharpen.....A new honing guide came in the mail... A friend on LumberJocks had an extra one. Stone that comes with these Irwin Marples guides isn't very good...but I do have others. sharpened to 2500 grit. Will give them a try out later. may keep one in the box, and use the other?

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