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  1. Spill in aisle 20

    Brings back nightmares.....Huskey Injection Molding Machine.....blew the Hydraulic line......400 gallons under HIGH pressure tends to spray very far ( 75' !!) BTDT...
  2. A Project in Maple..

    Took the camera back to the shop.... After the repair, only needed two clamps. One of the end panels only had a single clamp on it, might as well put it on the bench.. That old square showed the panel was out a bit...and not parallel on the ends....Bandsaw to correct. New jig was cobbled up, and the planes rounded up.. The #5c was for hogging off most of the waste, and getting the panel flat..... the #4c worked mainly on the bevel.. With the #4 smoothy to fine tune things. Got things close, then flip the panel over.. To give it a back bevel. I also ran the plane over the field of the panel....then a test fit.. Will fine tune the fit. Rotate the panel around, and repeat.....until the shoulders say STOP! Then haul the laundry upstairs, and close the shop... Stay tuned...
  3. A Project in Maple..

    Went to the shop, to check on the glue up....wasn't happy with it....one panel was out of square, and 1/8-1/4" too wide.....remove the stile, got the offending panel fixed. Re-installed everything, and re-glued the stile into place. Two pipe clamps to hold things tight, until tomorrow. Got one of the end panels out of the clamps....was only one still on it, anyway. It needed squared, imagine that....and needed flattened due to...another too thick panel. Got it almost level with the other half of the panel. Then started to bevel one edge.....got it done, done I was too tired to do any more.
  4. Two days of Rust Hunting

    Apparently, that drill is a Millers falls, but was made in Germany. Still researching the Yankee screwdriver.
  5. A Project in Maple..

    Got a little bit done today. Tenons got milled.. Wider ones needed trimmed a bit. Got out a jig to chop mortises with.. At least for these. Had to adjust the spacing a bit, for the stiles... Tested for fit on the rails....stiles needed mortises, as well.. Got to the point I could spread some glue around... Nice part of this being the back of the chest,,,I can match it to the front. It has a gap on one end, at the bottom. Mainly on the inside, will be covered by the floor. needed the diagonal clamp to pull thing almost square. waiting on the glue to cure enough that I can get this thing off the bench... Stay tuned
  6. Two days of Rust Hunting

    There IS a Millers Falls style label on the crank wheel....Need to get a better/ closer look at the chuck. The "Yankee" is a bit...odd. No selector was ever on it. Instead of the North Bros. Yankee stuff....there is a Craftsman Made in USA stamp. Handle shape is odd as well. Unable to free up the screwdriver tip, may have to give it a good soaking....
  7. A Project in Maple..

    Ok, Gatorades being consumed....Uncle Charles even had the toes cramping up. Got the panels raised today... Took a while, but both fit in the grooves. Got a few grooves milled today as well, you can see a couple here. Top and bottom rails were ripped from a 1 x 4 x 26" Birdseye Maple plank. 1-9/16" wide. Then a groove was ran down one edge. Needed a "new" center stile made, as the old one wasn't wide enough.. Had to run the Stanley 45 along both edges. Also has been marked out for tenons...I also used the old corner post/stiles to check for fit.... Hmmm, Curly Maple, AND Birdseye Maple, and Spalted Maple....might be interesting with the shellac hits this thing... Cramps in the toes, and back of the legs....called it a day. Maybe tomorrow, I can mill a few tenons, chop a few mortises, and spread some glue around... Stay tuned....
  8. Two days of Rust Hunting

    Two days, two sales...meh. Stopped at Brandt,OH.....was just looking for a few parts.....found something else, instead... Has a span of just over 6", $5 each. Might be the same maker? No names on them. More to finish a "set", as I already had this one.. Fifty cents about a month ago.....has Great Neck for a maker. Just about the same size, as the new pair. Today, another road trip, another BARN SALE! Hey, the compass even had a pencil! Will complete the set. For some reason, I just can't turn down a North Bros. Yankee. Not sure what the eggbeater is....a few drops of 3in1 oil, and it was humming right along. There was one other item... Should last a while? These for items were...$5 total. Now, I just need to find out WHO made the drill....
  9. A Project in Maple..

    Another 3 hours today....before the back acted up..... "Bad clamp!" Where it finally wound up, after being thrown against the wall, yesterday.... Jointed an edge or two, spread some glue, and made a couple more panels...vise acted as an extra pair of hands... Held things while I jointed the edges, spread some glue, and clamped it up. Even helped hold the cauls. Chopped two mortises. While the frame was apart, I used one of the panels to mark the sizes needed for the back frame's panels...cut those out...1/2" smaller....used a wider center stile... Got those cut panels out of the way, and the fight was on... Needed a box end wrench as a "cheater" to get the clamps tight. While everything was in the clamps nice and snug,.. I "pinned" the joints. Set this mess aside to dry.. Needed to set up the Stanley #45.. Cutter was already set....needed to adjust the fence to get the cutter centered...fence has a bolt, that adjusts the fence in or out. Another bolt then locks it in place... Set up a jig, and got the center stile ready for grooves.. needed both edges done. Ok, got that out of the way....went to work on the freshly cut panels, to get then ready for being raised... Seems there was a problem.....one board was way thicker than the other....we have ways... A Stanley No. 5c, with a cambered iron. Going across the grain. Made a LOT of thick shavings.. There USED to be some high spots.....used to be. 80 grit belt in the beltsander, on some spots, mainly used the jack plane. Turned the panels ( had to do BOTH panels) as needed, and cleaned things up with the No.4 smoother.. Swept the floor, turned off the fan and the bench light, and stumbled back upstairs....and called it a day. At least I got a little bit done, this time. Need to haul two boards down to the shop...tomorrow. Need parts out of one, and make a lid out of the other. Stay tuned..
  10. A Project in Maple..

    Stanley came out first.....MillersFalls was a direct knock-off in 1929..... Rain showers this morning.. Had a few of these running across the floor... Worked on panel #2....dry fit? Used this to set the length of the rails.....only to find out I had cut the first set too short.....needed to do this fit up first. Grrr.... I think I have a use for those two short rails.. Still....something wasn't quite right......anyway, I worked on some tenons... Mitresaw to make the shoulder cuts...bandsaw to make the cheek cuts... Rails were done.....but not quite right.... Decided to just "plough ahead" As the long rails still needed a groove milled..... Mortise tools.....got all but two mortises chopped....wasn't going too well.....fitting up-wise.....another dry fit.. This is the "after"....first one like this wasn't even close.....turned out, the panels were just enough out of square, and a 1/8" too long and too wide.....had to go back, re-size, and re-bevel both panels, and make sure they matched each other......The rail/stile at the top needs two mortises chopped. Maybe tomorrow, I can get this glued up? Not before I make sure the back's two panels match the front two....helps to keep the case square. Today was acting like a Monday.....3 hours, and this was it? Need to mill two long rails, and get a start on the end panels. Today just was one of those days.....you'll have that, on the bigger jobs. Will see how things go, right now, it is Beer:30 Stay tuned..
  11. Shop was closed today...for once. Sharpened a few toys...er.....TOOLS up. Maybe Tuesday, I can get back to building that Maple Project.... Aren't Mondays supposed to be outlawed?
  12. Help with ID

    You might also look to see IF there is a name stamped on the cutter? Sandusky, Ohio Tool Co., Auburn Tool Co. made a LOT of such planes...
  13. A Project in Maple..

    The "Twins" Stanley "Cordovan" 60-1/2, and the Millers Falls No. 56B Managed to get the 56B sharpened up tonight.... Maple 1x4 I picked up at Menard's today...seems to be an 8' long piece of Birdseye Maple.....might dress things up a bit? Got the new chisels all honed up tonight.. Bottom four are the new ones, top four are 2+ years old. will see how this turn out. The edges along the sides of the blades are thicker.. And a little too sharp. These two are the 8mm ones. Almost a firmer chisel? Shop is closed, Monday.....maybe Tuesday, I can get back to work?
  14. I found some Diston hand saws

    Don't see anything worth the $150.......$15, maybe... D-23, from the 1940s. Around here, these go for around..$5 each. (got this one FREE at a garage sale....) Your saws look like they have been sharpened a few times too many.
  15. A Project in Maple..

    Planes in use today.. Stanley No. 4c Type 20 ( red logo, Made in England) was set kind of deep, to hog most of the bevel off. Stanley No. 4,type 9 was set for see-through shavings..and finished things up. The Stanley No. 60-1/2 was for fine tuning the fit into the grooves. Just to make this Raised Panel out of Maple.

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