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  1. Hmmmmm....maybe an hour to do....? layout would be the hard part.
  2. Ok, just can't stay out of the shop.....decided to at least haul the two narrower 4/4" boards to the shop...that WAS the plan Got out a ruler ( tape measure) and did a bit of "dividing" From the Hook on the end, I moved the tape around until some sort of layout involving 4 pieces came out....8".....Made marks at 2, 4 and 6" to get four equal sections....Thought I was done.... Nope....set up the jig on the bandsaw. . Roughly 1-7/8" between the two. Hmmm, might at least TRY the cuts.... I have four blanks for four corner posts....The board underneath is for 10 rails to go between the posts Since it might be a day or two before I venture back down there. I clamped the four together I had even thought about removing these marks.. With one of these things. .. But, the thumb vetoed the idea... Need to crosscut the other board, then resaw it. To make a frame to house raised panels made from boards like this As soon as I figure out what sizes I need.......might be a while before I get really going...but, stay tuned....
  3. Box and the desk have been delivered to the church this morning...neither Pastor was there this morning....but....they WILL be back next Sunday....
  4. Parts of the lumber supply.. Charles Neil was testing out a stain, when he found a crack. Board is a full 4/4" thick, just over 13" wide, and a hair over 49" long....Walnut around the edges? Breadboard ends and a front and back strip? Walnut 1x4s, and some 3/8" thick poplar planks...maybe drawer sides? About half of the supply of Maple, some is 4/4, for the pieces to make the sides' frames. Others in there for the raised panels and drawer fronts. Can't even use a pencil right now...will try to use the left hand...might be ugly...stay tuned. This is for the bedroom, to replace a junky one.
  5. Plank that is 4/4 x 13" x 49" ? Maybe a Five Drawer Chest of Drawers? Two of the "five" would be half width drawers at the top. Frame and panel sides....raised panels. I have a decent supply of 4/4 Maple I cut rip to make the four posts....have a supply of 3/4" for the panels and drawer fronts...plenty ( I hope ) of thinner Poplar for drawer sides. May buy a sheet of 1/4" plywood for the bottoms of the drawers....and the back of the case.. May add some of the Black Walnut as edging for the top? maybe use it as the "dividers" between the drawers? 7 bf should be enough? Primary wood will be that Curly Maple I have just sitting around.... Moral of this post? Painkiller induced naps produce some wild dreams... As soon as I can draw again with this bad thumb. I may do a few drawings to work from...IF anyone wants to see them..
  6. Trying to get a thumb healed up.... broke a chip off a bone in it. Yep, it would just have to be the right thumb, when I am righthanded..
  7. I have been on the cannon crew a few times...for the 1812 Overture.....those blank rounds are full of wax....makes a royal PITA to clean the barrel up. Loud, but nasty little shells. Had to be careful how you loaded them, too. M102 ' breech block will cut off fingers very quickly. Another thing...we did not pull that little rope lanyard to fire the gun...we hit the other end of the trigger housing with the palm of the hand. The rope had a bad habit of breaking right when you needed to use it. "For those about to rock.'' was another good tune....for Gun Dummies....
  8. Photo of the thumb? Even using the computer is out. Rust Hunt for today Eggbeater drill..needs a little clean up.. But the cap will stay tight...and.. Cleaned the rust off, replaced the badly twisted blade with a better one. Atkins No. 50... According to the logo stamped on it. $3 spent today... two items bought... Wire wheel on the grinder would set the chuck a-spinning..sometime the chuck would then be spinning it's way across the floor... Will find out Tuesday what they will do with the broken thumb....stay tuned..
  9. While not exactly does have an impact on my wood working... While trying to make this connection..the visegrips finger clamp slipped off, the twin bar beam fell down, an landed right on my hit right where the thumbnail starts...and fractured the bone, making a chip. I managed to complete this connection..somehow, before the thumb got to hurting too bad.. I already had the other end set up, also fell it connected as well Each has a locating pin. A self-drilling screw to attach above the's getting the screw to START was the problem.. So how is this wood related? While I have plenty of stock left over.. And almost 100bf upstairs...the thumb is on the right hand.....2 weeks in the splint it is sitting in now...being right handed, I am on the DL for now. Kind of hard for me to work with just the left hand. I may do an inventory, and do a little sketch or my when I am allowed to get back into the shop...I MIGHT have a plan... Dr. Feelgood is in the house....honey-do lists, they can get to be painful...
  10. Box measures 12" long, 6" high, 5" wide at the ends.
  11. Only lost a little bit off the end, may be able to sharpen it up, and use it a wee bit longer......Tractor Fest is coming again (Labour Day) and I MIGHT be able to scrounge another drill..with bits. Have to stand there and shake the handle until one rattles a bit...
  12. 1/16"...smallest one they made.
  13. Three coats of BLO...hinges are on. a stand-in for a latch.. Hook swings down into the "loop", will do for now.. I HATE doing hinges....even broke a bit in my Yankee push drill...grrrr Right now, it is sitting on the desk's top.....may just call this done....unless I find a better latch BEFORE the weekend
  14. Finished desk is now been posted in the Gallery section... Thanks for looking in.
  15. From the album Rachel's Standing Desk Project

    Red is what little Cherry was used. I tried to show off the Curly stuff,too

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