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  1. pictures of cabinet i made

    Very nice!!!!
  2. MWTCA June 2017 "What's It" Project

    If it does have a set to the teeth it's an oil Derrick saw or coal mine saw.
  3. What's your favorite tool?

  4. What's your favorite tool?

  5. Need Help with Woodworking Business Name

    how the heck did you lose the first name? buy it back!!!!!!!!! It was as good or better than courtland rockers & chairs!!!!!!
  6. fish

    Thanks guys!!!! Trying to move to a bigger apartment (and quieter) but everything is slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww. Gonna try to do a momma dragon and baby dragon for my daughter and grandson....
  7. fish

    Only so much you can do in an apartment...
  8. What's your favorite tool?

    My Bailey plane gets alot of use but the most used tool is a tablesaw.
  9. Massive dust collector blow up

    yes it is overhead in the basement. comes in the top of the collector
  10. Massive dust collector blow up

    The run of pipe and 20 ft long. A crosshatch screen in front of it allows sawdust to build up and eventually clog the pipe. The system has planer, jointer, sliding crosscut, band saw and tablesaw all hooked up in basement. Not enough cfm's to withstand ANY kind of blockage. Even a sliver of wood starts a pileup. Sawdust flows OK though. Gates in the basement would be a pita.
  11. Massive dust collector blow up

    We try NOT to, lol
  12. Massive dust collector blow up

    Yeah it's big. 5 horses strong.
  13. Massive dust collector blow up

    The culprit would have just stopped the piece and allowed the pipe to clog ( major hassle) if there was a separator before the impeller. Best is to not let floor scraps INTO the system.
  14. Massive dust collector blow up

    The dust collector is an older model Coral. Italian made. Already replaced and spinning just fine. A 2x6x3/4 piece of poplar got shoved from the floor crap into it during a cleanup. Thankfully nothing hurt or damaged except the impeller.
  15. It's done!

    Nice job!! That gets an Attaboy!!!!

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