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  1. Glue question

    mineral spirits removes excess before it dries. very few uses for it as far as i'm concerned.
  2. Glue question

    construction wood is notorious for not being properly dry. the moisture in the wood actually keeps the glue from being absorbed by the wood grain. pressure treated acts the same with regular glue and that's why they developed gorilla glue cause the stuff actually needs water to help it cure.
  3. Working with used wood

    lol no offense, lol. i've dealt with alot of reclaimed wood too. i'm always on the hunt for chestnut (not to be confused with white oak). lol
  4. Working with used wood

    Are you sure it's not clear cedar instead of redwood?
  5. Cat

  6. Long Bow From Bradford Pear?

    ash is the preferred wood. long straight grain and very strong. can also be bent and laminated for a recurve bow.
  7. Rare Parrot

    That gets an attaboy!!!!

    I use it occasionally on woodburning to keep wood from warping ( both sides and edges). just as good as poly for sealing and easier to sand between coats. not recommended for surfaces that get wear.
  9. tool totes, a survey of

    I use a husky carry around tote for hand tools (screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, etc.) and a backpack for the cordless impact, drill and circular saw, charger. turned a rolling suitcase with wheels into sawzall, electric cords, planes, drill/impact bits. grab all 3 and i'm ready for just about any job.
  10. They look like old bicycle tools for putting on/taking off tires.
  11. what brand are they? it looks exactly what i'm looking for!!!

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