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  1. yarn bowl

    I've got the burnmaster eagle, 2 pens. I use a round point and a knife edge tip. It takes awhile to get the technique down, along with ALOT of expermenting ( high/low heat) tips and drawing speed.
  2. yarn bowl

    Gerald, what kind of wood burning tool are you using?
  3. yarn bowl

    Good ideas small patch. I have to make the insides super smooth so it won't catch the yarn. Especially the two holes I have to drill through the sides for the yarn!!!
  4. yarn bowl

    Wood burner pattern on outside of bowl.
  5. The hardest wood in North America

    petrified wood is not wood at all. It is fossilized wood where minerals have replaced the wood. On that note, brazilian mahogany, pecan and hickory are hardest i've worked with.
  6. If you like squirrels......

    I love having the wildlife around. Give them a few "homes" up in the trees and they'll eat out of your hand. And yes kevin, they do eat and digest peanuts!!! Tell her to feed them green peanuts (raw) and you'll have peanut bushes growing all over.
  7. My wife's Christmas present

    GREAT JOB!!!! If that don't get you out of the doghouse, nothing will!!!!
  8. yarn bowl

    Who says you need a shop to make a bowl? These are the first pictures of a yarn bowl i'm doing for my daughter. More to come!!!!!!
  9. Shop workbench for my son

    GREAT JOB!!! Now how about some wood faceplates for that vise for clamping wood?
  10. new addition to library

  11. handcut dovetails

    less pressure on the saw. pine and other soft woods tear out really easy. you are using a pull saw so just let it do the cutting. as for your chisels, they are made for paring, NOT for hogging.
  12. pictures of cabinet i made

    Very nice!!!!
  13. MWTCA June 2017 "What's It" Project

    If it does have a set to the teeth it's an oil Derrick saw or coal mine saw.
  14. What's your favorite tool?


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