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  1. Another busy week in my shop. We finished a Cedar table for a Primo smoker/grill that was picked up this morning. Yesterday we started working on four doors for two tall cabinets. These will be going out to Texas close to Waco. I was given four old shutters and they want me to build a frame around them and make two doors per cabinet. We are building the frame from Poplar. I think her plans are to paint the outside of the doors. We will make a panel to fit the bottom of the door. I was looking through my lunch ear and decided to use some Pecan for the panels. We took some thick pieces I had and resawed then to get book match pieces. They will then be set in a grove so the panels float. I think when we finish the panels they will look close to the shutters. And now I’m just waiting on Ron and Dorothy Dudleston to get here for the weekend. Whats on your agenda this weekend. Love to see all of your projects and here about them for the weekend. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  2. We had a good and busy weekend. The Maple Island top is in the finishing room and we got the window seat top that matches glued. We also got a Cedar Green Egg table almost finished. I had to run by today and pick up the wheels and blots for the wheels. We will get the hole cut in the top tomorrow. The Frame for the wooden screen door is glued and now I’ll cut out a rabbit for the screen to fit in, them make some keepers for the screen. And I loaded some ammo this weekend and tested it today to make sure it functioned properly. 5” circles and shot at 7 yards with my 9mm. I’m in the shop now setting up the computer to run the CNC machine. I hope to get it tested this week.
  3. The HUGE Maple Island top is finally in the finishing room. we will get the finish on today and hopefully get it delivered this weekend or first of the week. We we are making a smaller version of the top for a window seat top that will go in the kitchen also We got it glued into sections this morning. My son is working on a Cedar Green egg table. I’m about to glue up the screen door from earlier this week. The work bench has been full and just now got it clear enough to work. So Whats on your Patriot Woodworker agenda this weekend? Love to see all the projects and hear about what you are working on. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  4. No the screen door is out of Poplar.
  5. A Big Happy Birthday Too

    Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I’ve had a great day. Worked at the range, shot guns, did a little wood working and now I’m in the recliner.
  6. No the screen door is out of Poplar.
  7. We finished this afternoon gluing the last of the sections for the Maple Island top. When we square it up it will be 48” wise x 8’3” long and 1 1/2” thick. Over the weekend I got the mortises and tennis cut for this screen door. It is just over 7’ y’all and 39” wide. This was a dry fit. Should get it glued tomorrow when we get the island out of the clamps.
  8. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for for you and your family.
  9. Took the load of logs to the saw mill this morning and got back a little bit ago with this load of Red Oak. Still got to go back and get some White Oak, Elm, Cherry, Maple and Hickory. Logs to Lumber! Can’t beat it.
  10. Today will start off with gluing up the six panels we have into three panels for this huge Maple Island top. yesterday we got them all run through the dual drum sander. Got the glue off and took them down close to finish thickness. Today we will work on jointing edges so we can do the glue up of the sections. While we are wait for glue to dry we will be taking a load of logs to the saw mill. I also have a load of lumber to pick up at the mill and bring home and sticker and stack. Should be a busy weekend. What’s on your agenda. We love to see your projects and pictures. Whatever you you do have fun and be safe.
  11. I’ve been telling him the same thing Gene.
  12. We have had almost 19” of rain the month of February. I was talking to the golf course superintendent that is about a mile from my house and that is what he has recorded at the course. It is suppose to be dry here till Monday and then rain again. Can’t walk in the yard without burying up.
  13. Today I’m finishing up the floating shelves. All the holes are drilled for the brackets to slide into the shelf. I left a couple of them up so you could see how they go in. The brackets are predrilled for the stud location so they will be mounted on the wall and slide the shelf in and the there is a screw the goes into the bottom and lines up with a hole in the rods the keep the shelf in place. Now it is finish sanding and putting a clear finish on. So what’s on your weekend agenda? Share your projects and pictures of your weekend plans. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  14. John they came from shelfology. https://shelfology.com/
  15. I worked with my son this weekend to build a toybox. First time for him to do panel glue ups. He did all the work, I was just there to advise. I had six floating shelves to get ready. The large ones are 10” deep 47 1/2” long and 2” thick. Small ones are 7 7/8” x 24 x 1 3/4”. They ordered these brackets that the shelves will slide onto the rods you see sticking up. Right now the brackets are sitting in the backwards. Just checking depth to make sure the flat part will fit in there flat and tight. Again these will be floating shelves and made to look somewhat rustic. This afternoon I’ll drill the holes for the rods to fit into the shelves. Then the bracket can be mounted to the wall and the shelf slide onto the rod.

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