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  1. I too love the site! I check in often but don't post all the time. However I read your post and love to see your projects and shops. I love woodworking and have a most wonderful wife that not only puts up with it but enjoys helping me in the shop and unload and stack lumber. We enjoy the time together and has brought many new friends into our life that we are thankful for. Thanks John for bringing a dream to fruition and giving us all a place to hangout!
  2. @John Morris That is a very cool rifle and will be lots of fun to plink with. I have a 1956 Winchester Model 94 30-30. I love rifles too! I still have my first BB gun a Daisy Golden Eagle and it still shoots. Wish I had the box but I shot it up when I got the gun. I took my 11 year old granddaughter out to the outdoor range to shoot a month ago. She loved it and is a pretty good shot. I hope you all have fun with it. Good for them to be exposed to guns in the proper and safe setting and learn to respect them.
  3. Finished up the slab shelves on Saturday and they were picked up. Sunday was a rest day but I did clean a few Guns. Today I worked on a couple of small projects for friends.
  4. Nice work Trey! i love the look of the chest!
  5. I'm not too sure about this whole topic. I make wood items and I sell them and I make a profit. I charge a fair price and I'm happy with it. If I under price it then it's my fault. I purchase my raw materials at a very good price allowing me to price things where I can make money. I'm not chained to my shop and work as much as I want to. I have made cutting boards and shipped to Japan and England along with many states. I worked with a designer on a project in Vermont that went in a multi-million dollar house where every piece of furniture was made by a different artesian. I have plenty of time to do my bookkeeping without it being a distraction from my woodworking and when I'm woodworking I'm not worrying about paperwork. Every tool in my shop has been paid for by what I have made. I started small and each year I'm upgraded a tool. I've purchased three trailers that were all paid for by my woodworking. Upgraded my dust collection and paid for a shop expansion with my work. I have regular customers that call me when they need things. I sell to people I don't know but they like my work enough to put down their money for my product. I don't try to make a living, I've already done that, but I do make enough to spend on my hobbies and my woodworking. I've sold things for wholesale but priced to so I still made a profit and yes they sold it for more but it had my logo on it. Im sorry if you can't make a profit but don't put everyone in that category. I make and sell over 250 cutting boards a year along with pieces of furniture and other projects I do. I'm happy and well fed. I consider paying my taxes as being successful also. Im currently working on about five projects and a set of tables that will be shipped to Mass. so please put me in the category that can make a profit.
  6. Seems to me both were happy with the arrangement!
  7. Well I made the first run to the saw mill this morning and picked up 500bf of Red Elm and 500 bf of Sycamore. Back luck on the way home, blew one of the tires on the right side of the trailer and had to drive it home. Ruined the tire and probably the wheel. I was on a narrow two lane with no where to pull off. Ill take it it off when I finish unloading. Still got to go back and pick up a load of cedar.
  8. Same here! It's not my living money, but it sure takes care of my hobbies.
  9. Happy Father's Day weekend to you all. Looks like I'll be moving lumber most of tomorrow, picking up a load of cedar to do two Green Egg Tables before the 4th. Today after getting off work at the shooting range we finished the light sanding of the live edge shelves for the customer with the desk. I finishing the legs for a walnut desk for the manager at the range this weekend also. Sunday I plan on a little R&R and maybe a little shooting time without working, although today I did get in around 250 rounds. So so what is on your agend for this Father's Day weekend? We all love hearing about your projects and plans so share them. I want to wish all the Fathers on here a great day. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Remember what ever you do have fun and be safe. Happy Fathers Day!!!!
  10. Yes and right now they think they want to leave it but I believe I'll talk them into that.
  11. Or industrial.
  12. I don't think you can.
  13. I thought I wasn't going to do much shop work over the weekend but that change. I had a customer come by wanting some barn wood, I told them I didn't have any barn wood but some wood stored in a barn. So we went over to look at what was there and she changed her mind. Now I'm doing shelves and a desk from some slabs I had at the barn. These two slabs labs will be two wall shelves just over 8" long. Leaving the live edge. Then these two slabs will be joined to create a desk 30" deep and 7' long leaving a live edge on both sides. I'll fill the knots but they want to leave the cracks. Right now they are right at 9' and I cut one edge off each one just to be me something straight to square the ends. And just let me say, these slabs are heavy. So so it turned out to be a busy weekend in the shop.
  14. Thanks Steve!
  15. Thanks Lew. The legs were the worse part. I thought I could put them on the lathe and sand but I could never find a center. It's like they were turned off center. I used a dentist pick to get paint out of some of the rings.

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