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  1. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    Wow wow wow!!!!
  2. Thanks @John Morris! All of the tables get a brand on the top front left corner. Everything I build gets branded. that was awesome taking the lady to the hospital and staying. Kudos to you!
  3. @Ron Dudelston the cradle is awesome! You should be proud and everything about it is top notch as with all your projects! Beautiful finish.
  4. Volleyball season is now over and I'm getting back on schedule. Last Friday and Saturday brought it to an end as we lost two games in the tournament. By the way, sorry we got all tied up last Friday and I didn't manage to get up a Friday post. I hope it didn't mess up your weekend not having this up. So I finished the Poplar Green Egg smoker table last Saturday and got it picked up and out of the shop. This is for one of the smaller models which is really almost a table top version but they wanted it to sit down in the table so it wouldn't get knocked off and broken. So I did a half shelf and left more open area on the other side. This was one of those I didn't have to finish either as they wanted to put the finish on and i was glad to let them. This week I have cut out some bread boards and almost got this batch finished. Just need to route out the place for the bowl to sit that holds the dipping sauce. I should get those complete Saturday. I also got a batch of cutting boards cut out and cross cut today so I could glue them in the end grain side. I am running a batch of five and will cut out another batch the first of the week. I don't think I posted this but I may have and if so forgive me lost of memory. I posted the picture of the shaper a friend gave me that had surface rust on the top. I was able to get that cleaned off and it is looking pretty good. Now I'll clean the spindle and he is going to come over and give me some tips in running a few pieces. It is setup right now to run raised panel door panels. So that is what is going on around here, what is on your weekend agenda? Love to see and read about all of the projects you are working on so share your weekend plans with us. What ever you are doing this weekend, be safe.
  5. It was super Fred. Thanks for the link. It was in a commercial shop. Probably not something I will use everyday but I do have a couple of things it would be nice to use on.
  6. Glad the the pup is getting better. Congratulation on the great news! A cradle will be nice!
  7. I've getting some shop time in between volleyball games and next week is the tournament and it will be over for the season. It has been fun but I am ready to get on to something else. This week I got started on a smoker grill table built out of Poplar. Yesterday i was able to get the frame together and the wheels on the legs. Then I got the bottom shelf boards cut and screwed down using coated decking screws. I've got to get things together today for a show this evening so it will be sometime later tomorrow before I get to work on getting the top on. I am hoping to have it all finished this weekend though. This past week a new friend came up to me and told me he used to be into wood working where they lived before moving here and he just couldn't do it any more and he had some equipment sitting in a trailer that needed to be out and put to use before it just rusted away. He said if you are interested I have a shaper you can have if you can use it in your shop. Well of course I can use it. So this week he came by with a friend and we unloaded it from his truck and rolled it into the shop. Yes it is going to need some work on the top but it is not pitted yet so it is just surface rust and should come off pretty easily. He was using it to make raise panel doors. It is a Weaver and I know nothing about them at this point. He also brought me a case full of blades with all kind of profiles. I'm looking forward to getting it cleaned up and wired for my plugs in the shop and see what it will do. It also had two fences with it. Looks a bit scary so I'll find something to practice with first. So that is my agenda, what's on your weekend agenda? Love to hear about your projects and see all of the pictures of what you are working on. Have a great weekend and whatever you do, be safe! PS: I shot in my first pistol competition last weekend and had a blast!
  8. Planer Review

    Thanks Lew.
  9. Toys that started it

    Those are super nice.
  10. I like your thinking @Grandpadave52 Especially the ice cream part.
  11. Well my weekend started last Tuesday evening with several men and ladies from our church coming over and we worked on cutting, planing and sanding the pieces of Poplar for the benches. This was a project to work with a few at risk kids and give them a chance to build something and take it home with them. Tuesday Evening, While a couple of us continued to rough cut some pieces, others started planing boards I had already cut before they got there. They had quite an assembly line going before long. Thursday On Thursday, I finished up what wasn't done and drilled all of the Pocket Holes in all the pieces. To make it easier to transport and to let each boy pick his project, I shrink wrapped them into a complete bench with the four pieces needed to build it. Saturday We met with the five young guys and before any of the assembly started, I gave a short devotion to them. We then let them pick out their bench package and we divided up so that one man was working with each boy. We let them do the marking of where the stretcher would go and shared with them why you need to learn math. Most of these boys had never used a drill and they got so excited. While we were working with them on building their own bench, our wives were making homemade pizza and cookies for them. They seemed to really enjoy building the bench and was so excited when they found out the got to keep it and take it home. I shared with the boys that the lumber for these came from a tree that was blown down in a storm and that we took it to a sawmill and had it cut into lumber. One of the boys said he though boards just came from Lowe's, he didn't know they came from trees! And easy project but was very special t them. When they were being taken back to their homes, one of them ask if we could help take it in his house so no one would get it. Breaks you heart sometimes, but I was so thankful that I could be a part of this. This week it is back to working on other projects in the shop and starting to ramp up for Christmas, yes I said it Christmas! Wow it is hard to believe it is just around the corner.

    Super cool box Ron.
  13. They remember the way, I just don't remember what I put there sometimes
  14. 5 Walnut plaques

    Love the way that Walnut pops. Those are going to be really beautiful!

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