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  1. @Grandpadave52 I've become very familiar with the shuttle service since I retired.
  2. Patriot Picking - Belcher Bros Ivory and Boxwood.

    But once the new rules go into effect, ivory can be sold out of state only if it’s more than a hundred years old or is a small part of manufactured products such as an ivory-handled gun or part of a musical instrument. it also has to be over 100 years old.
  3. Boy, Was I Surprised

    So cool!!!!
  4. Last week sorta got away from me and we had an outdoor show on Friday evening. As usual the weather was iffy on rain but the forecast was for it to be gone by 5:00. So we thought we had it made but about 7:00 pm, while I'm doing a credit card sale, the bottom falls out. It rained so hard everything we had got soaked, including my iPad, which actually worked after we got it dry. So we spent last weekend and the first of the week drying out everything. Rain drops make spots on the cutting boards so we have been sanding and re-oiling. I also also finished and finally got my order of figure 8's to attaché the top to the Cherry and Maple tables I had been working on. Today they shipped out to MA. and should arrive on Wednesday. The Cherry really came out often the clear finish was sprayed on. Now it is on to other jobs and more work. I also attended a Smith & Wesson school last week and I'm now a certified Armorer for the M&P's. Thats about it for my shop right now, what's on you agenda? I along with everyone here love to see your projects and hear about the process, so post those pictures and share with us you weekend agenda.
  5. Where is John Moody?

    I'm here, just been busy with family issues. All is good.
  6. Patriot Picking - Belcher Bros Ivory and Boxwood.

    Yes I think the new season just started.
  7. Patriot Picking - Belcher Bros Ivory and Boxwood.

    Belcher Bros rules value between $200 - $500 because of the rarity. I bought one at a flea market for $35.00 and another for $25.00. This one was a little more but still under the value.
  8. Patriot Picking - Belcher Bros Ivory and Boxwood.

    And Ron for showing it to me!
  9. Wheat thatcher

    The logo on it was used by Stanley between 1912 - 1918. This is referred to as the "V" logo.
  10. While we were on vacation a few week we stopped at a flea market looking around. Ron saw this piece in the bottom of a display cabinet and pointed out an old caliper. Upon further observation I noticed it was a Belcher Bros. piece. I debated on whether to purchase it or not and my wife finally went back in and bought it for me. This is the third one of these I have run across and each one is different. Belcher Bros is one of the hardest to find rulers, the most rare and generally cost the most. The first one I found is hinged in the middle and folds up. They started making these around 1822 and closed shop in 1873. These logo was used from 1853 to 1873. One side is a shoe sizer and the other side is a ruler or caliper. What really drew me to this one was on one side. A four inch ruler that is Ivory. First one I have found by Belcher Bros with the Ivory. I have three Stanley Ivory rulers. Pretty excited to add this one to my collection. Thanks Ron for pointing it out to me.
  11. Thanks, the original of that table was 22" diameter and 28" tall. Someone saw it on my website and wanted them made to fit a special need. These two are 12" diameter and 24" tall. I had to do lots of adjusting to keep the proportions right. The legs have a slight taper on the outside edge.
  12. Well then you should come by.
  13. A dry fit of the two Cherry and maple tables before glue up and finishing room. More to come.
  14. @Gerald sounds like some beautiful wood. Have I ever told you I really like wood!!! You could swing through Alabama and drop some of that off.

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