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  1. No shop time this weekend, just taking a break. Saturday we did a little picking but came home empty handed. Nothing out there called my name. Sunday was was a relaxing day in the recliner and the tv on but not focusing on it. Today I worked a shift at the indoor range. I had a shooter with two Colt Army single six guns. I got to shoot the 357 and boy was the action smooth. I’ve got to have one if any of you run across one. His nephew had a 1894 Colt they found in a used car in 1960. Wow! i did manage to keep the drool off his nice gun.
  2. Friday's Pick

    That’s what I use my camera on my phone for. The zoom feature makes for a nice magnification and the flash light helps in dim light. I found some some of the rulers at a flea market that were priced way too high. The guy told me they were hard to find, showed him my collection and ask him how many he wanted at the price he was asking. He didn’t respond.
  3. Patriot Picking - Nashville November 2015

    Sorry for being so long in replying. Here is a picture from the book I have on Stanley Boxwood rulers. The no 84 was made from 1859 thru 1934.
  4. Friday's Pick

    This part of my Boxwood and Ivory Rule collection. Also the catalogs in the back are all original and the oldest is 1914. The three on the front are Ivory and Silver.
  5. Friday's Pick

    @Grandpadave52 the top 4 are all Mo 62’s and the bottom one is a No 61.
  6. Friday's Pick

    If it’s a Sweetheart then it was made between 1919 and 1935. And since the heart goes up into the level it was made between 1921 and 1922.
  7. Friday's Pick

    According to the book I have on Stanley Folding Rules by Alvin Sellers they imported it.
  8. PIP River Table

    That is going to make one really nice table. Look forward to following along.
  9. Lumber score!

    Very nice haul!! Congratulations on on the wood stash.
  10. Tabs on the Weather...

    Sunny skies today but it is 23 here and only getting up to 30. Single digits Sunday night. Too cold for me. Where did the 70's go?
  11. Was there a nice planner?
  12. A wonderful WW experience

    Well I enjoy my shop and I make what I want to make. I work in it more sometimes that I planned but, hey I'm retired and can do what I want to. I have made many pieces of furniture and most people that come to me don't mind the price I quote. I've even had some say are you sure it's not more. I don't do this for a living and have not planned on it or tried. I worked for many years and took care of what needed so I can live now and enjoy myself. I do like to share what I build and invite people to my shop and share what little knowledge I have. What fun is it to have a skill and keep it all to your self? I spend time even at the range helping people get more out of their shooting experience and have fun. Sure I could just stand there and watch them send it down range and be frustrated or give them a tip or two and watch as they improve. Sharing is why we have sites like this and why we take part in them. My sons help in my shop and have learned skills they will use and pass on down. I learned from my dad and expanded what he taught me. If you don't want to share its your business and if you don't want to build something for someone then don't, but don't whine about it.
  13. Nice project, I made a few things from some old church pews just like those. I still have one more 12' section.
  14. That is my kind of find and a very good price. Was it a four fold or a two fold? Did it have a number? Where is the picture?
  15. As I sit here doing this post it is snowing here in Alabama. Schools were canceled today and it has just started snowing at 1:41 pm. I guess they were expecting a blizzard. Temps yesterday were 70 and today it is 26. I forgot to turn the heat on in the shop after yesterday so I am not working in there today. I'm still working on the shelves and the Walnut Island top along with a Cedar chest. I took a couple of weeks off from the shop after Christmas and have just started it all back. Looks like it will be a good year if the current trend continues. Depending on the heat and the temps will determine how much I do in my shop this weekend. So what is on your agenda this weekend? Post those pictures and details on the project. Share with us, you never know who you might inspire.

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