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  1. Matag wringer washer

    My daughter just had her wash room relocated to a much more convenient location. I thought I'd surprise her with a reminder of the way her grandmother did the wash. It is about 8 inches high and will hang on the wall
  2. Matag wringer washer

    Bandsaw carving, I can't carve due to a condition in my hands. My daughter loved it and texted me that she needed a dryer. I told her that they didn't have them back then, they dried them on the line. So I think Karen is giving her a small wall hanger quilt that is about 3 ft square
  3. WalMart Senior Greeter

    I have met quite a few vet/greeters at Walmart. One stands at parade rest and never moves much. He smiles and nods his head as people look at him. I asked him,"Are you at parade rest soldier?" He smiled and loosened up some. We talked briefly, he was a Viet vet and just wanted to have something to do. I wear my hat with Viet Nam pin on it and I meet another vet just about every time I go to a store. Some are not in good shape. I met a guy that had WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam on his hat. We had an interesting talk. He had to be 95 and must have been the service at least 30years
  4. Close call

    A woodworker friend nearly got hurt by tools stored on the wall, but he only has his shelf to blame. That was pretty sad
  5. chopping block bowl

    This is truly a magnificent bowl, there is so much waste of wood. I saw a video where a guy used a curved cutter to remove and save the center wood to make smaller bowls.
  6. I had a tough weekend, stuffed up and feeling miserable. The meds helped me breathe but also made me meaner than a junk yard dog. My wife told me so. I had plans to work in the shop, but had a foot of snow last night. Normally I would groan and complain about clearing away the walk and drive. However we have not had any significant precip in months. Things were so dry everyone was worried about fires. Some ski areas didn't have enough snow to stay open. The sun is shining hot and the temp is 45. I plan to watch it melt, not to shovel it off
  7. Golden Eagle

    I'm still making Christmas gifts. This one is for my Grandson who is a freshman at Mountain Vista HS They are the GOLDEN EAGLES. That is their emblem in the center. I used quarter inch ply. There are 3 layers. I painted the mountains on the back piece, added the black background and then the golden color layer. I was puzzled as what color to paint the background. Then it dawned on me, the name of the school, so not mountains? You can see the MV on the eagle too.
  8. Unbelievable

    It is animated, still fantastic.
  9. Unbelievable

    I thought about that too. Maybe I'll research it and find out
  10. Box

    I made a new miter sled for my table saw and it turned out good. When I was testing it, I used some old scraps from my last projects. I looked it over and thought, "thats beautiful wood, what can I make out of it." I laminated some of the Canary wood and added some other scraps, I think Bubinga. I sat it on the kitchen table and my daughter stopped by for a visit. Yep, you know what happened to it
  11. My Shop

    Wonderful organization, I sure envy all the room you have. Great, just great.
  12. Amazing video

    It take a few minutes to watch, but it is amazing the skill and engineering that went into these projects
  13. Sign

    I drive by this sign often, located on Littleton st. I still smile when I see it
  14. My First Spoon

    I thought I'd try to make a wooden spoon. I gathered some scrap Cherry and yellow hart and came up with this one. My wife didn't care for it because of the size and shape of the end scoop. She wanted a flat one. Oh well, my daughter loved it. My next one will be better now that I have done one. Most was done on the lathe and some on the small band saw. The finish is mineral oil and is not quite dry yet
  15. modern Art

    From the album Unusual Wood turnings

    I started this project years ago and misplaced it, then forgot about it. I found it recently and finished it. It is all machine work, lathe, router, and drills. I can't tell you all the steps I took, it has been too many years ago
  16. Cat

    I am into making Christmas presents for my family. My daughter loves cats and I came up with this idea. I have made a parrot and stylish bird so far. For my Christmas present, she sent me 2 boxes of wood. One was mostly firewood, but the other contained some nice pieces. The background wood is White Limba (never heard of that one) The cat head is Canary wood, The eyes are Ebony surrounded by Osage Orange. It is about 9x11
  17. Alexia

    We got an Alexia for Christmas and we love it. I ask it to play Elvis and it does. Karen asks it to add something to her grocery list and it adds it to a list on her iPhone. It does make an error once in a while, but it is learning. If you want any kind of info, it knows. It will remember any list or data you want and put it on your phone. It will send messages for you to anyone in your address book. I like the weather report, set a timer or wake up time.
  18. Cat

    I walked by the cat and thought.........he needs whiskers. So I used round toothpicks and gave his some whiskers.
  19. when do you know when to quit piddling on it?

    If I've been on a project for a while, I sit it off to one side in a location where I can still see it as I walk by. It really helps. Then one day I will pass it and a new idea pops in my head, "It needs another detail" and I am back in the groove again with new thoughts.
  20. Indexing jig

    It made into the teeth inside the pulley for his notched belt
  21. Cat pole

  22. Question for the group re: threads in wood

    Many years ago my wife wanted a small quilt rack. I looked at some and created my own. I threaded the Oak at every connection and put big spinner type handles for easy tightening. It worked really well. I put spreaders on each side of the quilt and made a tools holder too. Threading wasn't too difficult, do it carefully and slowly
  23. Bus

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