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  1. Do you know the states

    IT WILL NAME A STATE AND YOU CLICK ON IT https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003
  2. We all get so many solicitations for all kinds of charities. I get them every day. I do support some of them, including wounded warriors. I got one from the VFW that really puzzled me. On the back side there was a clear window that showed a crisp new one dollar bill. On the inside was their appeal for help. It said the dollar was mine to spend any way I wanted. In that appeal and in big bold letters was "EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS" Am I missing something here?
  3. Using wood waste to shine

    I was watching a video of a guy turning a pepper mill and he was sanding the turned piece. Then he did something I've never seen before. He grabbed some of his wood waste shavings and held it against his turning piece. He had already sanded it down to a very fine finish. I can't see this as being any more effective than very fine sandpaper or 0000 steel wool. I will try it................Do you use this technique?
  4. Do you know the states

    IT WILL NAME A STATE AND YOU CLICK ON IT https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003
  5. I have used some very hard exotic woods. Names that are hard to pronounce and foreign. So I was wondering what the hardest wood in North America is. I couldn't really think of a really hard wood. So I googled it. Without looking it up, do you have any guesses?
  6. Feeling old

    My granddaughter is 11. Today she saw something she had never seen before and was totally fascinated. Wind up windows on our jeep keep her busy for quite a while. A couple of years ago my daughter and her family were hiking on a trail. The kids were quite a ways ahead and saw something that they had no idea what it was. A pay phone. In their lifetime the only ones they had seen were cell phones. If that don't make you feel old, nothing will
  7. Using wood waste to shine

    I was wondering about discoloration. Purple Hart tends to darken quickly too. I'm definitely going to try it, maybe not to use it, just to have fun with it. Maybe incorporate the darkening part into something unusual.
  8. Using wood waste to shine

    Yes, I found out the hard way with the steel wool. It caught and almost immediately caught fire. The wood dust was glowing and had the potential of a major shop fire in the making. Since that event I am VERY careful in the way I hold the wool and now have a shop fire extinguisher close by.......we all should.
  9. woodzy taste


    This one required some glue up. And then some more. The piece on the bottom is acrylic and has some gold sparkles in it. I thought about making the bottom spindle much smaller, but my wife liked it just as it is. She gave her ideas as I worked on it and she likes it. After 50 years, happy wife, happy life.
  11. Acrylic ornament problems

    I ordered a piece of clear acrylic. Turning was a big challenge. The piece I used had a low melting point and it would heat and semi melt. This created melt smudges, not to mention melt frustration. I kept trying different turning tools and speeds. It wasn't easy. You can see the results. If I learned one thing.................... it is not to turn much of that stuff or get a harder clear acrylic.
  12. I get spam emails from a wood store. Today on cyber Monday, I got a hot deal offer on a stool with a cushioned seat and on wheels. SAME one I purchased a few months ago. The cyber offer was $39.95. What a deal!! I paid less than $30 for the same one 5 months ago. I know you are wondering which store I am talking about. Starts with Wood and ends with Craft. I have yet to find a good deal on anything they offer on sale. Am I wrong?
  13. CA glue and acrylics

    I have limited experience with Acrylics and I need some advice on gluing. In the past I have used CA to glue acrylics to wood, however I have always used a center post to assure that it would stay together. Can I successfully glue a flat acrylic material to a flat wood piece and then turn it without worrying about it coming apart. It will be a small piece, such as a Christmas ornament. Thanks
  14. CA glue and acrylics

    Thanks Rusty, that is a very good reference. I may set up a test piece for goop too
  15. CA glue and acrylics

    I received a free sample of Rapid fuse and have really liked the results. However, even tho I have sealed it good when I finished, the glue is getting more like jello in the container. I am thinking of giving it a try on some scrap. Will let you know how it works out
  16. Wood Bargains?

    On line ordering is how the world is going. We did nearly all of our shopping that way, delivered free to our door. Keeps this ole guy out of the malls. Sure make me wonder how the big stores are going to continue. About 10 miles down I-25 at Castle Rock, they are building what will be the largest shopping area in the US. Could end out being the biggest mis timed retail shopping construction ever.
  17. My grandson was visiting and was making some Christmas gifts with Grandma out of wood, paper, styrofoam, etc. They was doing this in her sewing room. Soon he came to my shop looking for rubberbands. I had 3 small boxes of different sizes, from a garage sale. He left, but soon returned for a tiny hook for his tree ornament. Of course I have different sizes in silver and gold color. Later he returned for something else, while I went to another storage box, he said," Grandpa, you don't have a workshop, you got a hardware store" I just had to smile
  18. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    I forgot to ask you how you made the recessed area.
  19. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    Looks great and I'm sure it will fit many other children as the years go by,
  20. 150+ years old table

    A friend brought over to me a small table........in parts. She said it has been in her family for more than 150 years. I could see where had been repaired before (maybe 3 times) with hide glue and even it was falling apart. She wanted to keep it as original as possible. The top was awful and it looked like it may have been replaced. There were nail holes on the underside that went in two rows. She said she believed it to be Walnut. When cleaning/sanding some areas, the dust was more reddish than Walnut and the wood was very light. However when I applied a finish to the top, it came out looking like walnut. Having never worked with really old wood like this, I don't know how it ages. Does Walnut act this way as it gets really old? Another thing I found that was unique was that the end of the post, where it goes up in the table, had a tapered slit. You put a tapered shim in and when you tapped the post in, it self tightened. Never even heard of that, but a great idea. The bottom mount board was split in 3 pieces with a forth piece missing, which I replaced. You can also see the red look on the underside of the top.
  21. 150+ years old table

    I am sure that you are correct, Honduran Mahogany. When I did some sawing/sanding the dust smell was NOT walnut and now that you said that, it did smell like Mahogany. I've used some before, not much and a long time ago
  22. A different whatzit

    A friend put this on FB wanting to know if anyone knew what it was used for. My guess was that it was use to seal two thin pieces together. Any guesses?
  23. Pen and Pencils Sets Complete

    Beautiful! Do you test each pen?
  24. What to do with sawdust

    When my big shop vac gets about half full, I remove the dust bag and go to my latex paint storage area. There always seems to be a can or 2 of half used latex paint. The recommended disposal of latex Is to mix it with sawdust. It absorbs the paint, hardens quickly and is landfill safe.
  25. The Geese are back

    The geese have returned and they know where to go. I"ve seen thousands at a public park here. All protected and boy do they make a mess

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