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  1. Homeless vets

    We see them every day. In Denver the number is much higher. Most have homeless vet or Viet vet signs. Even people in wheel chairs with fishing nets that extend out to drivers. I've tried to see the other side. My visit to the VA here was a total disappointment, but an eye opener. I saw guys struggling to breathe thur tubes, stop and lite up a cigarette. Maybe I am to naive or unforgiving, but I don't think so. I do help, but not on the streets.
  2. Carbide turning tools

  3. Carbide turning tools

    When Rockler came out with their version of these tools, I'd never seen one before, I like the idea. I waited until they were on sale and got the set of 3 for small for mini lathes. I do use them a lot and like them. They have a lot of great qualities and can be rotated for another cutting surface. I also resharpen mine on a diamond hone. I do not have a parting tool with a carbide head. That may be my next purchase. I still use some of my HSS tool, but not much. If you were to rate the carbide cutting tools on a 1 to 10 scale (10 is tops) what would your rating be?
  4. New Project - Head Shaped Bookshelf

    Thats super cool and a VERY good job..........I love it
  5. Its been a week since I got my flu shot and today was the first day that I felt good. I had forced myself to go out in the shop and didn't accomplish much. First order of business today was clean up and that took quite a while. Maybe it is my age (74) or maybe it is this version on the flu shot. I must also tell you that my wife got the snot the same day and it had no effect on her. Maybe I'm a wimp I also found out that the piece of wood I got from Goodwill is junk. It looks beautiful, kind of like a curly black walnut with extra curl. Also extra holes, splits and hidden flaws that crack and split out. And so it goes
  6. New ornament

    I had it in mind, however as I said, it didn't want to cooperate.
  7. New ornament

    Yellow hart and Blood wood (I think, got it out of my scraps)
  8. New ornament

    I had so many problems with this one that I never thought I'd finish it. After something went bad, I'd put it on the bench and walk away. After starting another project I'd pass by and finally got an idea of how to fix or get around the ugly. Its not as long as it looks, maybe 6.5"
  9. Homeless vets

    All very true.
  10. Lost again

    I drove to our huge grocery store, as I have a hundred times before. I try to look around to be sure I remember where I parked. Yes, I've lost my car before. Now we have the electronic remotes and I use it to locate the car. Click it twice and the car will beep its horn and lock the car. ThenI head that direction and find it. When I came out this time, I clicked it twice and nothing happened. I repeated and it beeped off to my left. About half way to the beep, I clicked again, no beep. I retried and I heard it beep in the other direction. Now I am a bit confused. It works, but it don't work. I kept walking toward the last beep and still can't see my car. I stopped walking and clicked again...........nothing. I walked up to where I thought I parked and re clicked......nothing. I looked to the left and found where I parked and there was my truck, not my car. The truck has the old keys and nothing electronic. All the beeps I heard were from others locking their cars. It would be sad, but I'd bet a lot of people do the same thing....but I get a good laugh out of it
  11. Homeless vets

    We get a lot of salesmen knocking on our doors, usually selling windows, painting houses, etc. I just talked to one who was collecting for homeless vets with substance abuse problems. Colorado has a large amount of homeless and it is growing, in part because of Pot. They stand on corners begging money with signs "Homeless disabled vet" I find it Very hard to donate to a fat man, smoking cigarettes and on disability. One joint costs more than $6. I donate to organizations that try to help. (wounded warriors) The young man collecting was an afghan vet who served 2 tours there and his dad was a Viet vet. He asked what I did in Nam and I told him heavy artillery. He immediately said "Thank God for guys who did that, artillery saved so many soldiers, including our outfit". I was taken back by that. We only got few reports on kills or and one on saves in all my time serving there and shot 8000 projectiles weighing 200 lb each. I enjoyed talking to him and did help out.
  12. Flu shot anyone?

    A local Dr in Ohio practiced into his 80s. He alway recommended Shingles shots. However he never got a shot. He got the shingles and it darn near killed him. After seeing that and others like him, I got the shot. Another thing is a Colonoscopy, I HAD friends I worked with that had never been in a hospital and no preventive shots or tests. I lost three of my co workers and friends to colon cancer..........that could have been prevented.
  13. Flaming Box Elder

    Joiner said I really like the look of Box Elder but I understand the red is only temporary and the UV rays will turn it brown over time. I have some Box Elder that I turned many 25-30 years ago and is deep red now, still looks good.
  14. lighthouse

    A few years ago, quite a few, I made a lighthouse for my sister-in-law. I designed it and looked and looked for some things to decorate it with. I was visiting Savannah Beach and a souvenir shop provided the boat, sea captain, birds. I has small socket and I installed a 220 volt bulb in 110 . I used plastic from ceiling fluorescent lights to make the lens. That has been years ago and the bulb still burns 24/7
  15. Flu shot anyone?

    Over the years, I have the shot and flu in one year. No shot and no flu. It was hit miss and sometimes it seemed the flu was worse after the shot. Anyway, I didn't get it for years and my new Dr insisted that my wife and I get it, the shingles and the pneumonia shot. I'm OK with it and have not had any effects, until this year. The day after the shot, I woke after a bad night, half sick, feeling bad. Then the diarrhea started. My wife read the side effects of the flu shot and it was like a description of how I felt. Lasted 24 hours. Any of you had that problem?

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