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  1. Holder

    Lew, that is really slick. I had something similar in mind, but not as good as that. Great tool and great ingenuity.
  2. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    The last sentence pretty well sums it up
  3. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    Jointer, I was wondering why some clocks seem to go on very long times without care, So I found a video that could explains it. My original directions said to oil (I think) every year. This video says every 2 years and explains why clocks can run for decades and never be oiled. He also said repair and replacement can be very expensive. However if you have the skills to do it, it can be far cheaper than frequent oiling/cleaning by a pro (he didn't say that, but I'll bet it would cost a bunch more.)
  4. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    I've never heard of one running for 15 years with maintenance. However there a couple of things that affect that. A pricy movement has many more jewels in it and will run longer. The atmosphere around the clock (dust, etc) also plays a big part. Lastly.........if you don't wind them they don't run..............a little problem my wife has.
  5. If you are thinking about building a grandfather clock I built a grandfather clock from a kit from Emperor Clock in the 70s for my wife. I had few tools and little space, so a kit was the only way. I built one from scratch about 10 years ago for my daughter. Both clocks require a yearly cleaning/lubrication. Moving one is also a task. You must remove weights, pendulum and secure everything else. After you move the clock to do anything at all, you must level it so that the pendulum has balanced travel. All weights do not weigh the same and you must be sure you put the proper weight in where it belongs. When I see a clock in someone's home, it is usually not running, due to lack of attention. It costs to have them cleaned and cared for. Now that I am older and have problems with my hands, this maintenance is twice as difficult. Big hands in small places don't work well. Of course a dropped tiny piece always goes to the most difficult location. The older clock is worn and does not chime properly. I'm thinking that it will stay that way
  6. Small tables

    Love it, we think . alike
  7. WAKE UP!

    I found a great use for Alexia. Our grandson spent the night and was sleeping when I asked Alexia to play (full volume) The star spangled banner and followed that with Reveille, the military bugle wake up call. It worked, but wasn't appreciated
  8. Sad

    I'm sure most of you have seen or read about the 6 deputies shot here. Its about 5 miles from us. The deputy shot and killed was a neighbor of a friends son. He leaves behind 2 little girls. Please pray for his family and the wounded
  9. Alexia

    We got an Alexia for Christmas and we love it. I ask it to play Elvis and it does. Karen asks it to add something to her grocery list and it adds it to a list on her iPhone. It does make an error once in a while, but it is learning. If you want any kind of info, it knows. It will remember any list or data you want and put it on your phone. It will send messages for you to anyone in your address book. I like the weather report, set a timer or wake up time.
  10. The old Santa revised

    My daughter wanted me to make her an old time santa head that she could hang on her porch.The first version was Cedar with a clear finish that showed the wood. She wanted it painted to be more like Christmas. So here is the revised one. I do like it better. I hope she likes it,
  11. Old time santa

    I showed it to my daughter, thinking that she could hang it on her porch till Christmas. I told her that I loved the wood grain look, but would paint if she really want me to. She thought it was wonderful.......but. But Santa is about color and that she wanted me to add color. OK. I'm going to try subdued color. Darker colors, applied with textured brushes. But I am going to add color only to the hat, beard and hair...............to be continued.
  12. Old time santa

    My daughter wanted me to make her an old time santa head that she could hang on her porch. This is what I came with. The back board is about 28" x 11". I built it as I went along, revising, removing, adding, etc. I made it out of fencing cedar. She didn't mention color, I like the . wood grain showing. I hope she likes it,
  13. Do you know the states

    IT WILL NAME A STATE AND YOU CLICK ON IT https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003

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