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  1. Bird houses and wasps

    Moth balls are very toxic to all animals (including birds) The fumes can sicken or kill pet birds, so I'm sure it would do the same in an enclosed bird house. One guy sprinkled some crushed mothballs in an area, the birds picked some up and put it in their feathers. He hasn't seen them since
  2. Bird houses and wasps

    Thanks I'll check it out
  3. Bird houses and wasps

    I found 2 more bird houses with lots of wasps in them. So much for spray teflon. The sheet of teflon was hard to attach, I used staples. Of course they could attach a nest to the staples. I may spray them with the teflon.
  4. Bird houses and wasps

    I've posted here saying that wasps had invaded my birdhouses and killed small birds. I also said that I had sprayed the inside with dry teflon, thinking the wasp nest would not stick. Today I removed one of my bird houses and found two nests, one made by a bird and one made by the wasps that chased the bird away. This time I installed some very thin Teflon sheeting to the upper parts of the house. I also had to restore much of the declarations, the sun had eaten them again. I have several more to go.
  5. I want one!!

  6. Rube Drill vac

    I have been wanting to hook up my vav to my drill press. I gave it some thought and came up with this. I used super magnets, an old lamp flex shaft and Dap Rapid Fuse glue. (It was free, from an offer on this site.) It held really great, however you must remember it is a CA glue and must be handled as CA. I custom made a wood block with 3 small super magnets and two large iron magnets. I put it on the bed post so it would always follow the work. It works really well and stays in place. The flex allows easy positioning.
  7. MWTCA August 2017 "What's It" Project

    I believe it to be a wire insulation stripper. Insert the wire and either pull it along the wire or pull the wire thru it. The old insulation used back then was material and wasn't very good. Use this tool and recycle the copper. Much the same as the tool pictured https://www.ebay.com/i/162582003742?chn=ps&dispItem=1
  8. Sealing wood.

    Several years ago, I was given some wood cut in pieces about 10 inches long. I was told to get some commercial sealer, which I did. I was also told that latex paint applied heavily would work as well. I stored the wood for a year or so and got it out one day..........all were cracked and unusable. I bought some blanks at Rocklers and they were sealed with wax. I asked why. I was told it was to stabilize the wood and was told to cut off the wax on the ends and wrap in paper for a couple of weeks before using. I got several and did as instructed. A couple worked as I was told. A couple cracked anyway.
  9. I wonder how many screws are made in China of sub standard metal
  10. Glue clamp question

    I cleaned mine up and smoothed with 0000 steel wool and used Johnson's paste wax. I'll have to check it out. I generally just scrape it off after drying. I'm usually wanting to go ahead and work on my project.......than clean it off before it dries.
  11. Glue clamp question

    When glueing, do you use anything to keep glue off the clamps? Can I use a spray, like Pam cooking spray or dry teflon spray? What about using a bar of soap? I don't want anything that will penetrate the wood. I've heard that some use wax paper, but I think that would be bothersome.
  12. a big one

  13. EXWIFE

  14. Finished JB weld

    A little less than 6" and bulb dia is inch and half
  15. Finished JB weld

    This piece of Acrylic was full of small holes and issues. I filled them with JB and turned a couple of times. I mixed it so it was darker when it dried and lighter too. It came out good. I added some Blood wood (I think it was because it was soft) This was a learning lesson and I plan to use it again. When I turned it with my carbide tools, it came off in a powder, rather than a stream. I may have to spend an hour cleaning up all that plastic. It went everywhere

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