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  1. I found some Diston hand saws

    I found these Disston hand saws on my local Craig Lists. Are these the older good one? https://anchorage.craigslist.org/tls/d/vintage-quality-disston-sons/6281005888.html
  2. If you like Government guild lines........... https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2009/09/bassinet-and-cradle-safety-guidelines/index.htm
  3. Enzo Mari - Meh

    Some prices https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/tables/dining-room-tables/important-enzo-mari-autoprogettazione-table-simon-1973/id-f_5736503/ http://www.icollector.com/Enzo-Mari-Autoprogettazione-dining-table_i8476573 http://www.icollector.com/Enzo-Mari-Autoprogettazione-dining-table-Ital_i8086920
  4. display case

    https://www.amazon.com/Tempered-Glass-Panels-Stock-Sizes/dp/B01NB1Y3VY The second place look like all 3/16 thickness https://www.storesupply.com/c-1123-tempered-glass-panels.aspx?size=-1
  5. display case

    Harold Tempered glass, in my area tempered glass cost more. Part of the cost is shipping as there are no tempering facilities in Alaska. From what I have read tempered with cost more but not a substantial amount if no shipping charges are involved. Weight, Laminate glass and tempered glass are made from annealed glass. The weight will depend on thickness. To the best of my knowledge 3/16 thickness and up it what laminated glass is. As I understand 1/8 tempered glass is available but it prone to warping in the process and not all tempering faculties are capable to doing 1/8. Yes tempered glass has to be cut to size before tempering. If you try to cut tempered glass it will shatter. Disclaimer I’m not a glass expert. I haven’t use much temper glass do to having to ship it to Alaska from the lower 48. I avoid it whenever possible. It’s much more convenient to use laminated glass when possible and safe. Like I said in my original post I, we used a lot of laminate in the school system without any problem with the fire marshal or city code people. The purpose of my post was mostly to tell Kmely I thought he could safely use laminated glass in his display case. And as I suggest he talk it over with a glass shop who should be an expert. Lastly, Google can provide much more information than I.
  6. display case

    Good morning Stick
  7. display case

    Kmely, Have a conversation with the glass shop you intend to buy your glass from. I believe you can use laminated glass (like what they use in windshields in car) if you want. The 18 years I worked at the Anchorage District I and others built quite a variety of display case of all sizes, book shelves with sliding glass doors and glass shelves. A bunches of trophy cases too. All that glass around kid of all ages. Every bit of that glass was laminated not one piece of it was tempered. I can't believe we did it wrong for all those years. I believe you could use either tempered or laminated glass. Each has there pluses and minuses. Edit to ad https://www.aisglass.com/laminated-vs-tempered-glass-pros-cons
  8. Woodcrafts Feather Board Trick (cool!)

    I believe you're exactly right.
  9. Glue up clamping method

    I'm not sure I understood all that but what ever I have seem to work well.
  10. Glue up clamping method

    I guess I'm the odd ball. I've been using parallel clamps since not long after Bessey clamps became available. I don't alternate these clamps and I don't use culls or biscuits . I'd venture to say I make as flat as panel as anyone and I've made a bunch of panels. I have a flat assembly table. I lay the clamps on the table place the board in the clamps the make sure the stock lays against the bars all across and tighten it up watching the stock remain flat on the bars.
  11. PSA Lee Valley Speical Purchase

    I don't know what your use is but the camps that were shown in my first post have a flat doohickey on the ends. I've use these kind of clamps in wood working for 30 years or more. No pads were ever and issue.
  12. night stand, end table ?

    I like it Preston..
  13. PSA Lee Valley Speical Purchase

    Good to hear, Lee Valley's reputation says intact.
  14. Kids' dining chairs

    Stick.........Good thing your picture didn't post upside down. Nice Job Kmealy
  15. I Can Relate

    This is why I'm more of a power tool guy than a hand tool guy.

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